Cycle World’s 2016 Superbike Comparison Test

Associate Editors Bradley Adams and Sean MacDonald run through the pluses and minuses of each bike participating in Cycle World’s 2016 Superbike test…and pick a winner.

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Takingout thetrash says:

lord oh mighty, the R1 is drop dead gorgeous… Yamaha hired the right people for the designing of this bike. The Kawi look sick as fuck also!

Steve C says:

Try to race the Yamaha and you’ll find that the electronics aren’t better than the RSV4. You will need to use FT-ECU on the Yamaha in a big way if you want to keep the thing from wheelying and roasting the tire everywhere. There are a lot of people having trouble with theirs in amateur and privateer pro racing, pumping the shock out of corners. The Aprilia just works – use their (public!) World SuperStock chassis settings and it will practically ride itself.


jap bikes are the best!

cristobal colon says:

waste of time without the S1000rr

Squid Life says:

why are GSXRs never in any review?

Nuno Pereirinha says:

Men,please shut the fuck up and ride ……

Mohamed Osama says:

lacking review

Allan Francis Xavier says:

Guys subscribe to this channel.
They do a great job on bike reviews.
You guys deserve more subscribers.
Cheers guys.

Donovan Lewis says:

Stupid, you can’t put a 959 in that group of bikes, it has some 50 HP less and many other downfalls compared to other Superbikes. I can’t fault you for not having a Honda or Suzuki but really no BMW or 1299 in a 2016 Superbike comparision?

Dean Mathieson says:

what about the s1000rr and gsxr

Michael Scholten says:

No love for the EBR??? Would like to see it compared to these bikes.

thepro08 says:

lets do a review, without caring about specs, prices or even real world everyday usability, seems legit… cant wait to waste 25k on a toy.

Jacob Guerra says:

Seems like everyone is supposed to love Ducati but no one really does. Can they get their shit together, please? When the aesthetics are the best thing about your company then you suck.

Luca Graziani says:

lol what a stupid comparison, 3 top of the line and a middle range, where is the 1299?

Lee Douglas says:

I’m saving for a bike for next summer.  Four grand stashed away so far.  I’m leaning heavily towards the Aprilia RSV4 RF in the superpole graphics.  That bike just does it for me.  I realize that the R1/R1M might have an edge on the track, but I’m a street rider, and might never make it to a track.  I’ve owned many Japanese sportbikes, and two Ducatis (900SS/SP and 999).  The Ducatis were exclusive, and the Japanese bikes were more powerful.  But, the Ducatis were a little temperamental and the Japanese bikes had to be driven fast to be enjoyed.  They also seemed somewhat disposable to me.  I’m hoping to find the right balance of power, exclusivity, sound, and beauty in the Aprilia.

Ducati Drew says:



kawasaki ni nja zx 10r dominates bikes in street and in racetrack!

Cody Mercer says:

wish you guys included lap times

nicholas green says:

Love my R1

elvulch says:

Theses guys either own yamahas, or they’re getting paid by Yamaha

lyrasimo says:


Coby Croaston says:

this is a terrible review. who thought flag ship liter bikes vs a 959 would “Stack Up Nice” SMH

DJ Tambs says:

what’s up with this hipster ass, skinny jean wearing, tatted fool, key-chain wearing, backward ass hat wearing chap

elvulch says:

Just cancelled my subscription to cycle world magazine…. theses two jokers are full of crap

Marcus Brady says:

funny how people say the 959 is a middle weight yet it should be in the “litre bike” class because most of the other “litre” bikes are 999cc or less in my opinion calling a 1299 a “litre bike” is not right seeing as it has a 300cc advantage over the other true litre bikes feel free to correct me if you know the true meanings of the term

Bakers beard Baker says:

What happened to the mv agusta f3

Hen zo says:

Yamaha <3

denmalski says:

What, no CBR…. no GSXR….. if your going to compare you going to need the rest of the field of popular bikes in there as well.

HodsBroo says:


The Echelons Know Me says:

BMW S1000RR is the new gixxer of sport bikes. Every squid has one now, lol.

ToddTube says:

I wonder if Yamaha Pay’s these guys to say the R1 is the best, because in the real world it’s not. The RSV4 has more power and is lighter but somehow the R1 is better every time, big money propaganda.

9enius says:

No info on engine performance

Erik Ortquist says:

Apparently people are getting tired of hearing how good the BMW S1000RR is…so they left it out of the comparison lol.

JoeGo101 says:

That Aprilia sounds though 😀 …… But also love the R1 😀

Night Rider says:

Seems like a PC review.That 959 gets freaking hot..that bike sucks. Also no hp or torque ratings,price comparisons!?!?

btv says:

rsv4 and ducati are trash

Claudio Nicoli says:

Where’s the 1000rr BMW? Just asking,….

silo granz says:

Where is the gixer, fireblade and bmw. Yes i know the first 2 are old but they should still be included for comparison sake.

Tim O says:

I’d take any of the 4. That RSV tho. Why no Honda or BMW in the test?

The Stig's English cousin says:

I adore the Aprilia, it’s the best looking by far and the sound is glorious. Shame I don’t fit on it 🙁

jorec vv says:

Is not a coincidence that almost in every review said that the Yamaha R1 is the best bike.
Yamaha power!!

Arjun Sharma says:

No bmw s1krr..? :O

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