Best Sportbike Gear of 2019

Best Sportbike Gear of 2019

Sport riders demand the ultimate in performance from their gear. Nothing else will do when you’re riding a machine that requires careful input for maximum reward. That’s where RevZilla’s 2019 Best Sportbike Gear Guide comes in. Join Spurgeon for a look at the year’s best offerings so you can ride confidently on the streets, or take the adventure to the track. Match your bike’s performance with these top picks, and get ready to take your ride to the next level with the best 2019 has to offer.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Helmet – 1:27
Dainese Dinamica Air D-Dry Jacket – 2:19
Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots – 3:36
Arai Corsair X – 5:10
Alpinestars Specter Jacket – 6:06
Dainese Steel Pro Gloves – 7:24

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Mr MegaTruong says:

Spurg needs too keep this hairstyle, but grow it out longer. Then grow out full beard = WOLVERINE

Joseph McDonnell says:

best time to post this since we are getting taxes back now

chris lowe says:

Good vid guys.. only thing I disagree with is the rhpa 11, I had one and the helmet itself is amazing, air flow is insane, really comfortable and light.. however the visor, or rather the locking system is terrible. I dont mean moving the helmet up and down, I mean locking it down completely, went through 2 sets of visors and one snapped off, the other cracked.. the last one I didn’t bother trying to use the lock feature.. sucks if it’s cold and raining..

Xingyu Zhang says:

Will there be a video for track day gears?

SRS1996 says:

best gear for naked bikes?

MrFilthdavid says:

Great reviews! Great job

TJ says:

I started riding a sportbike in 1985 when I was a Junior in HS. So I would think I’m in the established rider and my main helmet is an RPHA 11 Pro. My RF-1200 is my backup. I’m not sure pigeonholing that helmet as a “new” sportbike rider lid is correct. But that’s just my 2 cents.

ehsan83 says:

very informative. I always wondered if there was an alternative looking as sporty as the leather suit. Thanks for introducing these products

Luther McLain says:

Weird without the beard.

junior beltran says:

What about commuters on naked bikes?

Chandra Wijaya says:

you guys really improving on videography skills, which is very positive. Keep it up!!

JackSwatman says:

Why no info on the pants?

Mellow Man says:

Why miss out the alpinestars gloves??

Oliver Wickson says:

I no this is a different video but was just wandering what’s the best sprocket set up for the ninja 400

David says:

Ugh, this guy is so damn annoying. Swallow your spit before you try opening your mouth to speak dude, you’ll stop making that horrendous noise. Fuck.

Daniel I. says:

Hang on, wtf is going on here ? Why are we skipping prices and entire parts of gear ??!!

amit trivedi says:

I’m somehow a fan of the format that you guys have followed until the year 2017, wherein it’s more of a variety of brand options for a particular type of gear category and that too across price points…something like the helmet category that u still cover (even in the 2019 video). The existing approach (in my opinion) makes it a little more restrictive and covers 2 extreme ends – the basic and the best!! There r audiences also on the lookout for the in between stuff (across brands) that’s clearly missing in ur videos off late

Jordan Walker says:

The RPHA 11 really is a great helmet. I went to the HJC from a Shoei X-14, and I have zero regrets. It’s incredibly light, great on track, and has great ventilation. I really think it’s the best bang for your buck helmet you can buy.

KetoBiker says:

Wow he’s put on a few pounds since I last watched….

KoPan says:

how about under layer for hot/cold weather ?

migflc says:

nice haircut. i’m calling it the millenial wolverine! take care

DatelessPiano says:

I love how slim and sleek the rpha 11 pro is. I’ve been considering getting one for the past year or so. I chose the Icon Airframe Pro Carbon last year and it’s great but the profile of the rpha 11 pro looks so good I might have to get one.

Juxtaposed1Nmotion says:

that hair is, making a statement even when youre not.

Tony Kart Racer says:

Alpinestars is a joke. Churning out low quality gear but asking an arm and leg for it.

Cam77891 says:

Why not just tell us your real name

fanetatae says:

What’s wrong with Richa…if you ride so sport or so stupid that you gonna die no there’s no difference…I mean riding a bike there’s no need of fashion…£300 I spent few years ago and still alive doing street and race track

Michigan junkfishing says:

Pleaae review the honda monkey

RevZilla says:

For more details on all of the gear that made the list, check out the full product specs and video reviews we have created to help you make the best selection for your style and your needs.

James Carter says:

rpha 11 is a joke! Take the helmet off and the cheek pads either pop out or get disconnected from the mounting tabs! Remember there’s a reason Jorge left hjc from shark.

Lucas Collins says:

Can I use my MX boots for street riding ?

T Harmon says:

Is there a reason he didn’t talk about the pants?

Ryan Allensen says:

What gloves and pants was the beginner wearing. Looked like Astars smx2 air carbon v2, not sure about the pants. Love the video, keep the guides coming!

Motard Mike says:

How about a commuter series? Versatile/adaptable gear that can be worn in many conditions. Worn to work, or light and comfortable enough to wear over work clothes. 3 season jackets, over pants, rain suits, and things that can be stuffed in a back pack.

w2k says:

Guys, its not even half way though March.

Paul Leggett says:

Dude’s got to learn that you breath on a comma. That said, good kit recommendations.

Isaac Airmet says:

My best gear list:
Arai corsair x
Alpinestar supertech r boots
Alpinestar sp2 gloves
Alpinestar gp v tech 2 jacket
Alpinestar leather racing pants

SoulShard says:

8:29 sorry I cant unsee it XD

Scott Hunter says:

rough night ?

Marius Gavrilă says:

I really love this series of videos. What I would like to see is best naked bike gear: gear suited for a more upright position but also 3/4, with a sport/commute theme. Something that would suite the fz10, the 1290 superduke, tuono, triumph street/speed triple, etc

Jackson Rust says:

Those boots. Are. Too. Sick. I. Need. Now.

Голос Бездока says:

It would make sense if you put prices to the description as well as time codes. Also might help if you at prices for all the items you’re talking about. Thanks guys!

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