Superbike Review | 2017 in-line-four superbike shootout | Superbike comparison

Watch our superbike review track test and superbike comparison showdown where we review speed demon superbike rivals Suzuki GSX-R1000R vs Honda Fireblade vs Yamaha YZF-R1 vs Kawasaki ZX-10R vs BMW S1000Rz – do you agree with our verdict in our superbike review? Tell us in the comments below.

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gixxerboy555 says:

Suzuki GSXR1000R ..King of the 1000cc rockets…

Pete Harris says:

Jesus…how ugly are the exhaust systems on these bikes???

Preston Bishop says:

Good video but the first few minutes are the same lines repeated


why do japanese manufacturers doesnt make a 1 cylinder 1000cc bike

Hamozi Harbi says:

is rhe cbr 1000rr good ? someone tell me please ?

Villain Catcher says:

humugus microphone…

Master Sonho says:

I don’t know if its just me but the Kawa looks like the most beautifully designed superbike ever

Kurlach says:

You’re comparing apples and oranges. So you ride the GSXR-1000R, but not the Fireblade SP1. So.. yeah, good like for like test. Also, it’s a track only test, telling me nothing about real world handling, going out with mates, long trips etc. Eh, whatever. My Blade SP1 is fast, sounds good, looks good, and the build quality kicks the Suzuki into next week.

Hondas R D Best says:

I still would take the honda SP. We da Best

Joe Marton says:

wow , great comments on the bikes. fair, unbiased. enjoyed this analogy far more than any other. I as many, lust for that Suzuki in the black which is not available in Canada. but there might be a way to get them here. thanks …you have convinced me.

A B says:

good review. Suzuki is a good looker as well

JRat says:

That’s the GSXR1000RR. Not the R. There are two gsxr1000. You say gsxr1000r a lot of times. You only call it “base model” at the end. It iscalled RR not R. R is what you call the base model.

Andrew Martinez says:

I’ve always been a performance guy, but man all those bikes look like shit in my opinion, except the R1 & S1KRR, but what do I know and why does it matter haha

9enius says:

No rsv4, no test

The Oc says:

So what bike got first place ????

e rod says:

great review!

RealPSI says:

I have the new GSX-1000R and it feels like Suzuki took everything I love about my 2013 ZX6R and my 2011 ZX10R and combined them into the 2017 GSX-R1000R. This is an amazing sportbike! Your commentary at the end nails it. Easy to go fast and unbelievable midrange power.

Namsomnia says:

Who or what designed the Suzuki silencer,looks like something of a 60s mini cooper…

e rod says:

Great review to the point!

Amir Zulkefle says:

bullshit test… blade has got the base version but not the SP. put the SP in there u knucklehead

Parfey says:

who else is not a fan of the styling of the new blade

Benjay1975 says:

great review gents!!!! go the ZX10R !!!!!

TJ Thompson says:


Dhairyasheel Shinde says:

The CBR looks stunning. They could improve the tail though

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