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We’ve been in Japan riding the 2019 Suzuki Katana. Based on the Suzuki GSX-S1000 and using a detuned GSX-R1000 engine, the Katana looks to break into the burgeoning retro modern bike market.

Find the full review here – https://bit.ly/2TVIYYJ

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Matthew Perry says:

Not a fan of the look of this machine. i get that they couldn’t use an air cooled engine like the original, but could have given the engine more of a presence in the styling. As you said in the video, this is just a slightly different looking GSX1000..

robert powers says:

Why can’t Suzuki just build a really nice naked that competes against the BMW XR for a couple grand less…So what you’re saying is I would have to re-build the suspension and remap the engine to make this Katana a proper bike. It’s not a bargain if you have to drop 2K on upgrades just to keep up with a Yamaha or Kawasaki. Come on Suzuki…stop being cheap fucks!

the real slim shady says:

Not very nice its got atv handle bars back end sucks

QA BUI says:

Same engine, same chassis, same electronic, same throttle jerkiness, same stiff front fork and saggy rear shock. I’d say it’s a GSX-S1000 in disguise

Patrick says:

This trend of sticking the plate on those rear hangers is bloody awful.

Sami Hanski says:

First time I saw katana at bike show I didn’t like how it looked, but with time I have changed my opinion and it is actually pretty good looking bike.

Graeme SYDNEY says:

10 mile of closed public road – where do I sign up?

Joric78 says:

I’ll have to see it in person, but I love the old Katanas and this appeals to me more than the CB1000R or Z1000 in terms of performance (at least on paper) and appearance. I’ve yet to have a bike with a stock exhaust and factory tune, so I doubt the fueling would be an issue for me (not to mention I’ve still got a ’97 TL1000S that I’ve been riding for decades, Suzuki’s first bike with EFI wasn’t exactly smooth and sophisticated).
The tank capacity is a concern though. 12L really hurts the usability. It’d have to look absolutely amazing in person to overcome that disadvantage, otherwise the GSX-S1000 is more likely to get the nod.

no knee down ian says:

It’s looks amazing

interman 77 says:

This thing is horrid ,Suzuki should never have dropped the 1400.

blipco5 says:

Snatchy throttle……..still? I’ll pass just like I did on the GSX S1000.

Praba Garan says:

Sucks to live in a third world country where everything is expensive

Richard B says:

That quite surprised me. I was expecting to hate it, but it looks great IMO. Wouldn’t buy one though. Kyoto is a fantastic city to visit as well.

catnipkit Choppers says:

It’s like putting Katana Stickers on a lame arse MT-10 Wannabe.

salman arif says:

If Ducati diavel had Japanese parents

Audfile says:

This is nice because the last gen Katanas were pure garbage. Good they went to the original.

Derek Paisley says:

I do not like the redesign.

Pillokun says:

As you can see it is based heavenly on that gsx 1100 from 1982.. Okey where do you see that it is based on the katana? They look nothing alike and share nothing bedside the Susuki branding. MCN is such shills it is not even funny anymore 😛 All this bike is, is a gsx-s 1000 with different bodywork.

Paul F says:

That’s looks terrible

spoonman73 says:

Not a fan of Suzuki styling but I would take this over a GSXS series any day.

Dimedawg says:

I didn’t like it in the ’80’s, looked like a pregnant ant to me… Still feel the same. Hideous.

iodineclip says:

I cant stress this enough, the concept was way beautiful.

calypsoloco1 says:

It just looks terrible!!!

motodigitalvideo says:

I really want to like it, but I can’t. The riding position just doesn’t look right with those bars.

CPUspeed says:

rear fender or gopro mount you decide 🙂

Andrew Hoffman says:

Love to see you do a review of this bike with a set of bar risers fitted and suggestions for a stiffer alternative rear suspension to get bike sorted.

TheMissendenFlyer says:

Crikey – a long way to go for a review eh?! I have to say when I first saw pictures of this I thought it was hideous, but I am starting to come to terms with it now and its looks may even be growing on me! Got a hint of David Essex and “Silver Dream Machine” about it I reckon……

FireTwo says:

Something’s needs to be left in the past.

roughsponge says:

Looks great but poor fueling in 2019 and no cruise control, sorry Suzuki but my money will be going on the MT-10

thai kothox says:

orang Indonesia yg ngiler ngacung…

suereed says:

“based heavily on the GSX 1100 from 1982”, cuts to picture of a motorcycle that looks noting like the 2019 test bike.

future62 says:

Ducati needs to lay the smack down with a new Sport Classic.

Lifted_Above says:

Who cares about the slightly snatchy throttle, that’s ECU-flash fixable. The #1 problem with this bike is the stupid 3.17 gallon fuel capacity!!

Guntur Wibowo says:


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