APRILIA RSV4 Review after 4,000 Miles

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After 6 months of riding bliss it’s time to reflect on what it’s really like to not only ride the RSV4 but to own one. If that makes any sense.


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Danny Langhoff says:

You really shouldn’t compare the rsv4 dry weight to wet weights and say the rsv4 is significantly lighter.

praveen saji says:

what about the seat height ?is it good for short rider like 5’7????

Rocket k6man says:

Try water wetter and distilled water runs cooler

Heli says:

Love my 16’RR – I agree with everything you said. The heat is only a bit of an issue in heavy traffic and finding neutral can be funny sometimes. Good video.

Rocket k6man says:

Everywhere I go they take pics of my rf Especially gas stations, Its so cool experience that.My other bike is gsxr 1000

William Ross-Hughes says:

what helmet does he use

Roadtoad rivara says:

Listen, can go put your bike on a scale and tell us the true weight of the bike? Because I would love to know the true weight.

ride power says:


Amjad Ali says:

Loved your video this was my first video of yours , also a quick question is this bike reliable(unlike most European bikes) like Japanese bikes ? Personally i just love rsv4

Lee Douglas says:

Great review!!!  I’ve had my 2016 RSV4 RF for about a year and a half now and absolutely love it.  The sound…………..epic.  The design………….epic.  The performance…………….epic.  I’ve owned bikes since 1986…….everything…….GSXR, CBR, Ducati, ZX7…on and on……..this bike is the best by a long shot.

Rocket k6man says:

I love my 2016 rf its amazing

fast4d1 says:

I have owned 3 aprilia in the last 12 years. no one had a clue where it came from. I will sell my S1000rr next year for an rsv4 or tuono

dumbazz83 says:

i was going to buy an tuono 1100rr love the v4 BUT!! i did one Thing before i was going to buy that aprilia … i asked the mechanic how much it will cost to adjust the calve clearance, every 24 tkm …. 1500euro you wich should be around 1800usd …(aprilia says the engine must droped out) no thank you!!!!!! i dropped the idea of buying a aprilia.

Desert Fresh says:

Still about that S1000 life.

But the Aprilia is always there in my mind

iggi says:

I’ll take your offer to ride your bike. I’ll meet you at Malcom Smith.

NeutralTea says:

My 07 gsxr 600 did the 200-220 heat at slow speeds or stopped.

iggi says:

That looks like Indiana Ave.

David Hill says:

italian cars and bikes have that certain something for sure .

gb93669 says:

I have a 2016 RSV4 RF, which I got in August 2015. Made some changes, but the one I highly recommend to you is the Brembo master cylinder. Unbelievably nice progressive feel on the already excellent brakes. I put on the matching (for looks) clutch lever as well. It’ll be the best thing you do to this bike, trust me.

Jø Wa says:

Do you have the RR or the RF?

sparkle sprite says:

Really with the helmet? You ride with oxygen tank on your back too?

jmtweer says:

RIVERSIDE! lol haven’t seen those parts in a few years, don’t miss the traffic light cams thou. Nice choice on the bike, I got my back in April, looked at it for a year before I actually bought it

Ducati Drew says:

I lived in Redondo Beach and used to ride the snake…to bad we didn’t ride together Motopilot.

Joseph Marton says:

Have one….Aprilia hit it right with this bike. Power ? Some mods I did 338 kilometers per hour . Easily go 317 kph anytime and fast. Engine height adjustment, swing arm and fork adjustments . Yes very comfortable.

Auto blipper says:

I love that you keep Aprillia in such a high regard. Jap bikes are cheap n they also look super cheap. The produce lots of heat, choppy/snappy throttle, awful exhaust un comfortable seats lacking power in some rev ranges but people still keep those cheap japs in high regard where as an Italian bike like Aprillia if it comes up with only one small issue people magnify it ten times and create a wrong perception-about these bikes and start cursing them. Aprillia looks bad ass but if you ever wanna try a different machine with power all through the rev band try out BMW S1krr. Or if you want to have even better looks than aprillia then look up for Mv Agusta entire line up that’s sick

Talltom067 says:

thank you, bye the way.

jpolhamus71 says:

391lbs dry weight 448 lbs wet weight

Paul Britton says:

Agree completely. I absolutely love mine, it’s such a fantastic bike. I’ve ridden the new R1 and BMW S1000RR, and I prefer the Aprilia. They are all great bikes, but the Aprilia has that exotica feel, the lusty V4, pure Italian sexiness

Sam Iam says:

MP – Update….went to AF1 Racing in Austin this weekend. They had just sold the RSV4 RF demo so I wound up riding the Tuono Factory bike. Holy $@#t man. I think I may go that route as the 2017 Tuono has a nice pillion seat and the wife is with me more than not and the pax seat on the RSV4 is a joke. They did say they could easily take the subframe off the Tuono and mount it to the RSV4 so that she’d have a real seat to sit on but I think the Tuono is just fine for me. The demo had a Yosh slip on and the sound was amazing. Considering the price for a full exhaust, I think that’ll be more than fine. Everyone turned their head and what you describe is on point in regards to how you feel riding down the street. They’re offering great pricing on remaining 2017’s as well so this is a great time to buy. We just have to figure out what bike or bikes we currently own that we want to trade in to get it. I’m so stoked!

Christian 77 says:

Aprillia weighs more than 460ibs

mj75live says:

Hi..how u doing.. I have a question regarding the riding position, I used to have DUCATI panigale 1299, the angle was very sharp cause alot of pressure on hand palm and the gas tank hurts my ” nuts” so..how is it on the Aprilia RSV4? Cause I’m planning to buy Aprilia RSV4 RF 2017

Xaralambos Psihogios says:

Yeah man great review,I just purchased 2016 tuono rr,traded my 2016 speed triple,should be picking up next week,

GamingKunuck says:

I owned a S1kRR before my rsv4, Although I loved my S1k. The Rsv4 is so much better in every way. The sound, the handling.

Chuck Mastin says:

Good info MP. I don’t know much about Aprilia except Italian made. I hope you give a close idea of the price tag. Exotic bike, exotic price. I mean compared to the price of an R1M or H2. Be safe man. ☮️

xX OldSchoolJules Xx says:

I want this bike. The only problem is I don’t even want to imagine maintenance costs. It’s not bad fixing stuff on my r6. But fixing anything on this might scare the shit outta me lol

TurtleGP says:

You just compared wet weights to the aprilia dry weight. I own a 2016 rsv4 and will be the first to admit those weight numbers are off

MotoBike Mike says:

I love my 2016 RSV4 RF.  Dream bike no doubt.  I always get asked what it is, not many know what it is.  The ones that do always say they’re jealous and how cool it is those people know what it is about.  Very rare bikes I’m lucky to have a big dealer 15 minutes away for parts and maintenance makes it easier but I have had no problems. I still love my CBR600RR but I would rather ride my RF.  It’s not the lightest but it has tons of power and power all over the rev range as well as it truthfully is just as nimble in the twisties as my CBR600RR and they’re very flickable.  Seat height is a little taller than a 600 but parked next to my 600RR it looks almost the same size but its a litre bike lol.  fucking crazy.

Xtreme Madness says:

My dream bike !!! We want more video !

The Meister says:

Ok ok. Im sold!!!

Dirk Diggler says:

Brought to you by the leader of Darth Vader’s storm troopers lol

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