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I purchase many bicycles from Walmart, and for the most part I understand what a Walmart bike is good for. That said, there are a few walmart bikes that I don’t think are a good fit for me and/or aren’t a good value when compared to other bikes – even some sitting on the same walmart bicycle rack.

Check out the video and see what you think. Be sure to post a comment below and share your opinions. Do you have one of these bikes and think I didn’t give it a fair chance? Let me know!

Schwinn Cutback review: https://youtu.be/99t0kCSGaic
Cutback Upgrades: https://youtu.be/PdmwveeuGMI

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Your Favorite Cyclist says:

I agree with all of your choices. Appreciate you giving the alternatives to some of them to get the better bang for the buck!

gulf city nicholas danca says:

At least the Roadmaster was spared from this

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol says:

Its a good angle for the consumer, but i would have mentioned the bikes i would buy and why. Too many people beat up on Walmarts product selection without understanding what is also available. By the way its 8081 bike store on Aliexpress and they are CARBON jockey caged LT WOO AT 1X12 GROUPSETS. All in all it was a good video.

James Dunbar says:

Hey I like the mongoose blackcomb

DFW rider says:

those shockers are handy for one thing to me: the suspension bolts and bushings have saved my but a few times with weird custom builds.

TC Downhill says:

Great vid, but when can we see your big box bike again?

banana man says:

Can you review the mongoose excursion 29er

MattExzy says:

Those flat face Shimano rear derailleurs can be pretty robust – but they’re adjustments are like trying to find the Higgs-boson. I’ve had one for a year, and it’s okay. What one is doing on a US$200 bike though, wow, that’s definitely bizarre.

Mike R says:

I guess perspective is everything. I appreciate that value is relative to purchasing power. Your knowledge in this area is unsurpassed!

daviesakiller says:

The knowledge kev has about these entry level bikes is worth more than the bikes themselves :0

Dave Zombie says:

Only the homeless ride Wal-Mart bikes

Ueno54 says:

Cutback still looks cool to me.

JF says:

I remember back in my BMX days I had yellow mags. Those mags are eye candy for sure.

NaturesJewels says:

I got a genesis incline… I know. I was going to hold out until I had the money for the hyper carbon x which has gone up in value since your review. That said the Incline is not a good value at the $150 price tag with all I’ve learned on your channel but I feel at $59.60 it was a good price which is why I picked it up for. With some modest upgrades I purchased and taking it to my local Trek shop it’s a bike that I enjoy riding and look forward to getting back into shape with. Thanks for all the knowledge Kev. You’ve been a great help.

Dawson Hughes says:

I love hiw you put in the bike i just crashed badly on. The Flexor,

Ryan Rapier says:

I’ve road the mongoose mag wheel bike,disk brakes work about as well as cheap v-brakes and the quill stems don’t stay tight no matter how much u tighten the dam thing.the whole shifting system sucks.the bike would be much better if it was a single speed.the fork is just terrible.

garretts91 says:

Love how Hyper tries to mimic RockShox with their front suspension labels.

techten 101 says:

What do think about schwinn kempo, any good???

sailingmylifeaway says:

Your logo is very similar to KC Tool Company.

Chromer Pimpson says:

The mags a lot of people use on gas powered bikes look almost identical to the ones on the Mack, and cost almost as much as the whole bike.

26er rider says:

Nice video kev, I think another bike you should have added (although technically a kmart bike) is the pacific devolution(evolution changed the name because that’s what I call it)

Justin Mesa says:

I’m very disappointed I didn’t know about the Schwinn cutback till it was to late. I can’t seem to find any used in a 50 mile area either. I know it’s not the best but I’m really drawn to it.

Joseph Rivera says:

I had that Kent flexor (blue 29er) it was the worst bike I ever rode. Brakes sucked and was so bouncy on that rear shock. My friend had the hyper bike (black bike) he had noisy brakes and the seat was so uncomfortable he couldn’t ride any bit of distance. We both have diamondbacks now and haven’t looked back

hurricaneheli79 says:

Bikes from Wal-Mart = Avoid at all costs. I flat out refuse to buy a bike from there.

I do watch your Wal-Mart bike video’s. Some of them make good video’s. I just don’t buy them.

Will Phillips says:

I am wondering about the hyper explorer (shown at the beginning of the video)

flam1ng0 [] says:

I just bought the roadmaster granite peak 26 inch bike from Walmart for 90 bucks it’s good for the price

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