Sportbike vs. Naked Bike: ZX-6R vs. YZF-R6 & Z900 vs. FZ-09 — ON TWO WHEELS

Think you want a 600 supersport as your daily rider? Do yourself a favor and watch this video before you pull the trigger.


Freddie Riboni says:

Both decent bikes just not Ducati or KTM
But good for these guys.
Dope ha ya. Ride on

ajaopify says:

Great video guys! I’m not regretting my 2012 ZX1000 ABS (w/Ivan’s tune) purchase still, it’s the best of both worlds. The wave yeah, mostly Harleys and the weekend warrior kind. I was told once that the dirtiest, scraggly old time Harley riders will wave back but not the Yuppie, weekend rider or whatever they are, will not – I’ve found that to be mostly true.

white fox says:

is this a biased video against sports bike or do all the sportsbike rider face the same problem on long trips?

Dave C says:

I think the height of the rider determines how comfortable you are on a supersports. I’m only 5.10 and find my gsxr very comfortable.yes the wrists can get sore.but if you grip the tank more with your knees you can take a lot of weight off them almost eliminating the sore wrists.great video by the way.

Kurgan100 says:

In my country the R6 cost 31k dls

Enticing Earlobe says:

Ive been to that museum too

Syed Younus says:

I’m juz a fan of naked bikes.. Ur video rocks..

Alex Pearson says:

Why do people wear those helmets?

Danny Croix says:

Do a video on how to do a wheelie

Newton Washinton says:

but who rides on a race track everyday,… not me. Z900 for me

jonasv19 says:

It’s a shame the ZX-6R isn’t available in Europe anymore. I have been dreaming of getting one since I was a kid, now that I’m at the age that I can get one, it’s gone…

spooksmagee says:

I love this series. You two have such great chemistry.

Ninja Tom says:

LOVE u both!!

david waddington says:

yep….great video, apart from the wheelies ! Z900 the tops.

touristguy87 says:

and there we go with that old chestnut: “you can’t even begin to scratch the surface of performance on the street”

That is complete and utter bullshit
You damm well can gouge the street with performance very easily 🙂

No seriously, comparing an R6 to a Z650 on the street, maybe even an FZ-9, there’s no question that the R6 will run rings around both of them, even if it’s a lot less comfortable to ride long-distance. And the stop & go of city lights will get old real fast on one. It’s just not the same ride, and if you’re riding a bike for comfort you can’t really compare it with a bike that you ride for performance. You’re talking about two completely-different things. Cornering hard, riding fast, accelerating and braking hard, that isn’t “comfort riding”. Not that you can’t do that on any of the 4 bikes here, not even that the R6 or 6R are so much better at it, but it’s not “comfortable” to ride like that. It’s exciting, but it’s still risky and hard-work. Just as you can cruise for hours on a 600 supersport but generally it’s not as comfortable as the same ride on a naked. Sot it’s not that one is “better” than the other, it’s a question of what you want out of a ride and why you’re riding. But seriously in less than 100 feet you can reach & exceed the limit of performance of any motorcycle. The question is will you do it.

Decon frost says:

These guys are over exaggerating the discomfort. I ride from the bay area to L.A. few times a month. You get conditioned to it, these guys must not go long distance rides or they are just saying this for the video. In conclusion everyone should own multiple types of bikes to enjoy every type of ride!! Haha, good video guys.

Jonathan Bauer says:

The biggest thing i actually like about my naked bike over my past super sports besides the comfort and cost, is the fact that naked bikes can be tons of fun at more legal speeds. I just don’t find myself speeding as much, especially by mistake, as I start having fun sooner

YourBlack God says:

best yet

Aditya says:

Kamaha or yamasaki?

Vincentius Nicky says:

Well in my opinion you should having 2 bikes for life. One for daily commuter and the other one for ‘fun’ (if you know what fun stands for lol hahaha) it would be great having a naked and a sportbike for 2 purposes:D greetings from the owner of 250cc class (i owned yzf-R25)

Some One says:

You forgot the last stage of owning a motorcycle…. Getting crashed from another driver.

Ben Orim says:

What jeans is Zack wearing in the video. I like how sleek the knee protection is

Cory Gustovich says:

Anyone know the name of the helmet and jacket that the guy riding the Kawasaki is wearing?

Simon Wiltshire says:

So good guys! Reality at it’s best.

Mark Borkowski says:

You guys being dramatic for the purpose of the show, or you actually have this much trouble riding a sport bike??

Rank Kin says:

Nice review guys, I looked for the CBR600RR and gsx600r but I couldn’t find it…I really want to know your opinion!

Darren Stone says:

Great vid but… omg you guys are turning into old men! How do you live without access to a true sport bike?

IknowrealTV says:

Meanwhile I’m going 300 miles on a 300.

What_ Ninja says:

The KRT zx6 does have abs

touristguy87 says:

Nice intro, “Think you want (blah blah blah) as (blah blah blah)? Do yourself a favor and watch this video before you pull the trigger. Free consultation!”

When are you going to consult with insurance and medical specialists as to which makes for a better “daily rider”, a motorcycle or a car?

Enticing Earlobe says:

I live like a mile from that 76 at 6:00 lmao

syed muhamed ibrahim says:

Fantastic video guys Henning is my favorite host ..

cfltitan says:

Awesome video and dead on! I LOVE my FZ8 even though it’s “outdated”. So much fun, performance and yet so comfortable. One thing you guys forgot to mention also is in general naked bikes are MUCH cheaper to insure.

Joshua Edwards says:

Hey guys, I really like the videos y’all put out and wanted to get your opinion on my next bike.
I’m currently riding a 2002 SV650S with about 101,000 miles on the clock. I put about 10,000 miles a year on my bike and was thinking about getting a new one before my SV wears out. If you could have just one bike that has at least 75HP and will just never fail, what would it be? Im hoping to get another V-twin, so the Ducati Monster has caught my attention, but I’m not sure how reliable they are. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Glenn Deason says:

Very helpful and informational. Thx guys!

Giovanni Adrian says:

I love all your video’s, but I think this is by far, the best one! Outstanding job! Cheers!

Kunal Mazumdar says:

I like those muscular naked bikes. Looks so damn good. As for faired bike, they may look cool. But one wrong corning or fall: and bang, you will have a huge bill to pay for repairing.

Corey Meisenheimer says:

I would be really interested in seeing direct comparisons of a sportbike vs a naked bike of the same make. So for example a video comparing GSXR750 vs a GSX-S750. Or other makes. I know quite a few people getting into bikes who always go into supersports because they don’t realize that the naked market has blown up and brought up some other, similar options. It could be a very useful video.

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