Ducati 899 Panigale Review

The best sports bike of 2014? Possibly…
From my slight disappointment of the 1199S to the utter joy of this beautiful machine.
Go and buy one. Now. Its a Jizz Factory.

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Massive thank you to W.M. Snells of Alton for introducing me to this bike.


Koi Hu says:

đẹp lug linh

Raz88 says:

comment of the review ‘its a paedophiles dream’ hahahha.

Microphunktv says:

pretty little girl xDDD

Eoghan Hennessy says:

This vs. the 959?

Cerebral Method says:

For a stock exhaust, that sounds pretty savage. And, the looks…always Ducati with the good looks, especially in those colours. It’s too bad, just like MV, they have such poor reliability.

Funkypap3r says:

Most beautiful sport bike in the world !

Steve Redhog says:

can i start on it ( in wet mode) if i have ridden motorcycles before ( 150cc bike for around 10 hours of ride time)?

LyR3CON says:

13:50 you meant 1 million 😀

Proud American Ca says:

I can’t fucking believe this, 150 bhp under your ass, and you have the balls to say it’s weak

David Chapman says:

Dear Baron would you say that if you already had a S1000rr and only been once on the track and want to buy a track day bike that it would make a excellent first track day bike as a 600 would not have enough go

Kailem Gibbs says:

I think the Panigale is one of the best looking superbikes right beside BMW s1000rr and the s1000r but the sound it just rubbush compared to the BMW or even a GSXR

Morgan Kneeshaw says:


Jared Dahlke says:

I have this bike and it is fast. But it’s only fast after 7000-7500 rpms. Once you learn how to ride it and keep the rpms high , it will knock your sox off and blow away most other bikes. the handling is absolutely amazing,. and the breaking is second to none. I feel safer on this bike than other ikes because of that

Alberto Tiboni says:

DU-CA-TI nor DIUCARI !!!!! 😀

mr8r says:

What is that exhaust ? Just love the sound

chico suave says:

Damn dude,you have officially changed my dream bike from a S1000RR to the 899. Nice video.

YouDon'tKnowMe says:

9:32 learn that ppl, its saves life.

Wealthy Pepsi says:

Possibly the best looking bike ever made

AvailableBFF says:

when i get my motorcycle license I’m gonna buy one!


It does sound like a 250cc two cylinders from video, but when you actually hear it in really life, it is totally different

spiritbuu says:

Good beginner bike?

paul sandhu says:

I can’t wait to buy one, but first I’m learning on a 600cc first then il get it once I have learned all I can :3

SIR Peter Gembus says:

Would rather have a micron pipe and a LONG throttle echange i felt like my penus was only a few inches when i pulled in the clutch ! This would be a great bike for my Lady friend!

hao nam tran giống như toi says:

thích wa khi nào có tiền mua day

Andy Fadillah says:

I love white panigale with red rims. Just perfect.

joshua english says:

going to ride this as a starter!!!

Andrew Freeman says:

“A pretty little farty girl”? Not exactly a rave review. Needs a quickshifter, by the sound of it.

GAMING dog says:

ducati is a bitch

sacco says:

people who say that 899 or 1199 Panigale sound like 125cc bikes are the people who never heard the sound of a Ducati in real life. In real life that bike sounds with orgasmic low frequency and it is loud!

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