MotoBravo 150cc Automatic Sports Bike (SUPER HORNET)

“REAL REVIEW” of the infamous Roma Motobravo 150cc Fully Automatic Mini Sports Bike aka The Super Hornet @ 2 years of ownership and 1700 miles of street time. Please feel free to leave comments your below.


Sky Fire says:

That is a jet skeee

visionv says:

Cool beans. You funny as fuck man!

Roll Tema says:

hey bro where can I get a bike like this? I need one!

Nicolas Marez says:

this review was awesome and very funny. All I really wanted to know was if these bikes can be taken on the freeway and this answered it.

Jacob Aureliano says:

Best gah damn review I’ve ever watched. I just KNOW he’s from NY

Babe29doll says:

What’s up with you calling women Bitches . No respect SMH

Victor Albuquerque says:

How do you ride a joint? “From a distance it’s small but from upclose it’s big as shit”. Lol” lose power uphill” 70 75mph in a straight line. More like 55 60mph if you push it down hill. Anyone that would think for Even a fraction of a second that it wasn’t a scooter and big has mental problems. “I told him it was custom joint (still don’t know want a joint has to do with this SCOOTER) he was like daaaamm” lmao

Rolando Martinez says:

also you should of got a 250 of you had more money to buy one

jackgilmoreiii says:

man people hate until they own one bike have options i changed my CDI got a extra 20 in horsepower

Pete Hammer says:

Cuz I’m shootin’ a damn video! lol

Roma Ducati 200 The Joker says:

check out my Roma homie !!! I can show you how to beast your bike

Rolando Martinez says:

fuck you for calling other people dummies

Christopher Stanley says:

Not to much different from a grom

Tyler Larkin says:

Buying one

jackgilmoreiii says:

im 6″0 dont look stupid look like i spent money on something custom you can go with a bigger tire back and front but this bike cool as fuck i put my own stickers on it silver batman symbols on my black bike and light under the belly cool as fuck bikers always tell me my shit nice this dudes on choppers and 250cc

Cory Moncus says:

You selling it or what’s up

John Lauland says:

I bought one of these to learn on. Alot of fun but no power and it had some wiring problem. I’m currently trying to get an aprilia mana 850gt. Very nice and fast sport bike and it’s automatic. If you want a bigger faster bike check it out

skullcam says:


GuzzleMy Grom says:

can I buy that from you ?

daren harris says:

All that talking and you ain’t even ride the bitch??!! The fuck

Elvis Sarita says:

Lmaooo , i salute your realness , quick question , what shop did you get the bike from ? trying get something similar .

Punks Not Dead says:

Yo man,just get a real bike if u wanna start off riding,I’m 27,been riding for 3 my first bike at 24,Suzuki SV650S V-twin sport bike,THAT was my FIRST bike and your starting off on an automatic 150cc scooter?No offense but u don’t know what your talking about when u say that this’ll help u get the “feel” for riding before u get a REAL bike,yeah man,this is NOT gonna help prepare u for shit or help u get the “feel” for riding a “REAL” sport bike AT ALL.First off u got no clutch or shifter,it’s fucking automatic,so right off the bat it’s NOTHING like a real motorcycle.Second off,your on a 150cc SCOOTER,u have no horsepower or torque so that also ISN’T gonna prepare u,people who wanna start off riding motorcycles start off on 250cc motorcycles or they start off on 600’s,,bro if u wanna learn how to ride a bike,get a BIKE,a REAL motorcycle,get a cheap one off Craigslist and just start off there the way everyone else does,your wasting your time fucking with this shit…straight up.

Wake N Bake says:

I don’t know what you saying

methatswho760 says:

this nigga gotta be from NY lol

MTaxiSheep says:

Does that thing have a title?

Lostin Mia says:

Fuck dat biatch!

Cire Soprano says:


stashouse617 says:

Who’s that method man

Alex Chuma says:

What’s the top speed?

methatswho760 says:

If I get one im 6’1 wll I look stupid on that shit?, nevermind you answered it for me! this video was real my nigga! lol u making a nigga like me want one now!

allah son says:

real vid,fuv haters yall dieing,n broke

Elise miller says:

this guys nuts

Steven Rosalez says:

yo do you still have the scooter if so how is it thus far

SFK TooFye says:

where can I get one just like that

RomaFever says:

Yoooooo!! This the realist vid ever my mans sound like me with these hoes

C Andrews says:

nice toy i should get one ..even tho i got mini bikes with predators that will leave that bitch

YUNG OG says:

Where do u order exhaust gasket

MrCaptainCrazy says:

Nice bike!

Collin Mac says:

do u still have it or are you rocking a different bike? If u do have it how long do u plan on keeping it

genius guy says:

I seen some in person. they are nice size bikes

2roly2 says:

” ain’t much room for a bitch on the back of this shit ” , this video rocks . he talks exactly like a few of my friends that sound like snoop dog or method man . I like the scooter

Bailey Rossiter says:

how much for the150cc super hornet

Jake Schiavone says:

how much these shits go for? tryna buy one next year for college in florida

STREET says:

how fast is it my cousins only went like 40 on the freeway

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