Aprilia RSV4 R Review – BIKE ME!

Aprilia brings its sports bike A game with the 2014 RSV4 R APRC ABS.


Sergey Suckmeoff says:

Bloody noice!

wahid latif says:

what a sense of humour… ace

Steve C says:

I love my Factory.  Turns like a 600, holds a line like a train, goes like a 1000, sounds like a smallblock on nitrous.

SierraKilo9 says:

Old Rotax v-twins aren’t that bad hammering into/out of a corner Bard, certainly a different delivery to the V4 … everyone loves to leave a big black mark exiting a corner don’t they?

Tank Spooners says:

Brilliant review as expected!
– Sam

minazmorgul says:

God, what kind of accent is this??? 😀

OskaRusty says:

Excellent review.

rappe ontassa says:

Looks like 125cc under the rider

Alberto Knox says:

Good Review

A Sam says:

Torn between this and the 899.

Garry Alden says:

That’s one of the best presented reviews I have seen foe a long time.
And yes the bike is terrific, I love it

Christopher Taylor says:

epic review

csthundercat says:

lol new favorite bike channel XD

Ge- spot says:

You’re still a funny fuck Boris, lol!

Petter says:

Best bike reviewer ever. Short informative & funny videos.

kai C says:

Best review ever. Actually answers all those tiny questions. Funny at it too.

john smith says:

ok.. we have found a replacement for clarkson.

best review ever.

Howler says:

honestly the funniest and most entertaining review i’ve ever seen of a motorcycle. simply fantastic

Mckenzie Merlin says:

Awesome Bike …man you set the bar for all those sloppy reviewers out there well done mate ..had to watch it again…. thumbs up

Shi Gu says:

This guys is absolutely Harley Davidson looking.

Severus Montgomery says:

I love this guy. This was easily the best bike review that I have seen to date.

2gud4umenglez says:

Bloody just found out this. Boris how long have you known Tex for? 

Henry Ukaegbu says:

I was smiling cheek to cheek throughout the video. Well done!

rizpista says:

This bike is good but when it comes to replace the aftermarket parts, it’s difficult to find and have to import from europe . I have rode honda cbr 1000cc rebored kit yoshimura piston so far and no issues and great for travelling far. Now i feel want to downgrade to classic bike i love.

BuggyOP says:

this is an amazing review why only 7k views

JollyRog3r88 says:

So good as always!

HamSpamJamLamb says:

Awesome review! xD

Bluesrocknmetal says:

this guy is a legend

JBD319 says:

This guys reviews are hilarious!!  Good stuff.  Informative too.

SineOccasu says:

Love your style for reviews. My only complaint is they are not long and in-depth enough. But hey, just my opinion =). 

Nathan Crewes says:

Cunny Funt

kiffy07 says:

Oh god somebody get this bloke on tv!!!! What a review!!! Lmao

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