Bike World Sportsbike Shootout 2017: Fireblade SP, R1, RSV4, S1000RR, 1299S, ZX-10R, R6 & GSX-R1000R

On this episode of Bike World we’re in Portimão for the Fast Bikes Sportbike of the year test. Yamaha R1, Yamaha R6, Ducati Panigale 1299S, Honda Fireblade SP, Kawasaki ZX-10R, Aprilia RSV4, BMW S1000RR, and the Suzuki GSX-R1000R all fight it out to be top bike.
8 of the best Sportsbikes, one great track and some fast blokes, put them together and you get one hell of a good video. We even got the good cameras out for this one. Part 2:


Anthony Malfino says:

FastBikes was the greatest magazine and videos ever. I ride a nasty 2000 Triumph Daytona 955i that is matte black with orange shit. Look my vid up under my name on YouTube. You guys gave me dreams as a kid man. Peace to you and what you do fellas. Luv it at 42

Ghost P says:

Where can I get your magazine in Toronto?

XtreeM FaiL says:

Is it possible to put any bigger muffler on Suzuki?

Θάνος Καλ says:

Why nobody says anything about MV Agusta?

max dakin says:

I would love to see the MV F4 RC in one of these tests

ALE750Rr says:

MCE guys said that the cbr1000 is the best lol haha they must got payed good money for that … im about to choose between the s1000rr and r1 just dunno yet .. so hard to choose ! damnnn

Ahmad Fazli says:

R1M is still the best for me

Sam Grattan says:

I don’t get why they think the track is the best place to test a bike, considering they’ll spend most of the time on the road. The R1M makes an awesome track bike, but is stiff as fuck for the road

White nationalism Or nothing says:

1299 is not in the class idiots next time get the 1199

Saurabh says:

The new GSXR1000r is just amazing and as per a lot of reviews that I have read and watched about it, it’s the best performer Super sports motorcycle out there!! It’s re-engineered from the ground up. Also it won the AMA championship again this year. (Again I agree the braking is not up to the par but it leads in all the other fronts.)

Cameron Boyer says:

what’s the song at 0:40?

Auttie B says:

Best review guys! Perhaps a street test?

Sb Sb says:

Honda is terrible

tyson1ize says:

was the zx10rr even tested here, not one mention? or was it overlooked, shame due to what it’s doing in wsbk for the last 5 years.

Godzilla Wins says:

The only thing that did impress me in this vid by far is the intro

jort hellevoort says:

Is the mv agusta f4 rr on the same levl, so to speak, with these bikes?

juicer404 says:

how come the aprila never seems to be at the front in bsb yet wins sboty most years, why arent teams using it

Matt Verrier says:

Are any of these guys ex professional races or development test riders?

user0123#34i3400ttd says:

Nice video bu t where are the mv agusta f4 or bimota bb3?

jorec vv says:

Excelent review and shootout
Again R1M is in the top of best Superbikes!
I wondering what happened with the zx10rr???

1987 ronin says:

it’s the truth, Aprilia easy the best!!

visa luotonen says:

This review has another level of professionalism and credibility compared to mcn. Good stuff.

Joseph Cote says:

So…where were the lap times?

I'm Loyal says:

Fuck this shit they only tells you to vote 3 bike? Really?

GoPro EuroBiker says:

Fcuk that 44 jerk Yamaha R1M is 1st position

Romeo Fowler says:

The GSXR 1000 for me, I will never own anything else.

Fabian Cazares says:

why didn’t they introduce the Zx10rr in the beginning?? dumb asses

Godzilla Wins says:

Why not the h2 and if u choose the rsv4 rf than get the 1299 r not the s I lost 25 min of my life

born2bloved7 says:

I am a Ducati 1299S owner and I get hurt when such a beautiful, light yet powerful bike isn’t even on top 3, just because it’s bit of a handful to ride. I guess it isn’t for everyone – I like my girl with a cocky attitude, feisty and sultry sexy look. Not everyone can handle a girl with an attitude …. I’ll leave it at that

Chase McCollough says:

“Why did we loan you a bike?” – Kawasaki

Shawn Smith says:

Did you reviewed Daytona

Mark Seale 323 says:

Why is there no mv agusta?

Viktor Skarlatov says:

You guys should be honored to have Jason Statham riding with you. You can see his handsome smile at 5:10
Elephant door <3

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