Could This Be The BEST Starter Bike?!


Here’s the bike



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whyarewehere says:

I’m 17 and only aloud a 125cc due to regulations in the uk so yeah what would you recommend just using it as travel to college mainly streets and then an A road the A19 if you wanna know

Video Games says:

it looks slow as hell

Anthony Mancuso says:

I might buy one of these just to dick around on

Catsmeowproduct Gaming says:

2:03 what dodge is that?

Brayden Hobden says:

In New Zealand we have a racing class for these bikes, they’re slower than the ninjas but they still go really well on the track

Curtis Farrell says:

What’s the bike called?

String Bean says:

Bike link doesnt work, what is the exact name of bike?

Dr.Waffles says:

Wait one year and get a 95hp naked or get a 125cc right now and sell it and get a F800Z or some shit later? Also is there any 125cc that will actually drive anyone over 110kg and 200cm?

SAVY Vlogs says:

what model ?

jknw says:

No way! Does that police car say Marietta on it? Marietta Ga?

Erhan Achmad says:

Not the best looking. Search cbr250rr

John Davis says:

What brakes does it have?

Dylan Peyton says:

What is the name of the bike

Do It With Dan says:

first of all… 3d machines is fine. please stop asking. holy shit. second of all. this was not a paid ad. I always mention if a sponsor has paid for advertising. I can’t help if I enjoy anything I ride. it’s one of my things. maybe in my next review I’ll be more assertive with negatives. but I still stand behind my review of the 250.

Bob Walsh says:

Hyosung is Korean

Kev Dog says:

can you say the name of the bike u retarded mfer, like right at the beginning?

Khrijo says:

What is this bike? I can’t click the link lol.


Whats the name of the company that makes this motorcycle?

ClearVod says:

the red car at 2:06 looks like my dads car

Evan Cashin says:

Yo, this looks a lot like WOW in Marietta.

Reggie H says:

the 2017 350 cbr is nicer but we don’t have that in the states

Omran Gheddah says:

What’s the bike make and model please, i like it never had a bike before so looking into checking this one out

maxxpayne309 says:

I’m starting on a 2009 hayabussa lol

Chris Hernandez says:

What motorcycle is that

Hassan abdu alrhman says:

Am trying to get into riding,and the best bike I could find for the money I have,is a bandit 240or 400,I know they’re old bikes but I can get a nice one for 700_1300$..

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