My Top 5 600cc SuperSport STREET Motorcycles

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CycleCruza reveals his list of Top 5 600cc Supersports motorcycles for the street.

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evnickols says:

Get one of each

TaDarius Hooper says:

have you done a top five 1000cc Supersport picks video?

wyatt hatch says:

does the cbr have any modes that would be helpful to a beginner?

Triston Hull says:

That’s not a jixxer, the jixxer(made by suzuki) is a pit bike

Tre' Roney says:

Greetings fellow riders. How long should I ride a 600 before upgrading to a 1000.

Doug Guertin says:

My 2007 GSXR 600 will eat up the CBR 600 time AFTER time ! My riding buddy will tell you the CBR 600 just cant keep up POINT BLANK !

DG from Seattle .

Roy Patterson says:

I’m not sure what state you live in, but here in Maryland we can get parts easily, there’s three different Triumph dealers.

mike216ism says:

All of those bikes are to die for! I’m a Suzuki fan because they have been so good to me. However there all amazing and up to what ones desires.

Caio Ferreira says:

r6 wins

MK 2 says:

I think MPG really depends on how you ride. The best mpg i got on my GSXR750K8 was 56mpg (US) and the worse (excluding trackdays ofc) is 34, i’m averaging at about 45 🙂

On a gixxer you never use the powermodes. it’s just a stupid thingy that makes it more pricy, i really thought i would use it but in my so far 10000km (6.2k miles) in my first year of riding it i have never used anything else than A, tried B and C thou, doesn’t make any difference in how the bike feels tbh… a huge disappointment.

David Chanthavong says:

Honestly if ur wrist hurt after riding on a sportbike, obviously ur riding the bike wrong

Prajit Hari says:

is it OK to switch to a 600 after riding a 150 for 2 months or something?

URSoDead2Me says:

R6 – “It’s like a chick with great big tits and no ass.” After reading this comment I’ll never look at an R6 the same way again lol

William Thompson says:

Hi CycleCruza, I  enjoyed your assessment of the bikes. I currently ride a 2007 Kawasaki 650R Ninja. I’ve had it for 9 years without any problems with it. I wouldn’t mind a faster bike, and it seems asthough the Honda CBR600RR is the best of them, but what’s it like for city riding? Do you have to rev it up to 8,000 rpm for quick acceleration in city riding? My 650R being a parallel twin is quitetorquey in city riding. Thank you.

flip inheck says:

Slipper clutches have nothing to do with smooth gearchanges.

Snekisekans says:

yay a gixxer

Njoy32:Gaming says:

zx6r 2005 had undertail exhaust as stock 😉

Hodgy says:

so basically, say the most common bikes brought and there u go. ur top 5. meh

Sahil Srivastava says:

From your description Cruza, the daytona should be #1….Maybe your a little biased?

Andrej Gorgiev says:

what does 20 lbs extra weight change, its not like its 50 lbs heavier….

TerryBollea1 says:

cant you just get new triple clamps and adjust height of clip ons?? Thats not that big of a con, unless your reeaallyyy lazy. I saw alot of room on the r6 to move those things up without replacing the clamp.

Tow Sr. says:

im gonna have nightmares from that intro

Will Conway Jr says:

what the hell is a trip timer?

CycleCruza says:

My top 5 super naked motorcycles video:

dave gale says:

cons for zx: very similar with ninja 300

Oriole Alventa says:

I like how it took them decades to start adding fuel gauges. Reminds me of apple in not a good way.

Travis Williams says:


CycleCruza says:

FYI- Here is my new video Top 5 1000cc SuperBike Motorcycles for Street:

Daniel Latouche says:

i remember the zx6 ninja late 90s they was a bad ass bikes on those time

Kendrick Bettis says:

The 636 is way more comfortable to me then any other bike i sat on.

Nano Paulson says:

I like the 2005-2006 honda cbr fairing style. I’m thinking about getting one. are those considered a good reliable model year too?

Travis Williams says:

Great vids Cruza.. keepin’ us well informed like an absolute BOSS!

Travis Williams says:

Although the 2013+ Kawi ZX-6R 636cc has 130 horsepower!

Eric Terry says:

CycleCruza…Hey brother…first of all…thank you for the work you’re putting in to educate and assist riders! Your Vlogs have been a tremendous help in my getting back to riding. My question/request: Have you test ridden the Triumph Daytona 675r? If so…I would like to know your opinion on how it rides (particularly the pull throughout the power bands) compared to the Honda CBR 600RR. I’m looking to get another sport bike (600 cc Class) and I’ve narrowed it down to the Daytona 675r, Honda CBR and Kawasaki Ninja 636. I test rode the Daytona and man! The Speed Shifter was a blast and it’s hard to pass on the Ohlins suspension and Brembo’s. I am fortunate enough to have a Triumph Dealer very close to me…so that addresses the Dealer Support issue (Motohio – Columbus).
Look forward to hearing back.

Travis Williams says:

You forgot to mention HORSEPOWER… sorry but there is a reason why Gsxr’s are top dogg. 125 horse buddy! 😉

Battle says:

should have just titled the video “Buy the Honda”

FukeU1248 says:

Two fiddy babbbayy

mark perez says:

Deciding between a Suzuki gsx-r600 or Yamaha r6. Can someone help? (If you owned both or either of these bikes)

Cold World says:

The 2013 Daytona 675R does indeed have a OEM steering damper. I seriously doubt you’ve actually ridden all these bikes to give an actual top 5 ranking… Anyway the 675R is way more slim than the CBR, also lighter with ABS, better stock tires, quickshifter, more HP/TQ, monoblock Brembos with steel braided lines, some carbon fiber bodywork, and top shelf Ohlins suspension. I’ve owned both and in stock trim the 675R is on another level.

Bagus Eko PGS says:


2Fat2Furious says:

R6 best, you fag.

Tow Sr. says:

you know us riders are really big sissys

Haha fims says:

fuel efficiency of cbr 600rr plz ?

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