Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R Sportbike REVIEW (My personal review)

Both are great bikes indeed.


VirtismagTepfs says:

hahaha good one 😀

vince taylor says:

08 looks better smooth lines and curves are sexy

You’regettingtrolled-_- says:

I personally prefer the 07 because I think it looks better and hopefully I’ll get one soon

Libo Hou says:

I’m owning a 05 zx636c currently and I’m trading in a 11 zx6r. I haven’t ride on it, but when I sit on the 11 zx, I felt it’s lighter. I don’t know is it really lighter in weight, but the feeling is just lots of difference. Honestly, the 09-12 zx gives me more confidence about handling but the 05-06 is not.

Jad Ben says:

What bikes exactly are you comparing in this video ? A Ninja ZX6R or a Ninja ZX6R ?? 


Is it true that the 2008 Had a more powerful engine? I hear the 2005 was the most powerful of them all .

Adam Stratford says:

hi mark i have a 2011 zx6r but its in green ive recently had my rims painted green to match the bike i love my 2011 zx6r its a great bike please come back and post again on this channel from one of your biggest fans adam


Mark, my personal opinion is that i prefer Ninja zx6r from 2008..it’s more SEXYYYY green and looking bike.
The curbes formes are more pronunced thand 2009, so…up with 2008!!!!!!!

Luis Junior says:

2008 its better

FmasterJG says:

Great review. The comparisons were very relevant. I’m thinking of picking up a 2007 zx6r. Keep them videos coming!

izzul wahid says:

ZX6R 2008 cool…!!!

ChueShee Vang says:

But i love my 2004 Honda Cbr600rr more

Chris L says:

I’m confused…what types of bikes are these?

*sips tea*

awgilliam says:

“Neeeenjja ZX6R”

Eddie O. says:

09 looks like sport touring and 08 is supersport a lot sexier bike

Antonio Pepeaya says:

la 2008 beautiful

TheDragon Chatman says:

Yo guys. What is faster 2008, or 2009 ninja?… I want to know because I plan on buying a ninja and keeping it for a few years. And I do a lot of riding on the highway. I sat on an 08 zx6r before and felt fine. But some riders complain they feel stress as Mark said. Is that also true?….

DerTroll says:

ZX6R 2008

Mica Ny says:

i wanted to buy the green kawa but in pearl orange , until i saw the r6 i fell in love with it haha

Damien Mammut says:

That bike looks like a fly that got a smack on the face with a newspaper an got flattened the 08 looks better but the 06 was the real ninja !
Oh yeah… Real NinJa’s turn up in Black !

KawiGuy704 says:

The 09 is actually heavier by 1.1 pounds lol

kaanoktar81 says:

defenetly older one looks like shark gonna bite you

MagZ On Two Wheels says:

How many times does he have to say “Ninja ZX6R” like holy shit lol

ReviewDykeUSA says:

I’m more into the 2008 the 2009 looks awesome but I’m more attracted to the 08.

guitarman0365 says:

How much did you pay?.. I want a zx6r and I would love not to pay brand new price however I am learly in purchasing used because I have no idea how it was handled or taken care of. I love the feeling of brand new but the price of used.

White0Hawk says:

loool always that one person on every video with the best comment XD

guitarman0365 says:

The exhaust may look better underneath and hidden however you sacrifice the nice sound. When it is down low the sound gets muffled a bit as supposed out in the open. I notice that with my bike, it sounds like a 250 because you cannot hear the noise as well.

Robert In der Weide says:

08>09 imo in terms of looks

saif hammadi says:

I prefer the 08 look more sexy

Responsibly_Dangerous_Motovlogs says:

<----check it out. as you can see my favorite is the orange 07 zx6r

David F says:

Pretty sure the thumbs down were because you kept repeating ‘Ninja ZX 6 R.’ We already know what model the bikes are. Simply saying ’09’ or ’08’ would suffice.

Idk Tho Moto says:

I’m one of those strange people who prefers the 99-02 zx6r. That huge ass ram air on the front is just beautiful to me

08JRX says:

I personally think that the 2008 zx6r is the best looking 600 there has ever been even in 2013. It looks fucking sick the 09 version looks to weak looking

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