My 2017 Harley Roadster Review – A Sport Bike Riders Opinion.

I went out and got myself a Harley Davidson XL1200CX Roadster, Yeeeeee Hawwwww. Tune in for an in depth ride and review of the gorgeous hunk of metal.


fred nouvertne says:

Harley offers fuel gauge in accessory catalog.

astar5w says:

I have a debate about the Iron 883 and the Roadster! I’ll just go with the Roadster but the Iron 883 is so beautiful but to upgrade it to a 1200 is 2500 dollars extra! What you think? I’m 5’11 and you think a Iron 883 is just as good?

Mark Fraser says:

Nija 250 that’s no sportsbike get a old gpz500 they cost peanuts and go like Fuck

davetechme says:

Great looking bike! This and the XSR900 are my top contenders for my next bike. Brain says XSR, heart wants a Roadster. What to do…

I agree with you about small bikes being fun. I started on a GSXR 600, put 20,000 miles on it and had a blast in the twisties and track. Next bike was a DRZ400SM and I liked it even more other than not handling freeways well. I also rode a Ninja 250 and Rebel 250 and thought they were fun too. The GSXR is a scare yourself type of fun whereas the small bikes let you have fun without that law breaking temptation.

Ray Charles says:

It’s a sportster, ok? it has some options. I know. I had a sporty, and tried out all sorts of accessories on it. That’s what it was made for – to test out all the accessories available – sad really. Go with a Street Bob, at least.

Okiepowa says:

Nice review man! The bike looks good, I’d love to try one and compare things to the old iron

John Shell says:

Revvin, I have a 2016 1/2 and put on a new breather and flashed the ECM with the Vance and Hines Fuel Pack 3. This eliminated that hesitation into second gear plus gives a little better throttle response overall. I also put on the rear sets, I prefer this riding position to the mid sets, gives you a lot more lean angle. Next up will be some pipes, maybe the VH 2-1 upsweep. Great vid!

Prometheus says:

I’m looking to buy my first harley, and my eye fell on this, the 48, and if i save up some, the fatbob. The thing that worries me is i’m 6foot 3 and it seems this bike would fold me in two or wouldn’t it?

Vikas DP says:

The new camera view looks awesome. Stick to this view if possible for your future videos. This makes us more involved in the video for some odd reason.

willywig says:

Nice I just picked up this same bike with ABS and in the Silver… it is such an awesome looking bike.

dippitydoinit says:

I apologize if you know this already but you can adjust the shift lever to suit you.

Jonny Moto says:

Finally, a motovlogger with this bike 😀

Mark Gamble says:

the pipes they installed a litttle louder dont want it real loud.has that harley sound bout 2500-3000. plus dealer said can rev to 6500. have 1200mi on bike.

Suliman J says:

Do you think the Roadster would look good on a 6′ tall and above? Or it would look like the bike is too small

Jonathan Leggs says:

I’ve not really been a fan of HD’s, but this and the new Street Rod 750 definitely have my attention.

funny guy says:

Missouri Harley riders.. I just got the 2017 Iron 883 yesterday.

Nrsimha Vallabha says:

Sport Bike rider having ridden an RC 390??? Don’t make me laugh…You have no idea what a sport bike is sir.

Ant on the Road says:

I love this bike, but I worry you’re gonna go broke buying all the Harley branded gear that is 100% necessary to ride one. lol Nice video man.

James Claptrap says:

You’re hugging the wrong part of the lane. 1 2 3 are the three parts of a lane, you’re in “3”, move to “1”.

Won Honglo says:

It would be nice if more sport bike riders would ride a Sportster so they would know how stupid they are for talking shit about them.

Dave Surrey says:

wait till you do a stage 1 on it

Mark Gamble says:

bought 2016 roadster 9/20/ 1000 mi had dealer install stage one. eliminated lean .they come from factory can get it in 5th at 50.Before couldnt get in 5th under 60+ without lugging. goina put bar in front for feet. i wash mine blow off with leafblower i dont rub it. i got the jet black one. ive dragged the pegs earlier with two on it. +im 65.nice bike

ToxicDonut81 says:

Horsepower is actually 67hp. Reviewers said you can’t read the speedometer in sunlight – surprised you didn’t mention that.

Also, what is the point of a small sports bike when you have the money and skill to get a big one? The point of a sport bike is going fast – an RC390 or Ninja 250 doesn’t exactly go fast.

Michael Shenck says:

The shifter lever should be easy to adjust to your preference. If you adjust it, all your gears and neutral will be easier to select once the bike is broken in. BTW if you preload the shifter slightly before pulling the clutch, you will have smoother shifts and less (or no) false neutrals.

DroidsRGod says:

How tall are you? I’m 6’3” and I’m afraid it’s too small for me.

Dustin Taylor says:

what do u think of the 2017 thruxron r

Victor Rodriguez says:

Just got delivery on mine, a few things I want to mod but will take it slowly. You got a subscriber here in Illinois

Btw, same color

Big Gee says:

I was just about to go to bed but after watching this I’m going to have to masturbate

Won Honglo says:

You would love the ChromeWerks exhaust for this bike.

John Kiser says:

Dude you jerk that throttle faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. Is that because you’re used to the ricers?

Mark Gamble says:

yes screaming eagle.was too quiet .dont want loud.didnt like sound at first.couple hundred miles seems to sound better.especially 2500-3000 if ya make it work a bit. put small cary bag hitches front of engine lower.handy plus keeps crap outa frame from front tire. stock air cleaner looking all open in the no rain problem

William Velez says:

I got the same bike. I love it;

Dave Surrey says:

you might like having forward controls,if the mid controls get in the way

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