Best Sport Motorcycle Gear of 2018 at

Best Sport Motorcycle Gear 2018

No one values performance quite like the sport rider. But we know things like safety, style, and value matter too. That’s why this year’s Gear Guides are split up by rider type to show you our picks for all kinds of riding. Whether you’re a budget canyon carver or a track-ready technophile, we’ve got the goods for extracting the most excitement out of your sport ride.


strictlyformyninja says:

Good video. As a person who only rides in the streets, this is very much relevant to my style of riding.

Wolfy2929 says:

I like the style of icon helmets. But they never fit me right.

A legit baby face says:

Happy pi day!!

Scott Lincoln says:

Great segment …. Do more like this!

Rigo Trujillo says:

what boots are you wearing Sturgeon?

Miika Venäläinen says:

Best sport motorcycle gear without leather pants and racing boots. Total bullshit.

Ivaylo Stoilov says:

How tall is Peter?

Kevin Van de voorde says:

lol, race track riding without leather suit? Right, no more sub from me

Chris Verner says:

I’m starting to worry that Spurgeon only has one shirt

Bernardo Vilarinho says:

Where is the best beginner gear guide?

Adhiyuasa Echo says:


Leandro Oliveira says:

What category the naked bikes fit into, more upright position?
1290 Super Duke R

cyde01 says:

shallow doa, pro lighting. videos lookin good.

Dave Dez says:

I ride naked

Louis Bunnell says:

I think I like the other format better where You had more options for different types of riders and various needs

HFR83 says:

You guys should cover the best jackets for tall riders

MonstaFreak13 says:

that room must be air conditioned, or the video was edited really well. these lads were wearing full gear and full faced helmets with the shields down and i was sweating for them. props for being able to stand that long suited up to go nowhere

Tim Huber says:

When discussing the Alpinestars jacket, I think it’s really important to mention how the firmware can be changed from street to track. The track firmware uses one charge at a time as where the street setup deploys the airbag with both charges simultaneously. That’s why I think Astars has a leg up on Dainese in that area.

icezer0cool says:

Never heard so much bullcrap before. If this was a “sporty touring rider” guide, then fine – but I’ve never seen someone “riding aggressively” thats not wearing full leather, ESPECIALLY not on the track (other than your everyday-squid maybe) // edit: 3:20 //. This would have been a great chance for you to talk about one- or even two-peace leather suits, some great sport gloves and shoes, but you just blew it.

Just shows that this is more of a commercial for you instead of wanting to help people get their gear together.
gtfo revzilla, until you’ve got your sh*t together again.

willovane787 says:

Can you please say the price for each item while reviewing them?

midnight blue says:

Y’all gears are expensive

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