Kawasaki H2R Track Test

Kawasaki’s H2R is all about the big numbers; price, power output, fear factor. Donovan is an experienced and very competent racer but could 326bhp be too much even for him?


Shaun Petersen says:

Scary machine, I would be shaking too if I rode that beast

Yung Mar says:

I love Kawasakis

Mahmut Servet Tümkaya says:

How do you feed 200 horses needs very good mouth and stomach

Faruk Ahmed says:

H2r is not only pretty it’s so ugly too

Qyro 91 says:

good review. Just one thing, don’t put music while you are on the track, the only one music i want to ear is the one coming from the exhaust !!!!

Tj Asayi Lohe says:

“If you want pretty go to a flower shop” thug life

ComebackShane says:

Damn, that would be the coolest thing ever to ride that bike!

Ralph Louis Mendoza says:


mr. winner says:

Who says H2 not pretty?!!!
H2 is one of the most attractive bikes I have seen.

Sameer Abdullah says:

The big daddy of motorcycle is hayabusa

Mahmut Servet Tümkaya says:

Haa this is 200 soulless in 1

Sameer Abdullah says:

The big daddy of motorcycle is hayabusa

Dex Pex says:

If Kawasaki was into Car business, Bugatti will be down as hell.

Flash_ DuDe says:

I can’t even sell my Kidneys to buy this bike… But my friends are compromising in this situation…. They are going to give me their kidneys…. ❤️

Man from Nantucket says:

Wtf it has more power than my car, and it’s a fully bolted and tuned 3800cc 😮


I want a virgin h2r

danny valastro says:

Who says that is ugly that is the most beautiful bike i have ever seen i will feel like a superhero on that bike batman too the resque

Enrique Frias says:

How much is a ninja h2???????

Zakir NaikTurun says:


z1nger says:

Why dont they put a v12 in it

Fby Mejia says:

En español imbécil

Hammad mlcgn says:

are you really vlogger? or a pro racer of bike????? im just asking, your driving like a pro sh*ttttt

mark gil tayag says:

if you want pretty,,go to flower shop! lol

survivor h2 says:

And the NEW H2…is putting out 230 something factory.Imagine when she gets derestricted;)I love my H2.

Ballu jee says:

I have h2r very speedy bike I like it sooooo much

Jerry Adams says:

Good job! Did Kawasaki mention how many miles or hours before engine refreshing is required?

Ummi Jaan says:

can i do those types of maneuvering corners with a 70 cc or 125 cc ? Is it because of the tires ?

Manicmanuel says:

Not pretty? WTF I think he needs some MENTAL help!

vukythuong vukythuong says:

best motto

Sameer Abdullah says:

The big daddy of motorcycle is hayabusa

prince vegeta says:

I got a honda cbr 250r and i love it..
Japanese bike’s are just unbeatable..

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