KTM RC390 Test Ride and Review

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Professor Marius Rodriguez 1965 says:

The bike is fast very good at turns but can’t be used daily becaush the engine get overheated easily.

Zahid Ansari says:

Here in India this bike smokes bikes upto 800cc in traffic!

Cringe says:

2 bald guys 2 bike

Jacopo Tersigni says:

i don’t like to squeeze the bike… i have a 390duke, i love it but i want more power… just because i want to overtake on the freeway without working much. sooner or later i’ll go superduke

BorderlineAlaska says:

These bikes are awesome. Ive seen them numerous times at the track and I just uploaded a video yesterday of a guy doing 12oclock wheelies on them.

Constantine says:


Ibrahim Mohsin says:

The RC390 is Miata of motorbikes

Ls Vijay says:

Good for riding, not for owning. The number of issues it has will make you hate it. Not to mention engine heating issues.

archit sharma says:

My friend covered some 2000 km ride across India on this bike and that’s crazy

igorchak says:

Newbee rider takes off mirrors and puts one on the left side….not the best thing to do. I have seen so many riders take off the mirrors, do the neck turn and plow in to the car in front of them….

graffix21 says:

Why do people complain about the heat this bike gives off? Is it really bad, because I wanna buy one but live in Las Vegas and it’s already hot as hell already here.

Dias says:

The 390 are made for the European market or to be more precise German speaking countries especially Germany, where you have different motorcycle licenses. For example there ist the AM for 15 year olds to drive mopeds then the A1 for bikes for 16y to drive bikes under 125cc and 15horse power and then the A2 for bikes that are under 35 KW for example ktm 390s and last but not least the A license, where you have no limit, wich means you can drive any kind of bike you want to!

Huen Cedric says:

yes it is a great bike but its fuel tank is too small for daily riding even for holiday riding…

Christian Farfán says:

‘Us bald guys stick together..’

Mahesh Tony says:

I owned it

Ragavan N says:

I squeeze every last drop out of this bike in India by taking her on all kinds of dirt trails. I do all my ride solo!. Please check some trails I have taken this bike on. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nragav/albums/72157690750255284

Rotes Weineinhorn says:

I own a 2017 Duke 390 and i love this bike. No hate but i dont like the Look of the 390 RC.

Chase Angebrandt says:

I thought you didn’t like bar end mirrors

David Elliott says:

I used to somewhat dislike the KTM bikes, but I’ve seen them in videos lately and I gotta say they’ve grown on me. So much so I would probably consider buying one.

Transcend says:

good beginner bike ?

Mayur 9850013601 says:

That bike has highest accident rates

elon musk says:

Im planning to get a bike later next summer , but im not sure wich to buy the ktm rc 200 or 390 , what would you guys recommend for a beginner ?


Bro u call it a beginners bike….. BT in india people die on tht bike. Just can’t handle the power in these roads

Matt says:

Your grammar is a disgrace , using the word `like´ 3000 times in the wrong context. Did you ever go to school ?

Tom Burwell says:

I have the four wheeler version of a ktm

Radcliff Music says:

in europe there´s the A2 driving licence and this licence goes just to 48 hp and for this licence the bikes is perfect

Zilch71 says:

I hate the way it sounds but it looks sexy

joetca says:

I Have an FZ07 but was looking at the RC390 or an R3 just to have a lightweight sportbike to mess around on. The small sporty bikes appeal to me more than a giant liter bike beast.

Vlamyncksken says:

Okay, owners of this bike, give me your honest opinion. Is this fanboyism or is this thing truly such a joy to ride?

Nilotpal Mrinal says:

Rear shock preload is adjustable

RC Mayhem says:

Your camera is so clear. Which one do you use?

Lolfungreg says:

The BRZ of Motorcycles

christiandoritos says:

In Quebec it’s the most powerful motorcycle you can have if you don’t want to pay $1000/year in registration and even more in insurance lol. 400 cc max

ur gf thinks im fly says:

i need one of these in my life

Fitness Hub says:

Its good for beginners

thismachinethrills fatchicks says:

5:05 If I had a nickel.

Lasse B says:

The bike was made for the European market where its illegal to buy a bike with more than 48 hp for the first 4 years;)

Tetrahydrocannibinol says:

Hey I’m turning 16 and I’m going to buy a bike. I have to get a 300cc class bike otherwise insurance will be through the roof since I will be so young. I’m looking at this bike and the CBR300R right now the most but I’m not too sure yet. I want the most power possible while staying in the 300cc class. I figured since this is 390cc this would be the best.

Is this true or is there a different bike I should go with? Help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Despond R. says:

5:02 I get that a lot

Kevin Parambil says:

how would you compare this with the cbr500r? overall? It’ll be my first bike

Saheel Maulingkar says:

Commitment small super sport

Pickle Rick says:

Back when the Noob made decent content

James Farrar says:

It’s either the 390 or the Ninja 400 for me as my 2nd bike. Will test ride ’em next year.

shashank Reddy says:

In India rc390 is almost a superbike because roads here are so crowded.

Jay Warner says:

Got my 390, but fuck me he’s right about the mirrors they reflect my shoulders… that’s it have to look between my armpit to see anyone

Raw naq says:


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