Kawasaki Ninja 250R Owner Review | Still the best beginner sports bike? | Coffee with Bikers Ep01

Welcome to my new review format – coffee with bikers! I’m going to sit down to learn about bikes from the people who really know them – their owners! In this video, I have a coffee with Sean and hear about his experience as a new rider with the Kawasaki Ninja 250R…

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Sitar _67 says:

WeNeedASaga, been enjoying your vids for a while now, and I am subscribed. Just wanted to drop a line to say that I think this format is a good idea. Keeps it fresh man….cheers!

Jim Doe says:

MY first bike was a 250r, really enjoyed it but after a year I crashed it.. I then bought a 300 and I enjoyed it even more. That little extra power the 300 has certainly makes a difference. I rode my 300 for 3 years until I moved up to an mt-09.

Twitchel AU says:

Love the format mate! Looking forward to seeing more coming through!

Subtle Groove says:

This is an amazing idea and format, mate! We definitely would like to see more videos under this title. Thanks!

JHLG 250r says:

Loved the video keep it up man

Nelson Cruz says:

Keep these videos coming pls.

James Avery says:

Most of my buddy’s started on liter bikes here in the U.S. If I rode up on that they’d have a laugh even if it is common sense !!

Marty Parker says:

I never rode a ninja 250 until I had already been riding 10 years. Liked it so much I bought one afterward! She’s is gone but not forgotten. Love small displacement machines!

James Avery says:

Slender man ?

MidLifeBiker says:

Good concept guys however think it needs breaking up with some actual riding..imho..well presented, not easy.

Tony Krause says:

Interesting format, i like it. Good job.

Roger Perrett says:

I really enjoyed this style where you are just chatting with someone about their bike. I’ve only seen really short interviews before. It’s good to have a bit of time to get to know what someone thinks about their bike without being distracted by traffic or lights etc. Keep it up mate!

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