Best Starter Motorcycle 2015 – Budget Motorcycles for Beginners

The best new beginner motorcycle 2015 and other budget bikes.
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Bryant Aguilar says:

I’m 16 so I’m thinking of getting the ninja 300 or the KTM rc 390

Daniel Overington says:

is a Yamaha rzf 125 good for a beginner?

shaun mabey says:

Honda cbr500r id say is best because it’s comfortable cheap got more power and is actually more fuel efficient than the 300

Ariel Boreros says:

sir. ist RR bike are durable.?

okcjoesos says:

I think the Vercys X 300 is going to be my diving board. I appreciate your videos CC CycleCruza.

gregory harris II says:

CycleCruza, I’m Greg and I am 5’4 1/2 and weigh 135 lbs.  I have never rode a motorcycle before.  My state law says that for 250cc and below I don’t need a riders license.  I live in a small city have to drive 8 miles to get to work via car. What bike do you recommend that I start out with that is a 200cc bike. I work downtown in my city so some stop and go will be happening. I travel from the country to get to the city to work and shop. Thanks in advanced, Greg.

I Love Bombz says:

Whats the Bike in the thumbnail

OhhTimo says:

2 years later, do you still stand on these recommendations or do you have new ones? I’m thinking of getting a Motorcycle instead of a car this summer. I’m 5’11 about 150lb 🙂

Lord Vujkee says:

what do you think about yamaha mt 125 abs

Shape Shifter says:

I’m thinking about buying one of these, but I won’t be able to upgrade for like 2-3 years. Aren’t they gonna get a bit too powerless by then?

Tony says:

I’m a straight up car guy. But I want a motorcycle badly, anyone have any recommendations for a bike? I do not have a garage so I’d like a somewhat smaller bike. I don’t mind if it’s slow I just want it to be able to ride on the highway and not have to fear of the speed limit being too high. So any recommendations please?

ayush singh says:

I am a 6″10 tall guy which bike should I buy that doesn’t make me feel crammed

DominicanOps says:

Great point about the Yamaha and the KTM. I have a CBR300R (new, yes I should have gotten used but I got it few hundred cheaper than what other dealers were selling it for) and it is a nice little bike. My friend has a R3 and it is hands down the superior machine. However, the purpose of these bikes (for me at least) is simply to learn how to ride. The CBR is doing a great job at that. No reason to spend 1000 dollars more for the R3 when I know damn well that I will be getting rid of this 300 within a year. It is serving its purpose well enough.

Garyntara7788 Burbank says:

cycle curza what you think about the Suzuki gsx600f I have been riding for years I started on a 1972 Harley Davidson sportster 900 chopper 7 foot springer front end my brother let me ride his Suzuki gsxr750 and it was on I had to get a sports bike a friend owed me money and knew that i was looking for a sports bike he didn’t know when he would be able to come up with the money so we made a deal he gave me the bike he had an that is how I got my Suzuki gsx600f

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Chris Loh says:

Can I have the website link for motorbikes comparison?

ratstrat1984 says:

I noticed you didn’t mention the Yamaha FZ6 or Suzuki SV650. Would you put those in the beginner conversation?

Jerry Zuniga says:

So is the ninja 300 a good starter

DeadlyTV says:

I have a question about maintenance. I got my first bike about a week ago which is a klx250s. How often do I need to maintain it? Could I take it in once a year for routine maintenance and that be it besides lubricating the chain and checking tire pressure? I bought it with 5000 miles on it.

XXXTenta says:

im 16 and really want a bike for down in Florida when we move in like 5-6 months

Erowid says:

stay well away from the rc390. so many problems

Mr Spontaneous says:

This video helped a lot i know where to start now

Henry Chaisritha says:

Stop using your hands while talking! Stop showing off.

Dave the VTWIN addict says:

yo cyclecruza why ain’t you comment back on anybody else’s comments what’s up with that

eryn cole says:

start on me daddy cruz

Number1Hater says:

How about a grom for a starter bike?

Ryan Fuzi says:

Hey don’t tell me to start with a small bike, 1,000 cc all day son, I’m going to rip on that throttle and get me some 🙂

simon dean says:

I think it’s personal preference me personally start on a smaller bike and work your way up just my opinion

Riley S says:

Any thoughts on a Ducati Scrambler for a first bike?

jessfboysen says:

Appreciate the advice. Thank you

wolfpackflintboyz810 everybody matter!!! says:

it’s time to go bigger from a gigter to a 1000.what do you think?

Team_Logan Gamer says:

whats your yellow bike and how much is brand new

McMAHON says:

get to the point faster and practice what you are going to say to keep it tight.
too much filler to keep my attention.

Qosai zaidan قصي زيدان says:

the ninja 250 costs 12,500$ in my country

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