Naked Bike Vs Sport Bike – Which Should You BUY?

Both Naked bikes and Sport bikes have their advantages and disadvantages. If any of you are in the market for a motorcycle and are trying to decide which style to get, I hope this video helps you out. Enjoy!:D

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D. Paul Riderman says:

The R3 is a sport bike by design, but why people don’t feel that way is the risers on the clipons. I’ve ridden long rides on low clipons on my Triumph, and the R3 gives you a more comfortable riding position. Since I put a higher seat on mine, the position has change to require more forward lean. I degress, a sport bike is style not engine size, and with a better windscreen the constant blow on the body is missing from the naked. It gets old to be knocked around by the wind, and that’s why many of the new naked bikes have a place to bolt on a windscreen. That’s a big equalizer.

MCProcrastinator says:

arggg this is hard, I like sports bike but I went to a Tuono, its as close to a sports bike as I think you can get, but it really has to be what you like, best of both worlds on tuono, looks (pretty much rsv4) but with upright bars, at least my 2015 model is, older ones are a bit diff looking.

Dance Throttle says:

Naked yeah!!

frisco martin says:

Not completely true the fz 09 has a limiter built in to the ecu that stops it from going passed 135mph but with a flash tune it can be removed mine on my 2015 was removed at the midnight drags I had it at 158 bone stock just a richer fuel map and the restriction removed

BmxDieseldude says:

Fun fact: The Fun Zone 09 has the same cornering clearance as an R6. Naked can turn no problem! The fz’s suspension is just a little meh compared to most sport bikes. But on a smooth road with a good rider (better than myself) it can turn damn well.

Clayton Hills says:

What light was on on your bike display?

Daniel Covington says:

Man I have a 1982 honda cm450 and boy that thing moves, I bought it almost a year ago now and I still enjoy ripping tf out the throttle it tops out at 90 and boy does the wind smack the fuck out of you, it feels as if the wind is trying to grab and throw you off of the motorcycle

Hunter says:

Nice vid. I really want a super moto lol

Anno says:

To shorten it down get a naked bike if you want a cool, comfortable commuter and get a sport bike if you want speed and you like doing track day.

scorpion251970 says:

In my youth, it was sport bike, now it’s got to be naked. My current r3, I don’t consider it sport bike. My first was 1999 Honda cbr 600f4.

UpShiftMotoStorm says:

love the vid It really did help and i do have a question is a sv 650 a good beginner bike?

Elias kes says:

όταν πήρα απόφαση να αγοράσω μηχανάκι τότε πούλησα το σκούτερ sym 125cc και έψαχνα cb 400 αλά δε βρήκα σε καλή κατάσταση . :(( με 600cc gsr νιώθω πύραυλος είναι λίγο παλιό μοντέλο αλά 250 kmh πολύ εύκολα. στα 190kmh+ πρέπει να κρατιέμαι καλά επειδή δεν είναι σούπερ σπορτ

Chase Wilbur says:

Sorry to argue with you but all of the fz’s can drag pegs through corners once you’re comfortable on them. Otherwise great video keep it up.

Mrs Man says:


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