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Small-bore sportbikes like KTM’s new RC390 and Yamaha’s R3 are making a big splash, and tire manufacturers are taking notice. Michelin, Bridgestone, and Shinko have all recently released rubber in 110 front section widths and 140 and 150 rear section widths suitable for small-displacement sportbikes. That’s adding to existing options from Pirelli and IRC, which means consumers now have lots of tires to choose from.

In this special off-site episode of MC Garage, Road Test Editor Ari Henning will evaluate the sporting capabilities of Michelin Pilot Street Radials, Bridgestone S20 Evos, Shinko SR 880/881s, Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs, and IRC Road Winners so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision when it comes time to replace your tires.


Xpedia tron says:


Vishal Kore says:

Can you please help me with CBR 250r .. which tire to use n oil ??

Jason Yergin says:

Awesome review.  Thank you!!

Sumedh Ovhal says:

Are the diablo rosso 2 better than the stock metzellers on 390 ??

sudhir arya says:

How to know if the tire is punctured while riding .?…..i face this problem everytime i go out, since i dont have much of experience. Can u plz help me with it.?

N .A says:

Need to update this video comparing the new Michelin Power RS and the Dunlop GPR-300.

Demirkan Özsoy says:

All tyres are good on track and on hot road what about shit roads n cold asphalt

feisal muhammad says:

The IRC RX-01 road winner compound type are soft or medium-soft..?? my bike yamaha R25 comming with this kind of tyre but i think In my country is medium-soft. Is it safe for race.?? Thx for response

cachidril says:

I have an RC390 with the stock metzeler tyre. what tyre pressure do you recomend me for the track? cold o hot? thank you

Accost2u says:

We need a Dunlop Q3 for these bikes

Stunning sethu says:

am having cbr150r please tell which one is suit for my bike

TheFastfingers93 says:

Im using IRC road winner

Joy Mukherjee says:

what is your Instagram page???

Thunder Rider says:

Does 90/80 17 rear 8090 Front Is still good for Corners?

Terry says:

Could someone please do a test run with Metzeler, Pirelli and MRF in the future? Just eager to know how will they perform as compared to the other mainstream brands out there…

Jim Cummings says:

Interesting. Have ’17 Duke 390 still in the crate now, Canada – Mexico this summer @16,000km, need to set my natural cruise speed of 70mph/115kph, also to set cruise rpm to precise 5700rpm @ 115kph using Gearing Commander website (and a copy of the bike’s dyno chart to see how and where it actually makes its power and torque) to tune gearing with +2 @ front sprocket, moves top speed from 162 to 180+, with gobs of power and torque to 150kph with another 30kph on top of that just to be sure – touring on high rpm singles means endless vibration and an engine that’s not going to last nearly as long, much less to 100,000km, rode 50,000km w stock CBR150, Thailand, balls to the wall most of the time, in Bangkok traffic, on endless mtn. roads sometimes w 2500 curves in 10hrs., my next bike was CBR250, and I have more experience than most re: long distance touring and going fast on small singles under 400cc, and if you have to spend all your time trying to keep up with busy, dangerous traffic by holding close to or above 7000rpm, well that’s really flogging it hard when it goes on for days, let alone months as I will be doing, water pumps and cams also rotate at engine speed making whole engine more vulnerable to failure, +2 on the front means the tight lower gearing on this bike is spread out, 11.7% of it sent to cover high speed hp needs, this is a Duke 390, and won’t suffer in the slightest, in fact it will be tamer in the rain and in sand/gravel under power, much safer because the extra stunning power and torque on top opens the bike up to a whole new world of riding in the real world because it behaves more like a 600 than the 373cc that it really is.

Kazune Kuroko says:

Lol we only deal for 70/90 – 120/70 max.

Underbone ftw

Daschickenify says:

8/10 Didn’t push stack of tires over at end.

RIAL 88 says:

which one is good for suzuki gixxer sf 155cc?

Alessandro Bajona says:

R3 should I orde 110 in the front 140 in the rear ?

Quân Trần says:

can you tell me the width of the rear rims with the caliper tool? i want to have the exact measurement thank you so much

Fahiyan Faisal says:

is it possible to use a 140 rear tire where recommended size is 130..
or 130 in 120 rims..

J Preston says:

Hey Ari, you guys should make an updated tire video comparison.

Joseph - My Life In Metro Manila says:

A bit hard to believe the Perelli came in 3rd.

Lawmi Lallawmpuii says:

What about apollo h1

OoBoy Trends says:

Have a good day

fernando moran says:

So witch tires u recommend for everyday driving all wheaters ? I am 230pounds , with a 300cc 2016 ninja and i like to take turns normal fast

Pranav Minhas says:

How much kms Bridgestone tyres will do on average roads ??

sai varun annadata says:

Thats a lot of work for one video

BiccLasagna says:

I wish you included some dunlops also. I got my ninja with gpr 300

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