Girl’s Ride & Review GSXR750 Sport Bike

Heather takes her brothers 2007 gsxr750 out for a spin and gives her review based on her experience with her ninja 650. Hope you enjoy 🙂





Hao959 says:

I was waiting for the emotes, funny comments, ect. similar to the other vid you two did…. and then..



Two Wheel Dawg says:

I agree…… the gearing on sport bikes and staying in a lower gear can get you outta trouble when needed. Well done motovlog!

Ragtop Roads says:

dose she have her own channel?

The Gixxer Kid says:

i have that same helmet

PapiChulitoNegro says:

sound like she said ‘ a nigga 650’ lol

Leigh Barker says:

Heather when are we going to see you and salt do a wheelie duo 😀

DonPedro says:

Riding on a 2nd gear must be very annoying and loud (high revs to the speed). This bike has so much power that you can commute on low speed roads on 4th and 5th.
Fuel consumptions must be sick on 2nd.

UR2SLOW says:

great review. not sure I caught the year of the gsxr, but nice to hear her point out all things differences. all things I am a custom too


I actually went from a Ninja 650 to a GSXR750. The GSXR is actually FAR more comfortable imo. The seat is much softer, and the back pain I got from riding the ninja is nonexistent on the GSXR.

Gekke Geit says:

Nice motovlog Heather!

Castle Hill Shutters says:

Dude, Heather is such a cool chick. She’s a keeper…..

Joe Caballero says:

SALTxTHExWOUND she might be ready for a 750 now!…lol

SaclunchGsus says:

Just got home from picking up my new 750


I been following u guys forever, awesome vids!!! More gixxer fuck boy parodies please!!!! Rofl

Griffin 37 says:


Brandon Ortiz says:

Hey man. I was wondering if I can get a little help. So two days ago I picked up a brand new 2016 gsxr 750. Im trying my best to keep it easy for the first 500 miles or so. But yesterday after hitting 100 miles I treated myself and hit it harder than the dealership recommended. Is it really that bad or could I seriously do some damage to my bike by opening her up too early ?

HFR83 says:

I really like the gsxr750 but I’d like my next bike to have ABS. I feel like the 750 is a happy medium between the 600 and a liter bike. I love the new gixxer 1000’s but I don’t have a practical use for a liter bike. They say you barely even shift on a 1000 but a little more umph than a 600 would be nice. Any suggestions?

Noah's riding Adventures says:

love the videos man and she’s getting so good at riding

Sleepingdragon 1 says:

Go up a gear perhaps even two please Heather.

Jamaicankid ( Jamkiid ) says:

awesome i love the 2bro it sounds amazing i have them on my fz6 and it sounds like a beast

Jay Ligtvoet says:

Can I ask which helmet Heather has? I love the design.


Yeahhhh!!! Awesome!


Can you guys tell me you camera and mic setup please?? I want to start motovlogs as well. Thank you!!!

Joe Caballero says:

wow she is moving up! that’s awesome I know its her brothers bike but that’s awesome.

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