Oddball Middleweight Sportbike Shootout

When Kawasaki re-introduced the ZX-6R with its 636cc engine this year, we figured it was time to pit it against the Suzuki GSX-R750 and Triumph Daytona 675R in an Oddball Middleweight Sportbike shootout.

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Gary Button says:

Looks like last year’s Triumph did well against the others in this “odd ball class” . When is the re-test with the 2013 Daytona?

Pillokun says:

The old D675 is still the best bike out there if you want a light weight bike that also is telepathic when it comes to the handling.

The Oscar Report says:

Is the GXR750 the best street-bike ever made?
My opinion: After 3 hours of watching comparison youtubes, only better competition I could find was the Ducati 899. But that looses big league in terms of value for money. So I’m thinking the GXR750 is, overall, the best street bike of all time. It’s been around for 25+ years. Boy ‘d like to know of a better street bike. And this bike suits taller riders (Fireblade doesn’t).

I help anytime says:

After 10 long minutes, it wasn’t a proper review….

mikimaus yeah says:

This guy’s hair is seriously not behaving accordingly with his age.

NubsWithGuns says:

Mmmmm Ninja

cool akshay das says:

In my opinion triumph daytona 675r is the best bike because ‘it sounds the best’, its brakes n suspension are the best in class, it offers quick shifter, n it has got inline 3 cylinders which produces maximum torque for a drag..

Daniel Kemnitz says:

Am I the only one who thinks all ninjas look similar every year and are always predictable? ..and the GSXR is just outright boring to look at :/

dickprat channel says:

japanese bike so bored

tanner hammond says:

Exactly once you decide the size and type of bike you want its all personal preference after that.

Bazawaza1 says:

for me … the gixer and quack are Ugly

Cbr Hoonigan says:

636 still a 600 just kawasaki cheating, the 675 has bigger capacity because it has a cylinder defecit, who ever turned this into a shoot out are morons.

Justin Voluck says:

I spent $600 on a custom Led headlight for my gsxr 750 and it’s ugliness has gone away. I added a lot of other mods and now the bike is gorgeous! No 600 can keep up with it and the powerband is more like a liter bike.

Moto Marmot says:

This video influenced my decision to go ahead and buy a new GSXR 750

DMTv - DuniaMotor.com says:

What kind of external mic do you guys use to record? Voice sounds so clear.

Robert S says:

I considered all three of these last time I went bike shopping. I ended up buying a Triumph Street Triple, which is the naked version of the Daytona 675.

Mr. Midshipman says:

My mother called your parents, our parents don’t want us hanging out anymore. We get in to much trouble together:)

Kenny Nguyen says:

Those sideburns though.

LiangHuBBB says:

no r6 r1?

Jason M says:

I’ll take the Daytona every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

Kenny Matthews says:

I’m a new rider. Should I get the R6 they 675r or the Kawasaki.

bunnyDrug says:

compare a triple IL4’s? 

*slow clap*

Arn zar says:

the triumph retains its value more than the other bikes

Martin Sage says:

The NEW Triumph 765rs is the King of the Middleweight Class hands down…

Hide Seek says:

and the winner goes to CBR600 😀

mestre fodilhao says:

the Suzuki GSXR 750 is the most PURE bike here, its the REAL SUPER BIKE 750 cc engine, SUZUKI INVENTED THE SUPER BIKE CONCEPT, so i dont think that 750 its an oodball, hey but its just me 😉

BestRex says:

So what? It’s still doesn’t fair to compare 600s with GSX-R750. Especially when GSX-R600 exists, jerk.

Keith Ngho says:

Nice short video. Love they do reviews on both track and street.

cott10r says:

Its always been hard to beat the gsxr 750, its the winner in my eye’s fo’sho!!!

weljo2001 says:

In 2013 my step-son was about to get the Daytona 675R but went with the GSX-R750 instead. The reason, the insurance on the Daytona was way,way higher than the GSX-R750 here in California.

Javier Fernandez says:

Shocker..the 750 beats out the 600’s

brandon bridges says:

disappointing you guys didn’t wait for the 2013 Daytona 🙁

Jason B says:

Ew the triumph is so small it pisses me off. Just… Seriously it’s so tiny.

eternalredline says:

That GSXR is one ugly MOFO. The triumph on the other hand I want to wine and dine… and get to know her first.

Victor Khen says:

Triumph looked like a cheap toy back then….not sure though if it still looks like this today

batzomighty says:

read the title dumbass.

Ryan C says:

not a big deal but when he said upside down forks i was just like ” -.- , just say inverted”

Dankwheelie says:

:34 dem gsxr boys always showing off..

Fillipe Hill says:

R6 ( the queen)> Daytona 675r> CBR 600RR> ZX-6R.

I would buy a daytona, my favorite…

tosgem says:

The triumph is not an “odd ball” displacement, the 636 and 750 are – they can’t be raced in any major categories. But supersports racing allows 600cc 4cyl, 675cc 3cyl, and 750cc 2 cyl. This is why manufacturers pick one of those three configs. Ducati used to make the 748 and 749 twins. Other companies used to make 675 triples, today it’s just Triumph and MV. And of course, many companies make 600cc 4 cyls, that’s the most common. But none of those are “oddball” sizes.

Kawaii Ninja says:

the 750 is not too much heavier than other two right. maybe just 20lbs more

goldengraemes says:

Odd ball?

Randy Wilson says:

TIP: Criticize a lot more. Others, including me, come to videos like this to find a bike to look more into. We know they are all good, and that is why pointing out every single “weak” point of the bike(s) is what we are looking for. Hope others agree and like this comment so it will be seen.

Marksman2oo7 says:

this is stupid but fun.

waynester71 says:

I remember when 750 was ‘the’ displacement for a sports bike due to the rules in WSB racing.

Xerdoz says:

What’s so odd with a 750?

GSX-R 750 has been build since 1985.

BestRex says:

Hey, why the hell you comparing GSX-R750 with 600-category sport bikes? It should be GSX-R600.

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