Suzuki GSX-S1000F Review (Bike World First Ride)

We head to the stunning Isle Of Man for the launch of the new Suzuki GSX-S1000F. It looks like a sports tourer, but is it!


BAMA Roll Tide says:

I wish the “F” had clip ons, better looking mirror setup and some option for luggage for commuting.

Mohamed Essam says:

naked or faired version you prefer ?

Daniel Cobb says:

This bike is AMAZING!!! Awesome review

wrestlepython says:

Great review and test of the GSX S1000F. I guess being older I am the kind of person this bike is aimed at. Been there, done that with sports bikes over my 50 years of riding and can’t wait to pick mine up from the dealer in two days. Thanks again for a excellent and measured review.

MorryMoto says:

on a practical note, great, it’ll do everything…….but boy is it ugly

Dambuster Motorcycle Tours says:

Whether you like the looks or not (i do) you cant get away from the fact this this is a stonking bike. I had one last week as a coutesy bike while my K1200R was getting serviced and didnt want to give it back lol. Its torque, power and bark are addictive and I couldnt stop hooning around on it. Compared to my K12R is like riding a 125 and I would seriously consider it as my next bike, but unfortunately the rear seat is far too small , even for a wee bit of luggage which is a shame because I think Suzuki have missed a trick here. Gonna have to ride a Z1000SX to compare now ……………

turbo311 says:

Actually pretty unique in the sport touring market. Seems actually like a great buy for the money.

projectill says:

I want a new bike and this looks like my kind. Very sporty yet comfortable….but my god it is ugly. the front is just disastrous ! shame on you Japs 🙁

NomadBiker says:

It’s a grower, like it more and more, does what it says on the tin and will still go like stink …

jaxxsun says:

No body is 25 forever. And your body will remind you. Over 40 isn’t bad. Bikes are like shoes. You get what suits your needs at the time

The Doob el Doobarino says:

So, since the GSX-R is a Gixxer, does that mean that this is a “Slooofer”?

MotoMerica says:

Great review dude and that’s a sharp looking intro.  Love this bike have the faired version in blue.  I need a cool intro for my channel.  Keep up the good vids.

steady2wheels says:

I understand the z1000sx, it’s like the bike people want nowadays a do it all sportsbike for the road. but suzuki seems to have missed the mark a bit with no luggage options

john harris says:

Great review… Where’s the passenger seat?

zippididooo says:

360p ? 🙁

Praque Forqsk says:

Fairing please. That protection is essential for ling rides.

윤지성 says:

I like his jacket to own more. lol

Suzi Kawa says:

This bike is really, really tiny when you see it in person. I was blown away.

Cagdas Kocamemi says:

What is the jacket’s brand and model?Anybody tell me?

FriendlyEllis says:

What put me off this bike was the complete lack of luggage. Leaving off a touring package like luggage, grab rails and an adjustable screen doesn’t make it sporty. It makes it cheap and impractical. A 1000cc sporty sports tourer you can’t go for a weekend away on? Give me the Z1000SX any day!

JoeRUGBY10 says:

I am 24 and its right up my street 1000cc sport bikes are pointless on the road. This makes much more sense.

Neil Carr says:

I think it looks ok not like I’m marrying it.Exhaust sounds good would of preferred fairing mirrors as i have to bend them on my current bike to access the back garden.It’s tempting in red.

billiardballhead fandango says:

Why mount the mirrors on the bars? It looks crap.

Joe smith says:

This is a great bike but it has one BIG problem that is the ECM throttle control is shit, try and ride the bike at a constant speed below 100ks and the engine runs just like you are turning the ignition off and on, or when the bike is at running temp bring the revs up to about 2500 rpm and hold the revs there you will notice that the engine runs like shit. Suzuki know that there is a problem but are not doing much about sorting the fault. THE BIKE IS A LEMON

Rice Brner says:

Well I am the target guy they made this for! Literally. 750+ credit score and plenty of money for a new toy. I’m 47 now and have rode full tilt sportbikes since 1992. Finally sold my K6 GSX-R 1000 in 2011. I wanted something more comfortable since I was no longer doing top end high speed racing on the by-pass around our fair city much anymore. Tried a 2011 Yamaha RoadStar (damn thing can’t corner), then a 2011 Hayabusa (what a heavy tank), then a 2002 V-Max (great fun but weak frame), then a 2007 VFR800 (no power what so ever), and then a 2011 Ninja 1000. It has been the best of both worlds really. Super comphy and corners great. The drawback? It only has like 126hp. This new bike sounds just like what I have wanted all along (although I wish they would have left the motor alone because it was perfect at 186hp). Very excited for this new bike to arrive in the states! All of us 1st generation sportbike riders still love to be bonkers, we just want to be comfortable while we are being bonkers. 🙂

Clutchy says:

I definitely prefer the Naked version, so much that I’m thinking about selling my CBR and getting it :/

Decisions decisions lol

fireoil says:

its nice, its like the sucessor of a SV650, but for the price i’m young i just want to buy an used GSXR K5 or K8 , to succed from my suzuki sv 650, bike who do everything but still sporty and nice looking

James Antony says:

Great review!

randy darino says:

great review.I really think suzuki has a winner here.

Ryan Gordon says:

This bike is fricking fast

future62 says:

That front fairing is so ugly. Head on it looks like a scooter. Shame as it’s a better bike than the Ninja 1000…. doesn’t matter if I can’t bear to look at it. I thought maybe it could be fixed with some eyebrows or something but the whole shape is off.

MrCaptainCrazy says:

Non of the features mentioned of the z1000sx were preformance based… Just want to point that out.

vaishakh babu says:

can you please name of the badass track in the background

Gil Kong says:

we have the f. its nice because you can actually tuck on the highway and it blocks the wind well

Benjamin M says:

Suzuki just can not seem to get it right when it comes to designing the front ends on their gix rs… my god this is but ugly …. it looks like a birds beak for god sakes, a front end simular to the now out dated SV and this bike would of been perfect .

vaishakh babu says:

can anyone please post the name of the soundtrack plsssss…..

paponeable says:

Show less yourself and more the bikes…..!!!

Ken Morrison says:

is this Suzuki’s FZ1?

Hayden Grant says:

Suzuki’s designers need to be shot, resurrected, then shot a second time.

Nathan Ton says:

I think it looks ok. maybe they did the falcon look for better aerodynamics

Spiro says:

Seems like a decent bike although want i really want to know is when are we going to see an all new BUSA ? Can anyone answer this question ???

Matt M says:

Cool video, but don’t like the bike at all 🙁

Joe smith says:

The throttle on this bike is crape

David Bana says:

im 30, I want it and Im going to use it as a daily and tourer. so Im going to put saddle bags on it and get crusie control. shame suzuki smh for not putting it on there.

Snowdonia Rider says:

Hey! It has the same switchgear as my ’98 GSX, like a lot of other current Suzuki models lol!

wacked outdude says:

I would still have the ninja as it can take panniers but i still think it looks great.

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