Sport Bike Scooter, Moto Brovo Super Hornet Full Review

Full review of the Moto Brovo Super Hornet sport scooter. The Good, the bad and the ugly. Details about the brakes, handling and general ride impressions.

The other bike in the video is a Shanke 150de touring scooter



fat fucks MURICA’

Snow Lyon says:

The wheels are too small it’s a dead giveaway it’s not a sportbike. At least with a 250 a non motorcycle person can’t tell the difference.. But with this they can tell it’s not real completely destroying the cool Factor does crushing any benefits to the whole thing at that point might as well have the original scooter model don’t see any positive benefits if it doesn’t look cool because with those small wheels it really doesn’t

MastaX says:

luckily i got away with just a broken left wrist, 4 months later and a titanium metal plate and im back to normal

jesuisravi says:

you didn’t mention two key parameters: MPG and top MPH.

Mix Latino American says:

More videos pleaaase

RuDy Bmore says:

Okay Raymond….What do you mean by Up-Geared? Thanks for all your HELP 🙂

Toby Michael says:

Can you share height and weight? I’m looking at this and curious as I’m 6’3”

Snow Lyon says:

Now now maybe it handles better than a scooter it seems like it might I just think if it had proper size 17 inch wheels front and back it would actually be cool

Urban Madness says:

They are a nice bike… I had just rebuilt the top end on the one in the video. I wish I had more footage of this bike before it went back to the customer.

Anthony Johnson says:

does this scooter take a 150cc gy6 or a 150cc gy6b engine?

Urban Madness says:

There is pretty much only one fuse. If the fuse was bad, the bike would be dead. What I would do, is completely disconnect the alarm system, put it back the way it was, and get it working. The go back and try it again. You are probably grounding something with the alarm.

Mix Latino American says:

Love your motoscooter !!!!

Jeffery Carter says:

250 is the way to go for a big man. Any less you won’t be as happy. Take it from me, I’d rather have a hog, but, wouldn’t we all?

Urban Madness says:

It really needs to be up-geared if you run with a 200. If you don’t the top speed will be about the same, it will just get there a little quicker is all. Top speed is limited by RPM on these bikes

Pablo Garcia says:

Now my turn signals don’t work what can I do is their a fuse on this bike

cityfisherman89 says:

i wish someone would put a 200cc or a 250 cc in and see what happens

Michael Hamilton says:

take off 100 pounds-you’
you’ll find that the bike is faster and responds better than you think

RuDy Bmore says:

Hey Raymond…If I was to buy this bike & put a 200cc on her… What else would I have to do to get more top speed besides (Adding a new Air Intake + INTAKE MANIFOLD + ignition coil + performance cdi + variators weights + platinum plug + kevlar belts) ?????

Andrew White says:

OK, I respect that everyone is a different size.  But really to say that this bike is essentially gutless when the guy riding it is +250 pounds is not fair.   Let’s see what happens when you put a non-obese person on it.

Brandon Jenkins says:

do u need a moped license or motorcycle license

Urban Madness says:

200cc would be easier, a 250 wouldn’t mount up. You are still limited by the variator in the 200cc unless you upgear and do a few other things to get more top speed.

Urban Madness says:

Up gear means changing the gears in the gearbox. The gear box lives behind the clutch near the rear wheel. By changing the gears in the back, you can change the top speed of the bike, provided you have enough power to push the taller gear. if you run a 200cc, you should be able to make an additional 2 or 3hp, in stock trim. that may not sound like much, but this bike stock only has 8.5 HP. With the right goodies, the 200cc can make 18hp just bring your check book.

MastaX says:

i heard some pretty bad stories about this bike, some people have had there motor blow up while riding it and have had injured themselves, i for one will never buy another junk chinese scooter due to the fact mine blew up while riding it, it dropped a valve and knocked the piston through the bottom of the crankcase and caused me to slide 40 feet across the road in heavy traffic, thank god i was wearing my helmet or i wouldnt be here to write this, i have to tell everyone to please avoid this!!!

Brian Kelly says:

are thses automatic ?

We Like To Move It Moving says:

Buy a used Honda CBR250R. This is trash

docredneck81 says:

Cityfisherman89… if you’re looking for a 250cc, like i am, check out the ninja 250r or the honda CBR250r. Best for fuel savings and beginner riders. Unless you just want to cruise around town then i’d go with a 150cc.

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