Sh*t Sport Bike Owners Say

Stupid Shit Sport Bike Owners Say, I know that sport bike owners don’t say this stuff, the video is for entertainment purposes only. If you don’t find it funny, then this video is about you.
Bike used is a 1999 Suzuki Katana 600, Thanks to Jake, the owner, for letting us use it for this video!
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Michael Myrick says:

i lost it at “forged out of thors hammer” and “cause fuckin race bike” hahahahaha

Tony Flamingo says:

Nice body double in the beginning haha

goat balls says:

Dood i gotta get one of those!!

Austin Carnes says:

600 HP lol

jacob maciejewski says:


Backyardmech1 says:

Like the ricer of sport bikes

Mason Atkinson says:

Lmao the helmet upgrades

Joel Kim says:

Now i love hime

Vivien Tety says:

Elle tourne comme une patate ta katana…..shit

Gayweathers juicehead says:

I’m trying to figure out why I’m laughing so much


tinmane says:

Bro my helmet has cold air intakes

Wyatt Ritter says:

I just got stage 4 terminal cancer from that

Skyler Thomas says:

This kid is retarded not even the fasted car goes 300mph

greenhorn h says:

Ugly as shit

The Shadow Man says:

Generally thought his head was photoshopped in the thumbnail for being small smh

Thomas Krown says:

His head is so small in the thumbnail, it reminds me of beetlejuice.

Michael Myrick says:

i lost it at “forged out of thors hammer” and “cause fuckin race bike” hahahahaha

Der Pyromane says:

fucking idiot

the baller says:

This guy needs to put some meat in them bones

Daniel Atkins says:

Shit yea

ras Leak says:

you funny kid

kianu_12_25 says:

Its not susaki its susuki

Nathaniel Rodriguez says:

This bike is ass

im high on helium says:

600 hp sure 😉

Callum Krnavek says:

0:21 white shoes.
0:23 black shoes.

Straight Mobbin says:

Never catch me on a suzaki can a tuna

M McAllister says:

More like something someone who rides a Katana would say. Gayest bike ever made imo..

Nicken says:

Im sorry but this bike is REALY fkin ugly and i would never call it a sportbike its sooo shit…

Jonathan Raine says:

Those mirrors are for when iam doing a pull down the drag strip on this 600hp bike i can see lambos eating the shit that comes out my race inspired bike

MHHB4L says:

Holy crap did you see that? Look when he pulls up his shoes are white then when he introduces himself his shoes are black. Must’ve been another stunt rider.

Coated Rex says:

Did anyone else hear the camera man laugh 0:48

fremaxx says:

Could ypur head get any smaller

rich fortner says:

Suzaki lmfao dude had me rollin


A jacket and helmet. Never mind your legs. Feet. Hands. Dumbass.

James Wise says:

shit SPORTSBIKE owners say” my bike is more reliable then ur shitty harley” harley owner says” how many miles bro” SPORTSBIKE owner ” 6,000 miles” harley owner says “when urs hits 200k miles then it might be hahahah”

Evox beck says:

Dat boi

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