[ENGLISH] Aprilia RS50 50cc Sportbike Review, Test Ride and Owners Opinion

This video is a review of the Aprilia RS50 from a 16 year old owner of the motorcycle, I will be covering top speed, handling, comfort, styling, braking, acceleration and much more. I recommend this bike to any 16 year old with a bit of extra money, however if you truly cannot afford an RS50 just stick with a regular moped until you are 17 when you can enjoy the extra power of a 125cc. Thanks for watching, please Like, Comment and Subscribe 🙂


Joaco Bot says:

Where would you recommend me to buy one of these, any website recommendations?

Playing Aim HD says:

hungary rules i can drive this and im 14 😛

Rhys says:

quick question… where in wales are you from?

Byron Hardie says:

what range am I looking at price wise for a new(ish) one?

M.Y says:

Hi mate, is there space for a passenger on this bike? I need to be able to drive with my younger brother to school

3LightningBolt says:

How come I’ve never heard of Aprilia before, their bikes are very beautiful and for a 50cc that thing is the best I’ve come by EVER!

Levente Nagy says:

when you say you should do an engine rebuild, do you just mean the piston and the crank, or the whole block as well?

Mitchell Higgins says:

What’s the price range on one of these

Unseen_Scopezhd says:

Anyone know any good 50cc dirt bikes?

James Treacher says:

does it not have to be limited to 30 ish for a 16yr old

SalemCBR says:

Race bike!





James Lunn says:

If you’ve got the money and you’re not tall, buy it!

underscore hyphen says:

Who knows what you need to make your bike legal bcs its so confusing??

GeoGamer says:

Where can I buy this motorcycle?

Your Must Not Know says:

This is what im getting when I turn 16 (few months time)

xZeqlow says:

Why do you have an “L” on the bike?

Ilja Suoniemi says:

can you ride this bike when tou are 15

N1ksupelailee says:

what year model is this bike

Totti Ruuska says:

what is that L sticker?

Orange'banana says:

hey man awesome bike 🙂 ive seen you ride about, i live in the same area as the video, you my friend have just gained a new sub!! 😀

Brostein says:

2 strokes sounds decent to me, way better than 1 cyl 4 strokes

Air_Savage says:

i thought that you are allowed to drive a bike if it goes over 40 when your 16 in the uk

Piers Jackson says:

i used to own this bike, it is bloody amazing, MPG is great, de-restricted I got 70mph out of mine. Fantastic first bike if you want a real introduction into the motorbike world.

winford smith says:

how can I buy one of these I live in the US 🙁 I really need one right now

Raphael Evangelou says:

Were there any upgrades done to this bike at the time of filming? I ask mainly because it has a nice low pitch sound unlike most 2 strokes, and I was wondering if i would be able to make mine the same (when it arrives!).

The Swedish Two says:

I’m a kid and i wonder why the hell there is an “L” on the windscreen

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