Naked Sports Six Way Shootout

Once upon a time, OEM streetfighters weren’t a thing. Instead, streetfighter motorcycles were solely the province of riders who were forced by finances to become customizers, with many getting their start after plastic-grinding slides down the pavement. The cost of replacement factory bodywork being what it was (and still is), many young riders were challenged when it came time to fix their damaged rides. So, the bodywork came off, and their sportbike’s industrial underbelly was exposed for the world to see – the rougher the better – with the scars from tangles with the laws of physics displayed with pride. Eventually, streetfighters became something other than a repair option. Instead, riders began taking new bikes and stripping perfectly good components off of them. Custom parts geared towards this market mushroomed, and much like cafe racers, a grass-roots-inspired motorcycle class was born.

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Hi There says:

I see three guys discussing six bikes they rode, yet the video shows six bikes being ridden at the same time. Who is riding the other three bikes in the video ? Why aren’t we seeing them discuss the bikes.

TTico18 says:

‘Before being rudely interrupted by euro4 vacum exhausts’

Hassan Aslam says:

amazing review guyz.. big fan. Please tell these all manufacturers to launch few bikes in Pakistan as well. PLEASE. We are crazy for motorbikes but its all crap her 125cc market.

Joao paulo says:

cade a s1000r, mt 10, brutale, superduke

Abdual Wahab says:

nand by the way were is the bmw s1000r..haan…

Lifted_Above says:

Aprilia blah blah, Aprilia blah, yadda yadda Aprilia yadda. Aprilia blah.

Okay now that we’ve gotten the super expensive superbike-with-a-handlebar out of the way, how’d the rest of this group do?

Honestly if I want crazy performance, I’m not buying a naked bike. I’m buying a superbike without any compromises.

But since I don’t want crazy performance, I want all around versitility and horsepower isn’t anymore much of a factor in that. So I’m looking forward to a coming hypothetical shootout between the 17 FZ-09, the 17 Z900, the 17 GSX-S750, the 17 ST765R (not the RS, because that’s a track bike, lets be honest), 17 Monster 821, Shiver 900 (if that ever arrives), Duke 790 (if it’s ever made), and may as well toss the CB1000R in this group because performance is closer than the liter+ group.

The mid-high displacement ripsters with low weight, lower insurance, and higher mpg are where it’s at for naked sport bikes. The brutal liter+ naked bikes just seem to be too much of everything. The comments regarding the Honda proves that power isn’t everything. You can’t maximize corner speed because you’re worried about losing the rear tire keeping all those ponies in check. It’s just too much. I’d buy a GSX-R750 if I wanted a race track bike, not naked liter+ bikes pretending to be at least 50% track bikes.

For long trips, touring, versatility, more comfort, better tank range, the naked street bikes (especially in this review) can’t do it like a good street-biased ADV-sport bike. Seems like a guy needs two motorcycles to cover these bases.

Cerebral Method says:

‘Why didn’t you include every possible bike? Surely you know that there are more bikes. I’m unhappy that you didn’t include my favourite bike, because I need to you to acknowledge that you think my favourite is the best bike…or at least that you think my favourite is worth hiring extra staff to include it in the shootout. I know better than you, but mostly I’m just really needy.’ jk

Mega-ton says:

Really surprised the Duc made the top 3. Not because it’s a bad bike but they never really do well with shootouts

Rob Kahla says:

What year was this done? You somehow missed the top 3 bikes, the KTM, BMW, and the new Yamaha??

Burnt Rubber says:

YEAH WHERES THE FZ-09 AND 10???????????????????????????????????????????????

Jeff RT says:

They conveniently left out the Yamaha FZ-09.

Brandon Stroup says:

“as it is its a very ownable bike” jesus what a douche

JONATHAN Weaver says:

Where are all the bikes people are actually intrested in?

John Roe says:

Wheres the legendary SV650.

ripmax333 says:

so for the first 3 positions, European bikes came first. they do offer more when riding.

Norse Man says:

I know they stopped making this bike in February, but where is the EBR 1190 SX

Raj Seelam says:

Did he say unlimited instead of saying ultimate.

Airmountaineer says:

For my money I chose the speed triple S. I’ve ridden the duke, tuono, and S1000r and the Triumph is just next level refined compared to the rest. I can chill and cruise or I can open it up and it’ll make your vision blur just like the Tuono. After riding for 18 years I’ve found out that there’s much more to a bike than peak horsepower.

Ali Ansari says:

Why the Superduke isn’t amongst the bikes?

Elie Nehme says:

there is something that you didn’t get. every motorcycle has to be set up for a specific rider weight. that’s why different persons had different thoughts about the same bikes.

kegrv Greyd says:

No superduke?

Texarmageddon says:

Someone mind telling me the results of this video? The minute I saw the outclassed CB1kR in this video

Theangrycobbler says:

Great…. nearly half an hour and wow the 3 most expensive bikes won..

trent c says:

Hey guys, I am in the market on buying my first bike. I’m between a Monster 797, 821 or a Triumph street twin. looking for something that can do a bit of everything. I haven’t ride either of them. what would you suggest?

diversion641 says:

man, love y’all videos. thanks for great reviews and showing us your camaraderie! -13 year rider (04 Shadow Aero, 12 V Strom 650 & ’15 XT250)

elephntindaroom says:

motorcycles is about a cheaper and funner alternative than cars. Suzuki or a hustle a dealer for a bargain price on the honda and later touch em up

Zoran says:

Thank you gents! I’m really glad you like Aprilia.

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