Review of Suzuki Hayabusa: Fastest Production Bike

It would be easy to discount the Suzuki Hayabusa because of its venerability. That would be a mistake. Suzuki was cutting edge in its development and the bike still is a one of a kind. Ultimate speed is pretty much meaningless on public roads but the Suzuki Haybusa is fully capable of scaring even experienced riders. It is not for everyone and in the feature length review competitive options are discussed with some ups and downs of each. In my POU, the Busa is used as a Supersport Touring bike and that is where it excels. Discussed here as well: power, economy (40 mpg!), maintenance/durability, looks and cool factor (people drop by during the review to say as much), ergos, lighting, tire, ergos, and value. Designed in a wind tunnel and still one of the best Supersport motorcycles made, especially at the price, you will enjoy the cachet, speed, and fun the Hayabusa brings to your motorcycle stable.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10


coolvideo28 says:

The ZX-14R is the fastest production bike not knocking your bike just saying.

radio1981 says:

I play on a 2001 Yamaha R1, geared 6 up, and it’s just fine for me.

Saif Alabachi says:

dude you making me sell my bike and looking for hayabusa i loved your review thank you

bananamanstrikesback XD says:

h2 ftw

Jumbo R says:

I have one….

Kawasaki bukakke party next door says:

it looks sick but tbh it kinda looks like a snowmobile

Anthony Linton says:

Hey nutnfancy, what was that Advanced timing set up you run on your busa…

Beckimoto says:

5:05 Nutfancy was about to say Bukkake instead of Bugatti haha.

youtube person says:

omg how he pronounced hayabusia

braveheart0317 says:

Wow nutnfancy i din’t know you do mortorcycle reviews.

Tarheel Blue says:

Wow! I guess commentating isn’t a forte on youtube hayabusa reviews! Boring! I also love the guys who ALWAYS claim something is faster from the factory when, due to the introduction of the Hayabusa…..ALL bikes are limited in the US now! The Busa has and always will be the epitome of speed, brute and kickass!!!

Gary Jackson says:

I have a 12 Busa. Nice but I’m going upgrade to buy the ZX14R. Decision made after one ride. Better handing, noticeably quicker, traction control, better brakes.

Its time the busa was upgraded! It was a quick bike 6 or 7 years ago!

Frankie G says:

NOT the fastest production bike ANYMORE Nuutnfancy

Andrew Couch says:

lol almost said bukaki

☣droid☣ says:

You know what would be humiliation? Losing to a 250 on a curvy road. 😉

Doug E Doug says:

can we get a Nutn on a Hayabusa patch

Josh Wilson says:

I’ve never seen a reviewer so full of himself he manages to simply ignore other motorcycles in the range. I halfway expected this entire monologue to be an onion article.There is a reason good bike reviews are no more than twenty minutes. It takes work to get to the point and get out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Hayabusa but this is not a review. It’s a rationalization of how he is better that the people watching the video. Wow just wow. You give motorcyclists a bad name reeking of ego.

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

It’s very strange… I grew up always saying motorbike but everyone on YouTube says motorcycle…. Why? I mean motorbike has less words in it

golohiagat says:

I have never seen anybody make the Hayabusa gen II look so silly.

Daniel DeMayo says:

Hey man i hate to bust your bubble but im pretty sure kawasakis zx14 or w.e its called is now the fastest motorized bike out. Theres an electric bike fast than them all! Anyway its still fast enough lol makes sense you would pick this bike. If anyone has respect for power its a guy like you. Most ppl would kill them selves just like with guns.

Wecanhelp says:

It brings all the dudes to the yard.

Christian Okamura says:

Hey nutnfancy I’m half Japanese, that accent was pretty good

davidsais13 says:

I got this as my first bike I love it

Bryce Lawmaster says:

nutn like riding a big heavy ass 2 wheeled tank, till u come to a turn. busa’s are ugly, bulbous and heavy. just my oppinion and u know what they say about oppinions. I’ll take the bmw and pass u on the outside of the turn dragging knee and waving to say see u later

Gary Jackson says:

It way not the fastest. There is a BMW, and 2 Kawasaki’s that are quite a bit faster from 0-300kms (remember all production bikes are now designed to stop them going faster than 299kph!

Isaac says:

Good lord you are the most boring and simultaneously the most annoying rider in the world. A fender eliminator won’t get you dirty if you set your shit up with some common sense. Having the fender LOOKS DIRTY 24/7 no matter how clean it is. Your bike looks like shit because of it. You look like a guy who can’t do basic work. Finally, the hayabusa isn’t the fastest production bike by a LONG SHOT. The LS-218 does…218 stock!! The ZX-14, H2, H2R, and probably the S1000RR/ 2016 ZX10R, are all faster!!

ammartm1 says:

I just bought 2014 busa brand new left over model 2 weeks ago from ebay i should get the bike next week i cant wait its red one

DAGWOOD 0829 says:

Hey Nutn! So I’m a big fan of your content. Bar none you give the most in depth reviews on everything. I started following you for your Tactical gear & Firearms reviews, but really love the fact that you break down the sport touring machine. I do have a little fact check for you though, and I know you aren’t the type to get butt hurt, for small criticisim’s. I am a Sportbike owner and live all things Superbike’s. You mentioned that the zzr 1400 is a track bike. Actually the Kawasaki zzr 1400 is the exact same classification as your Busa. It is a Hyper bike, labeled a sport touring bike. which is spected toe to toe with your 2013 busa. It is great for long road trips just as your busa is. the zx 10 (zxr1000) is kawasaki’s sportbike, designed specifically for the track. Any way, love your content brother & keep some more of your 2 wheel videos coming. y the way I own a 2000 suzuki gsxr 750 SRAD, and have been riding for 17 years. #TNP

Kawaii Ninja says:

I got 175mph , too bad I didn’t remove the speed limiter. And Ecu reflash

dieselstar5 says:

I guess you didn’t come across a 2012 ZX-14R with a decent rider. No need for a great rider.

David Gauvreau says:

Sorry…but you are mistaken. That title is held buy a Kawasaki!

golohiagat says:

I really like it when the Allan guy just ran all he could to escape the borring information 🙂

Dário Barreiro says:

Comprehensive..informative and great footage. Best review I have seen of this amazing Machine! Congrats

John Goodall says:

10000000 people that called you a wanker, but still no scratches, amazing

Just Another Six Oh says:

I had the unfortunate happenstance of seeing a busa in a weird light green and ever since I’ve hated tge look of them because they remind me of someone riding a pear… lol

Brian Mason says:

“Gixxur 750.”

yoodoo122 says:

looks like shite.

AFR383 says:

I have a 2015 ZX14R – No need for a cat carcass on the seat. Not a Busa fan

David Baker says:

there is nothing like twisting the throttle and feeling it role on hard all the way to 200 plus or going to the drag strip and blasting past everything out there! my next one will be turboed though. my 0 to 60′ time was 1.3 seconds and that was due to street tire limits. they definitely aren’t for any rider but for the best riders only and it gives you the feeling like no other bike will but it was designed to go fast and straight down the road

pdx650 says:

I recently picked up a 1998 Honda Vfr interceptor in Nampa, Idaho. I made the 650 mile round trip because I knew I wanted it. The mileage was relatively low (30k) on the odometer. That’s low for a Vfr of the fifth gen. The first time I rode it, I was in love. Knowing the potential that this machine has as a sport touring cross the country bike, I had to buy it. The prior owner even waited a month for me since I was away for work and could not get to his place sooner. I am a happy owner of an awesome street bike that is both comfortable for long hauls as well as quite capable for sportier riding. A previous owner installed heated grips, purchased Corbin seats (even though the original Honda seat was part of the purchase and I still have it), and there is a battery condition led light that has a green yellow red indicator. I love the gear-driven cam whine, the v-four power plant is very well adapted for the street from the homologation race bike it was bred from…., I think the rc-46. The single-sided Pro arm, ‘elf’-produced swing arm is sexy. And last, but not the least, Honda reliability. I love this bike. Now, time to get a few miles in before the long wait for Spring to begin again.

pinkeye00 says:

Wait … where’s my pew pew? Oh …

Robert Mcbeth says:

but seriously, standing mile in the desert vs my old kawasaki zx12r


5:04 “a bukka… bugatti” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sir Poody says:

the 14 is the fastest now with its 1441 cc over the busas 1340

Guillermo Dale says:

the new kawasaki ninja H2R already beat it

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