Honda CBR300R vs Kawasaki Ninja 400 vs KTM RC390 vs Suzuki GSX250R vs Yamaha YZF-R3 – On Two Wheels

Remember a few years back when your only option in the small-sportbike category was a Ninja 250? These days, nearly every manufacturer has an affordable small-displacement bike in its lineup. And with the introduction of Kawasaki’s new-for-2018 Ninja 400, we figured it was time we rounded up the class and gave them a proper shakedown. So whether you’ve got a freshly minted motorcycle license and you’re researching your first bike or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for something light and fun, this episode ought to give you some valuable insight.

Click here to read Ari & Zack’s article and see dyno results:

And for quick comparison, here are the specs for the bikes:

Honda CBR300
Price: $4699, $4999 w/ ABS
Engine: 286cc single
Seat height: 30.7 in.
Measured weight: 366 lbs. w/ ABS (wet)
Measured power: 26.7 hp @ 8300 rpm
Measured torque: 18.0 lb.-ft. @ 6800 rpm
0-60 mph: 6.5 seconds
60-80 roll-on: 7.5 seconds
¼-mile: 15.35 sec. @ 84.5 mph
Warranty: 12 months, unlimited miles

Kawasaki Ninja 400
Price: $4,999, $5299 w/ ABS, ($5499 w/ ABS and KRT paint)
Engine: 399cc parallel-twin
Seat height: 30.9 in.
Measured weight: 371 lbs w/ ABS (wet)
Measured power: 43.3 hp @ 9900 rpm
Measured torque: 24.6 @ 8250 rpm
0-60 mph: 4.63 sec.
60-80 roll-on: 5.25 sec.
¼-mile: 13.50 sec. @ 97.42 mph
Warranty: 12 months, unlimited miles

Price: $5499
Engine: 373 single
Seat height: 32.3 in.
Measured weight: 370 lbs. wet
Measured power: 42.5 hp @ 10250 rpm
Measured torque: 24.4 lb.-ft. @ 8300 rpm
0-60 mph: 4.65 sec.
60-80 roll-on: 5.96 sec.
¼-mile: 13.69 sec. @ 95.83 mph
Warranty: 12 months, 12,000 miles

Suzuki GSX250R
Price: $4,499
Engine: 249cc parallel-twin
Seat height: 31.1 in.
Measured weight: 396 lbs. wet
Measured power: 20.6 hp @ 7800 rpm
Measured torque: 15.0 lb.-ft. @ 6400 rpm
0-60 mph: 9.09 sec.
60-80 roll-on: 11.0 sec.
¼-mile: 17.07 sec. @ 75.69 mph
Warranty: 12 months, unlimited miles

Yamaha YZF-R3
Price: $4,999, $5,299 with ABS
Engine: 321cc parallel-twin
Measured weight: 372 lbs w/o ABS
Seat height: 30.7 in.
Measured power: 35.1 hp @ 10600 rpm
Measured torque: 19.6 lb.-ft. @ 9100 rpm
0-60 mph: 5.30 sec.
60-80 roll-on: 7.17 sec.
¼-mile: 14.33 sec. @ 91.87 mph
Warranty: 12 months, unlimited miles


Warren's Adventures says:

Track comparison!!!

black fat ninja says:

Gsx 250 rr have 2 cylinder

Sk Raj says:

who the best KTM390,ninja400 in hinde

Grafight23 says:

How about comparing these using common sense criteria, like, which is cheapest? Which gets the most mpg? Which gets the longest range? Which is the least likely to cause you to get a speeding ticket? Which one is easiest to ride, specially for a new rider? Which has the smoothest transmission? Which one rides quietest? Which is likely to last longest? Which has the most robust quality parts? Which is cheapest to run, maintain and repair?

Chuck Nasty says:

I don’t think anyone should start on a bike that runs 13s in the quarter. That is way faster than a starter. That beats a lot of sports cars.

MartijndeRonde says:

i hate the fact that i know their right…

Aldo Pruccoli says:

Y la benelli 302r?

Oz Kal says:

The KTM is so ugly

Arden Kroesbergen says:

But… how do they corner? How much fun are they to ride in the twisties?

Timothy Withington says:

Love my little KTM. Got a 2017 for $3800 and that is alot of fun for the money. It preforms very well and I like th eway it looks.

Jonathan Pontel says:

At these price points, why not just get a very lightly used 600 or even a liter bike? (However I do NOT recommend a liter bike as a first bike). Got my 2008 green zx10r with 15k miles for $4500 cash used of course. My first bike was a 2006 zx6r with 9k miles for $4800 back in 2012. I just dont see why people would go for these slow bikes that can even do 100mph lol.

Kuntal 1716 says:

Where is cbr 250rr?

Bat Person says:

I already bought a ninja 400 but i still rewatch this video to remind me how awesome my bike is.

Altair 1204 says:

nice video , ninja 400 all day! you’re right the ninja 400 is the best of these little bikes exept the break are not that good ;/ ,i was have a Honda cbr 500 and the break are so much better ,but the Kawasaki have speed and weight

The Darkness says:

ninja for sure.. most things are a little better, and it’s the same price or a little cheaper, and sooooo much more reliable, and cheaper repairs. Everything that matters in this low price class.

LáSt ŪçhïHã says:

Why the heck ninja 400 is 2 times high Priced than KTM in India.. it makes no sense

Terence Lauri says:

I dont understand why the cb300r was used in this test as oppose to the cb500r , it doesnt really make sense considering that the kawasaki is a 400 and the ktm is a 390 , it would have made the test more honest a scientific and the cb500r is clearly a part of this class …

Derek Davis says:

KTM Duke look nice though.

Liquid_Shadow says:

Best small bike right now.

StormShadow Ps4 YT says:

I have a question: i will go to long distance from belgium to turkey. Can i go to long distance of more than 2000km with ninja 400

Jumbie says:

I’m I the only one that likes the CBR 300. It’s just the underdog in the category. Everyone in my area usually has Yamaha or Kawasaki. I’m not going to lie though, I love the R3.

Great Asian says:

250 and 321 cc against 400 cc motors? Not a fair comparison.

Not good in giving opinions about the bikes.

Johan Ceuppens says:

Love the KTM RC 390 .

Bow Hunter says:


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