BEST beginner bike for EVERYONE!

This is by far the best beginner for anyone to ride and or get into
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JDUBtramp says:

why did u get hyped over a fakin TT

EA BloodStorm says:

First bike will be a grom…. because it’s a grom

austin martynskk says:

Where in West Virginia are you. I am in Martinsburg looking for a bike that is affordable.

Michael Perry says:

Next time I come to my grandparents we’re going to Gino’s gelatos!!!

RT Jake says:

i want a sporty bike and i know ill get bored with a 250 haha planning on buying an r6 anybody got tips???

RushinOperator says:

What power bike would be closest to a 1979 650

Marshall ash says:

Ay I live in hurricane, that’s wild

metal head says:

i’ve been riding for about 6 months now and i started on an r3. never even sat on a bike before and learned how to ride from the dealership here. after at least 15 stalls trying to leave the lot, i took off and was good. took me a bit to figure out downshifting but after that, i’ve enjoyed it and continue to enjoy every ride from gaining confidence in my abilities to yelling at stupid ass drivers that got their license from the local crack house. am i bored with it? absolutely lol but, i’ve wanted a bike ever since i was a kid and finally was in the financial situation to get one, so i’ve grown a bit attached to it, but if i can get the money together, i’m going to get a 600. torn between a couple bikes, but it’s still going to be a while. but for the starter bike thing, why not start on a 300 style bike, then move up to a liter bike. you don’t become black belt your first day in karate lol

Malik Harvey says:

I’ve been dirt bike riding for 4+ years current dirt bike is DRZ 400 and take my msf course next weeknd plan on getting a 600cc, I’m 18

Seraphim V says:

All I need is MONEY

Carson Smiley says:


Mohammed Althubaiti says:

I learned with my friend bike 750 and my bike now 2017 R6

J G says:

People probably looking at u crazy talking to yourself

chinglidi says:

I just found a 2003 r6 for around 3k. What do you think?

Leo's Imperfect Covers says:

I had a Suzuki VStrom and it was stolen last January. Now I can’t afford any motorcycle. I envy you guys who have very cool motorcycles. Sigh.

Ronald Garcia says:

im also 18 by the way

Dakoolguy111 says:

Lookin for a budget-minded sport bike to get as my first motorcycle. Was looking at the yzf-r3 but saw mixed reviews so open to any suggestions for similar-style and looking bikes, cheaper is better as well

lee waters says:

what motorcycle is he riding.

Joseph Pride says:

So I’ve been riding a 150 scooter and was wondering what the best opinion would be

ORYX X says:

Daddy yum-yum fuck that I’mma grab a 1000cc starter bike.

Falcon Baseball2 says:

So if anyone can help me out I grew up riding dirt bikes but I haven’t been riding in general for a good 7 years so what should I start on

Sly Dog says:

they have the kawasaki ninja 400 now.. they did a nice comparison on motorcyclist online between the honda cbr 300r v r3 vs rc390 vs gsx vs kawasaki 400 and the kawasaki 400 won. I think for a beginner thats a pretty good happy medium. Then again i started on a fz07. Only reason i started on a fz07 is because im 6’2 and it has a good upright seating position. sv650 is also very good

Nicholas Tzavaras (Contractor) says:

The generation we live in where we explain shit with the wd40 meme hahahahahahahaha im from aus and seen that shit sooooooooooooooo funny

Dakota Stiner says:

its okay, i live in the meth capitol of the world lol

Snitts Gaming says:

Is a grom a good or bad idea for my first bike

K.Svanes says:

What is the name og the bike?

felipe Magana says:

YummiR6 ?? What motorcycle displacement should I start on bc I ride dirt bikes for a living I ride a Kx125.So what u recommend me with what CC

Brandon Wilkinson says:

As I was watching this I said “man that stretch of road looks familiar” then you said WV lol.

brezylikethewind says:

250 is a beginner street sport bike…

حمودي says:

0:49 red car sliding on the road was awesome

Vishruth Roy says:

Bro which is best 600cc bike to buy?? Can u please tl

Samir Yankey says:

R U riding a R6?

Christopher Lee jr says:

I’ve been riding for 2 years

Meme Star says:

Would you guys recommend the Kawasaki ninja 400 for a first sports bike I love motorcycles but I don’t wanna spend $10k and find out its lot right for me I like the 400 cause it’s cheap and looks good what’s your opinion?

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