Sport Bike Rider Tries Out A KLR650

Took my first ‘ride’ to Cycle Gear. Once there, Mark offered me his KLR650 to try out. The power curve, seating position, and just about everything is different than my CBR. Here are my feelings on the first ride.
This is not a complete review. It is just what I was thinking as I rode it a few blocks.

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BuckeyeBoyz Grewell says:

KLRs are nice bikes. They were originally developed for guys who wear high-heels and a dress.

704Riders says:

Very nice!! It is a tall bike which would make me nervous. I couldn’t even leg up on +CapeVoice bike. lol. Still looks like fun

ConditionRed says:

You can do anything on that thing

Beast Rider says:

In a couple weeks I’ll be a bit more free. I’m gonna have to come out and let you take my Indian for a spin. That will get your head spinning.

BxBomber2011 says:

That was funny

Jeremy Vlogs says:

Lol, the first few times I rode my drz I was the same way, I felt like I was just learning how to ride again

dustysquito says:

Time out. At 1:45, is that something that happens regularly around there?  Jesus, the stuff you have to watch out for in your town…
Those KLRs have a weird way of growing on you. They’re not powerhouses, they aren’t good looking, but they’re just damn decent at whatever you ask them to do. 

MiniBike Mayhem says:

Wow i bet it feels like a mountain 😛 something that take a lot to Grt used to! Great video buddy!

Picklepoo says:

This is exactly what I said riding Angrys CCM and the XT I borrowed a few weeks back!

WildBill says:

It takes time and every time you get out in the bike it gets easier. I have never rode a KLR bit have ridden taller bikes like the VStrom and it is a really weird feeling. Must admit not a fan

shadetree surgeon says:

The klr is such a classic bike… after the apocalypse there will be roaches and KLRs left roaming the earth lol

Slipprymongoose says:

Many lol

RevUnstableBoy says:

we will make you a dual sport rider yet. :p

TheFloridaRider says:

I felt the same when I demoed one. Top heavy, all the weight was in the front and it felt like I had to hold on for dear life so I didn’t fly off the back when I twisted the throttle. I don’t know how tall you are, but I’m 5’8 and didn’t want to stop either because I couldn’t touch the ground. It’s not for me.

bakker46 says:

Those things are so much fun in the dirt … in no time you’ll behave like a hooligan

Andy Pandy says:

once you get used to the dual-sports you wonder how you ever rode a supersport and didn’t manage to completely turn your spine into a big question mark from leaning over and laying on the tank just so you can ride the bike …lol. Don’t flame me for say that. I love all bikes and love all people that ride them………. I just love people that ride a V-Strom more than the others 🙂

Samurai H says:

I think if she was a bit lower you would love her 🙂
Nicely done
Thumbs up

JP Stone says:

Don’t fear perfection…. !: )

Mielie says:

haha dude if you think that thing is tall go try a Yamaha Tenere xt660z

CaptPuget says:

Good to see you back at it.  Best wishes!

Britex3186 says:

It does feel strange switching from one type of bike to another and takes a bit of an adjustment period. They are great fun to ride tho!

Rev. MuzzleMike says:

Great to see that you got to try a KLR out ! I like riding mine with the cruisers . I am not looking down on cruisers . Well YES I am ! 

MrBadApple999 says:

Haha I actually learned to ride on a 2008 KLR, when I did my riding course and they gave me a racer I felt like I had my knees in my neck

Meissner says:

Get on one that is lowered. No tip toes but same great ride. Even better on a dirt road 🙂

Florida Outdoor Adventures says:

Had a Ninja 20 years ago, now got back into riding and just love the ability to go anywhere on and off-road so I got a Yamaha Super Tenere 1200. Very comfortable seating position and plenty of power. Glad you liked the KLR, that one is very good offroad.

This Old Jew says:

Pussies stick to the pavement

Mr. Dirt-Lovin says:

Dual sport is like the other side of motorcycling you don’t get to do on a road bike….. So many roads that aren’t paved that can be seen on those!

WildBill says:

wow you really sounded unsure about the whole thing 

BrandiLand says:

I always wondered how it felt to ride those too. They’re just so flippin tall!

NotGuilty312 says:

ignore temptation to ride on sidewalks police dont find it amuzing

RAY C says:

you must not be very tall. anyway, here is my KLR story. I was riding about 70mph down 169 between Tulsa and Owasso. There is a rock quarry nearby and so there are always dump trucks in the area. This day a dump truck lost the tread off his tire a few cars up doing 70. I could see it happening because of the height of the bike and me being 6’4″. however the traffic was dense and I had no where to go. the cars in front of me scattered leaving me against a large tire tread still rolling down the freeway. it split apart just before I hit it. The KLRs long suspension rolled right over that road gator. it flipped up and hit my right foot and nearly yanked me from the bike. i kept control of the bike, pulled over thinking I must have damaged something on the bike and broken my foot. bike had some marks on the right side engine case, my boot was torn but my foot wasnt broken. close call. but if I had been on crotch rocket or cruiser it would have been a different outcome. KLR IS A TANK AND SAVED MY LIFE THAT DAY.

CapeVoice says:

I know the feeling of how strange it is. I am still not comfortable with my Hyper because it is so high up. On the 636, I can knee down and tackle bear mountain all day. On the Hyper, I was petrified. It’ll take me another season to be fully comfortable with it.

thomas orth says:

I live near there! Lol small world

Zack Grindle says:

nduros are the best  I have a fzr 1000 and  I miss my ktm 450 🙁

Gurra says:

They are tall, but you get an excellent view sitting up there lol

AkDeluxeRider says:

Congrats to Mark, solid bike and just the right color too! Glad to see you rollin on different rigs and having a good time.

MsDannyrevs says:

My first and only bike is a KLR650. Studied up on them for years before I finally bought mine. They are legendary have been around forever and are used by the Marine Corps for Recon missions and patrols. Simple to wrench on in the field too, no fuel injection here. My head at 6ft 2 is about the same level it is when I drive my full size chevy truck. They also last a long time. High mileage reports on KLR forums say 80 to 100 Thousand miles before rebuild. I am a big guy and the KLR fits me really good I can flat foot it with stock suspension, I usually just lean it over to one foot or the other that is the most comfortable way to do it I think. You can get all kinds of neat after market shit for them as well TONS AND TONS OF STUFF. I am looking at a molle tank cover that allows you to put any thing molle onto it. Pistol holster, water bottle holder, a big pouch to put things like phones or other crap in. Bad ass bike! Looks like something a Conservative Militia red blooded type bad boy would ride!

Joe V. says:

Hey, you’re in Hickville!

Dracati Ducati says:

Love this Sheeeit !!!
Always a diff experience on another’s Bike…
Gotta take the opportunity when U can Ride
another Ride !!!

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