SportBike Motorcycle Tail Bag Install and Review – Nelson-Rigg CL-1060 Tail Bag

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TheMetalHead says:

I got a good trunk on my mito 🙂 as you can place two half a liters in there, i think.

Kish says:

I watched this when you 1st posted the vid, I then went on the hunt, and now i have cool little tail bag very similar to this. I couldnt get this exact one without a fortune in shipping as i live in the UK. Cheers for making me aware of such products…. saves me wearing a backpack 🙂 i did a review of my own on the bag on my channel 🙂

Brett Moir says:

Nelson rigg is great..I have their sprt40 saddlebags on my ninja

Siper2 says:

Just bought the newer 1060-S version, looking forward to using it!

JayDM187 says:

3:45 whenever you say CBR600 double R Like that it sounds like you just sniffed a line of cocaine right before lol.

chilly chan says:

lookin clean brah

Gilvan e Leila says:

Does it fit a helmet?

Brett Moir says:

Nelson rigg is great..I have their sprt40 saddlebags on my ninja

HiViZ RiDeR says:

Cool bag. Got to love it.

Mason O'Connor says:

Yo cruza how has it held up over time? Do you still recommend it as strongly?

barkermjb says:

Good bag

cTron417 says:

Another great gear suggestion! I have used several of your recommendations so far and the videos are very helpful.

Just wondering if there was a practical purpose to the “hook up” strap mounting. I did it that way and then did it the other way and “hook down” looks even cleaner (and it was much easier, for me, to tighten the straps) I don’t think it’s going to slip but that’s the only possibility I saw for “hook up” to be better.

Joe Johnson says:


Ray Taylor says:

I like the way you mounted the bag, because thats not the way they want you to mount the bag, but i like your way better.

Nelson Rigg says:

Great Review man, thank you. Our bag looks great on your bike!

Marcus Byron says:

I liked the black red bull fairings but i gotta say your bike looks awesome in white

TheMATTYB1234 says:

You couldn’t fit a decent sized dildo into this bag.

TNPGameZ says:


Duy Nguyen says:

Do you leave the tail bag on rear seat all the time ? Do you take it with you if you are away from your bike ? I am worry that leaving it on rear seat attract theft. And it doesn’t look easy to unstrap the bag and take it with you every time

Vanguard1987 says:

I’m addicted to gear reviews. Keep them coming CC.

WingsRbent says:

Sweet bag! Off topic: what type of exhaust do you have on your double ahhh? It sounds sic. Is it two brothers? Is it a slip on?

king troy says:

Ordering it today thanks bro

Stivio Lexx says:

Looks like someone been watching kalimuscle lol

George Ratchford says:

Your’re too cool

simonize251 says:

Will it fit a 6 pack of tall boys?

George Ratchford says:

it does look gooodaaa!

najim H says:

Ihave a cbr500r 2016, will it fit?.By the way,from the way you talk, you can tell that you have been living in Jamaica for long time. Cheers

megazzeth says:

Do you really speak like that or was that the showmanship for the video? 😉

Josiah Antione says:

Everytime you say honda CBR600RR makes me want to get the eargasm machine. lol

cbrboy says:

Ok I like your videos but damn we all know what bike you have so quit saying it like it’s some thing to brag about. Ok yes its a nice bike ok you might worship that bike but damn bro enough. I also have a cbr600rr so yes I love it but oh well to each there own.

Leon Bailey says:

Cruza you one crazy mofo lol!!!

But fuck the haters keep doing your thing. Just ordered one of these for my CBR600 double RRRRRR!!!! 

Keep it crazy bro.

WyZedEf R6 says:

+CycleCruza Thanks for the great review, would you happen to know if it’ll fit a Yamaha R6? like is it a universal fit?

Italian Guy says:

Cklee Cruwzzass

W w says:

I’ve got the same bag. It’s really well made and it looks great.

faztang says:

you put those hooks on backwards dawg!

Brandon Nixon says:

this or the Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

empty pockets says:

how well does this bag fit on the blade ? i’m trying to find something like the for the 1000double ahrr. looks clean on the 600

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