Stromer ST5 Video Review – $10k Fast, Powerful, Silent Electric Bike The Stromer ST5 is one of the fastest accelerating, yet quietest, most technologically advanced electric bikes on the market today, seamless battery integration, hidden wires, pressure-sensitive touch screen with anti-theft and GPS tracking. Custom motor tuning via iOS and Android app, peak motor torque output of 48 Nm and 800+ watts, electronic shifting with Shimano Di2 and XTR derailleur with clutch (to reduce chain bounce), narrow-wide chainring to reduce drops. Large 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes from TRP designed to cool fast, both brake levers activate bright mode for the rear light as well as recoup, five levels of recoup to simulate hills or recharge the battery on long descents. Sturdy tubular alloy fenders with optional cargo rack, custom Pirelli tires, antishock seat post, premium Ergon grips and saddle, 4.5 amp fast charger with magnetic plug, bluetooth auto-locking and unlocking, relatively heavy at 66.5 lbs and very expensive at 10-grand.

– Onboard display overview at 12:32 and 23:57
– Horn test at 14:52, Stromer CEO and Global VP at 15:46
– Smartphone app at 30:33, Ride test at 36:54, Testimonials at 48:33


Grant Wilkinson says:

No adjustable handle bars and no suspension. I do not get the price tag.

Rotormatic says:

Regarding point at 1:59, this European Commission cycling safety page says that reflective sidewalls are permitted and required if no spoke reflectors are used.

Can anyone cross check this?

Lacita Game says:

not vor this price! 3k is enough

Flo Mo says:


2idolon says:

This is definitely a beautiful commuter bike .

Stefanie VanderLaag says:

Fantastic bike. Very elegant. Would love to see a side by side test someday against the similarly priced Riese & Muller Delite Rohloff with full suspension and dual battery. Ride them both 100 miles in one day.

Sean Ó Briain says:

I don’t understand who their market demographic is. Who’s paying 10k for an electric bike exactly, when an e-bike 5 times less the cost will do the same job and much more comfortably too for the overwhelming majority of users. This bike doesn’t even have suspension. Yeah, it has a decent top speed and 100 mile range, but who the hell is traveling 100 miles on a pedelec? If electric is your thing and you have a 10k budget, it would make much more sense to get a high-end electric moped which would be a far more comfortable ride. It’s not even a good looking bike.

Dog Toy says:

This is the Iphone of Bikes- pay more get less.
Whoever buys this is an absolute idiot

hydrator1 says:

way to much money………..


yo tuve una mala experiencia con stromer, cuando german giraldo distribuidor en bogota me vendi’o una de esas, desde luego no hablo de este modelo, yo le compré una st1 platinum por 3000 us precio de distribuidor, y esa bicicleta me salió de mala calidad, bogota en una ciudad donde llueve mucho y muy fuerte, la bicicleta en lluvia muy fuerte se apaga, al aprecer se le mojaba algo y se apagaba, yo la usaba apara distancias largas para ir atrabajar ya que el trafico en bogota es horrible, demasiados carros, pero muy decepcionante las fallas que tuvo esa bicicleta, el señor german giraldo ahora distribuidor de sttealth no me ha resuelto el problema con la stromer, esta es la hora que me debe los 3000 us y no me los ha devuelto, pero lo que mas me pone triste es saber que compré una bicicleta stromer tan cara y que salió tan de mala calidad. sumado a eso no recomiendo comprar stromer si en el pasi de origen no hat representante o tienda oficial de la marca porque para conseguir repuestos y garantia es un problema, resulta uno pagando los envios de ida y vuelta e impuestos, realmente fue un verdadero problema esa compra y lo peor que el distribuidor german giraldo desde hace dos años no responde por ese dinero….

kmhuis says:

Great review….BUT…HOLY MOLLY!!!!!! 10,000???? For what???????? Its not carbon fiber. It has 0 shocks on the bike. Its made out of cheap material. What the HECK??? Legit Stromer should be sued for everything they are worth for selling this bike for 10 grand….Wow. Not justifiable AT ALL. Maybe 6 k is fair.

Bruce Ballad says:

wow *$10k*?! I like them but, as long as they don’t make their prices more considerable, they are destined to fail in becoming a norm.
He was like “It is $10k. You don’t have this and this and this and this. But it’s cool..” for the whole video.
I don’t know. Maybe they want to be like Apple of Bike market. I mean, an annoyingly limited but powerful quality built brand.

Daniel Attila says:

135LBs? What do you eat? A half cup of oats per day?

James Summerfield says:

One detail I cant find online: what’s the S mode? How is it different from mode 3?

agrawal gamer says:

Plz upload the video about e-bike conversion kit and installation

Seb K says:

FFS looking at the comments it’s as though you have to have a cheap ass bike to make everyone happy . This is a high end model . Do you complain that Lamborghini, Ferrari etc are too expensive for you ?!!! I see these comments on a lot of Court’s videos when he reviews a high end bike . There is an expensive and cheap market for bikes, cars, motorbikes etc . Buy a cheaper bike but don’t ‘start complaining and being sarcastic . I mean really ?!!!

Eugene Moore says:

Nope, way to much money. I built my own that can fly by this Stromer. Sure its totally refined.

10 a C e bikes Jody Bennett II says:

they spent money on wheels grips motor battery the places where it is important I was like wow 10k is screwing people till the review nice bike love it might replace my car lol

David Bradford says:

10k and doesn’t even have suspension? No thanks

dee long says:

Too high for that piece of shit.. vould make for 1500

kmhuis says:

Plus every moped and scooter alive has shocks…The only place u can take this is on smooth surface. My word. Stromer needs to be in jail

Sveno Mick says:

I would buy a stealth way before this if I had the money.

Jay Starr says:

40:40 “48 N.m of torque which is quite a lot for a hub motor.” LoL
My hub motor puts out 155 N.m of torque.
But it’s only a conversion kit. Less than $600 though.
$10,000.00 is bonkers. Is it self-driving or something?

Nisco Racing says:

Where is all the money going just WOW!

Joe Shmoe says:

No possible way this is worth $10,000

Jason Hoo says:

US$10K still with a Hub motor? Stomer must be kidding. You should try riding with Bafang Ultra M620 Mid Motor. My customize bike with Top branded components cost less than US$3K with Bafang M620 is more superior than this ST5.

Christian Olson says:

I’m thinking powerful direct drive motors are the best option for street bikes but not mountain bikes.

Edward Villarreal says:

Are there any electric bikes based on a touring bike, like an electric version of a Surly Disk Trucker or Kona Sutra?

East coast Electric bikes says:

Still NOT faster or more powerful then ours!!! 150+Mph with over 20,000Watts of optional power =D
Peddles are also optional, we normally run 2-3 in wide tires. and we use all LED lighting, and still UNDER $10K!!

nastythomashobbs says:

I just bought the ST2. It is a total blast. I had a Bosch powered bike. That 20 mph wall makes it not a fun street bike. Great Mountain bike though. The Stromer just corners so well. Such a quality bike. Expensive but a very fun toy. You get to come down those massive hills you climb so hitting 60 mph downhill is so much fun.

David Keenan says:

This bike is not ten times better than my $1000 (originally $1200) Ebike. It’s just not

david urban says:

When are you going to review VanMoof products? Next time you’re in Brooklyn go to their store. I’ve got one and like it.

IfingerblastGranny's says:

So right at the start he is pretty much declaring the brown envelope has been handed over at the wanted/agreed fee and this review will be excellent no matter what…….$10k :/

Danny Murphy says:

This is a great example of an E-Bike that was made to withstand speeds way beyond that which it is limited to from the factory

William Lam says:

Seems like an excellent bike …but goodness at $10k?! That’s a bit crazy. Who are their target buyers anyways? Why not make it less expensive and more a assessable for the general public? They will make way more profit that way …

James Mason says:

Nice bike but it should be for 10k

Santiago Alvarez says:

Hi! Nice review the lights consume a lot energy?? Because a think they’re on all the time

Eugene Moore says:

Does the ST5 have throttle?

ThunderGirl95.2 says:

Hi, I am looking for an electric folding bike with magnesium wheels. Assist to level 5 and a display. Also with suspension. And that the lights can turn on and off with the display. And a good battery. And the battery in the frame. Anyone know that sort of electric folding bike?

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