Middleweight Intermediate Sportbike Shootout

Recently, we here at Motorcycle.com brought you one of our biggest tests to date, in the form of our 2014 Middleweight Mash-Up Six-Way Shootout. In it, we wrangled six bikes with minimal or non-existant fairings, and put them to the test.

But not every rider out there wants a naked bike. Some would prefer the added wind protection offered by more substantial bodywork and a windscreen. So we invited the Kawasaki Ninja 650 back to play, and this time brought along some more appropriately clothed friends, in the form of Yamaha’s FZ6R and Honda’s new CBR650F.

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ThunderWolf39 says:

I’d just like to find a bike that is comfortable for long rides and has plenty of power also, because my zx6r is not very comfortable

Nick Puttock says:

2017 update video?

Gixxer 1250 says:

Do these guys like any bikes!? Glenn from walking dead especially

Ninjutsu says:

Ninja 650 brought me here. it looks Awesome, and I can dig the Twin sound with a stock pipe. I like the Swing Arm on the Ninja over the Yamaha’s, and the Honda is too expensive ($8k-10K) for a buzzy bike. No thanks on the Honda.

Itzak says:

does kevin ride a duke?

Shinjitago says:

FZ6R (detuned R6 engine) faired against 650’s. While the FZ6 is the non-detuned old R6 engine (Not fully Faired)

Strange they chose the FZ6R(~70hp) vs FZ6(~100hp)

Nima Heidarian says:

best ever review seen about motorcycle, you guy’s know your job very well, thanks, please make a review and compare about yamaha fz1 fazer vs bmw s1000xr and suzuki gsx s1000 f, if any one read this and our opinion is important, many thanks

Garf inHD says:

Is it any different in the USA ? I mean that FZ6 looks exacly like my yamaha xj 6 diversion-f which is 78 BHP, i couldnt see any difference TBH, FZ6 in europe is 100 BHP bike, is it the same in the US ?

Roy Cruse says:

Troy = Monkey Magic 🙂

ThorVeras says:

If you want abs… too bad haha. In fact 2014 fz6 here in brazil have abs 🙂

John C says:

Personally I think the Ninja should have won. for it’s looks price power alone lol. Not to mention I’ve never heard one person in any of review of the Ninja 650 complain about cramped leg position or not being very flickable around corners. So y’all nit pick too much lol. you didn’t even mention Weight of the bike’s or seat height etc.

Soham Makwana says:

the only ninja i dislike is zx6r

maxjoey sirrock says:

nice for me I like the yamaha

Nathan Ton says:

honda dealers must love not selling bikes

J. R. 600 says:

I lowered the front of my fz6r and kept the stock bars, I love it! More control on the front end. Faster turn it. And just as flickable side to side as the stock bike. Feels like my FZR600 of the late 90’s!

Edwin Ramos says:

I have the CBR650F and the bike is awesome.

Richard Marc Lorena says:

I have a question. the kawasaki ninja 650 is an inline twin engine right? and the cbr 650f is an inline four. I guess the honda makes more power?

Jessa Phillips says:

spoiler alert: the FZ6R won the shootout

broly says:

were not comparing price . compare bikes the cbr is the best

Shlomo Shekelstein says:

4 cylinders fuck yeah!!

Max van strien says:

What is the name of the fz6r in Europe?

Edwin Ramos says:

I love my CBR650F and it rides like a champ. Perfect on long trips nd great torque, speed and horsepower.

Queenslander says:


Endilecio says:

Honda 650F abs is the easy winner!

Edwin Ramos says:

These guys hate Honda for some reason. I have the CBR650F ( 2016) and the NC700x and they are awesome bikes. My favorite is the CBR650F because it has style, power and reliability. I like to ride her so much that unless there is snow I ride my bike.

Michael Szymborski says:

Why does this class of bike not get inverted forks? Is it really that much more expensive? Ninja 1000 are going for a little over 10k with rebates right now. I think it offers a lot more for a little bit more money.

kanishk Shetty says:

the roads in yur video….must be heaven to ride on…..

Battle Islands says:

2016 Ninja 650 abs red new for $6k or 2013 white (with beautiful red lines) Fz-6r used 1,300 miles for $4.5k? New to motorcycles, so please an informed discussion.

hvymtal says:

In case you’re wondering, yes, those are just about the exact same handlebar controls that have been on every kawasaki since like 1988, just black instead of grey. You are not hallucinating.

Mars Fpv says:

munchops lmao

Jonathan Bauer says:

I wish Yamaha would update the engine and lighten up the bike. I mostly wish they would give us a bit more out of the engine and not down tune it so much (so it would be more fun for experienced riders). I would buy one if it was a good deal like the fz 07 and was updates, especially now that many of the brands are fazing out the supersports sadly. middleweight bikes have usually been my favorite as they can have enough power to keep me entertained if they have about 85 hp or more and yet not so much that they require so much rider aids to be rideable for someone who isn’t an expert. I really like the new naked bikes in the fz 09 range, but for me they are a bit too much. I really want power between the fz 07 and the fz 09 with a top end rush, and if they can have a fairing, all the better. but as things are now, I really want a street triple as it is such a great all around fun bike that handles great. it feels in some ways like a super sport but is comfy, and has some get up and go down below

Mike O'Neill says:

Does anyone else get annoyed about the separate headlights for low beam and high beam on the ninja? It looks like every ninja 650 has a broken headlight

Cyborg says:

they act like the Honda should be another cheap bike in the wind when its meant to be the modern day cbr600f2 which everyone praised tf outta… and why the hell is dirt bike handle bars doing on a sport bike

Kid Oman says:

Honda 650f- What a screw-up by Honda Engineers!!

Matts 1234556 says:

What’s up with the tow away sign? WTF.

fireoil says:

Triump have to do a little gt with street triple heart. Also i want a new suzuki sv 1000s abs

Taijean Moodie says:

Why is the gsx650f not in this shootout?

TheMMObro says:

my ninja has the sport bars 😀

idk the fz6r is sooo heavy. ninja is close but feels so much lighter bc weight distribution

Ali Jazani says:

As always ,great comparison video .

Bryant Smith says:

I know you guys only rate stock bikes, but a lot of 650 ninja riders put sport bars and a after market exhaust with a power commandor. So I wonder what it would look like you you tricked out a few bikes in this class and put them head to head. It would be a very cool first.

bfarm44 says:

Having owned bike’s from all of them in the past it’s honda for me hands down. Nothing comes close for reliability and longevity.

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