2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R First Ride Review

Kawasaki updates its Ninja ZX-6R supersport for 2019 and Motorcyclist magazine is on the job testing it during the official US press introduction in Las Vegas. During the event, we test rode Team Green’s updated sportbike on curvy mountain roads near Mount Charleston, followed by a day spinning laps at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway circuit. Find out what changes Kawasaki made for 2019 and how they performed in this First Ride Review video.

Stay tuned for the written review on MotorcyclistOnline.com on Monday, 12/3.


Real Scandal says:

oh god… only japanese companies can turn a beauty into a beast…


Ninja 500 was my first bike, always a Kawasaki fan

milk milky says:

Where is Zach and Ari going again? They made the videos fun…

Suman 'Sam' Halder says:

For everyone that is wondering, Ari and Zack moved to the Motor Trend group. Both of them are now hosting the Throttle Out series.

metalmaster76 says:

what a damn shame

mark drangstveit says:

Lol all these reviewers saying the ktrc system is old… Its still the best in the business. FACT

Alex Hall says:

That thing is fugly

GRRB says:

So when is the new power ranger movie coming out? Thats what this is for right? They are killing the sport bike market with this ugly-tacky designs…

Asyran Aqid says:

where’s the usual host?


Such a great channel. All things gotta come to an end.

tredogzs says:

Kawasaki did the math, most riders put a aftermarket exhaust and tune on the bike, and if you take it racing, riders put suspension on it. So they give you the best street unmodded at the best price. genius

Desync says:

Ugly Bike

Zulfahmi Makhzani says:

Would be better if the presenter is white

Sanjeevan Visvalingam says:

what a ugly looking bike

poiXquared says:

I’m new-ish here but, is Adam one of the new hosts for Motorcyclist? If so, that would be awesome. Kinda gotten used to Ari and Zack but it’s awesome to see The Madman here.

Justin R says:

This guy is a beast rider but his reviews are terrible lol. Give us some first rides.

ActaFoolzz says:

I used to think that the busa was the worse looking bike ever made, but man was I wrong

Human Nature says:

Adam on Motorcycle Magazine! AWESOME!!!!!!!

Rollyone says:

That exhaust tho, ewwww

João Ferreira says:

Channel Suggestion:
-Superbikes shootout.
-TrackRoad gear shootout.
-TrackRoad tires shootout.

Welcome to the well-known Adam to a great platform. Best wishes to a good job!

elmo omle says:

Nice vid Adam…great production quality with both sound and camera, and covered all the basis of the bike review in a succinct manner. Bravo Adam! It is a great bike, but the styling, to me, is a step back from the previous…

blipco5 says:

“You can lug it as low as 7-8000 RPM and it still pulls” . That’s exactly why I would never own another 600.

Raw7s says:

so glad Waheed is with Motorcyclist, my favorite reviewer with a quality group

Sebastien Houde says:

Great review ! but still prefer the look of my 2017 zx6r 🙂

Remigus Ker says:

Not bad. I’d still rather get a GSXR750 though.

Joey Mantka says:

The look of this new one is better and modern. Also with the new lights being lit even at low beam.

ryan J says:

Going to take a sec to get used to Zack and Ari being gone. Man that sucks. No hit on this presentation. Good job passing the info.

2Wheel Pursuit says:

Is it just me… or does it look a LOT like a ninja 400 :/

Abysmal Spectre says:

would it need steering damper also?????

duosonic391 says:

I do not want my supersport suspension, or any component or quality for that matter, described as like a Cadillac. Next.

Chris Brower says:

The presentation is improving. We’ll done keep it up

Oso 11 says:

wow this channel really went down the drain. basically become motorcycle.com 2.0

Jason Gonzalez says:

Miss Ari and Zach. Good review though, it will keep me coming back. Love to see you guys do a head up of a Yamaha Stryker/Honda Fury.

Thai Dang says:

The ugliest 600cc ever

Angel Abrego says:

That was a test? No. That was talking about the bike but not a test.

KwakZedRider63 says:

Take your helmet off the mirror and let us see the bike properly

Sam G says:

It just looks like a cheap 300. Not for me.

weesel74 says:

Have you tested the ZX14R or the Z1000 SX?? I would like to see them tested… I’m looking at purchasing one of those two bikes in the very near future

Ian Nicholson says:

Adam is my dude!! I love hearing him talk, the man knows exactly what he’s doing. Great review! Can’t wait to see more!!

Nathan F says:

If its so street oriented, can someone explain to me why you wouldn’t just get a middle weight naked? Street Triple RS for example.

System Administrator says:

CBR Copy

Brononomous says:

I like the new guy so far. review was kinda just a list of shit we already know about the bike though.

zdenek benda says:

it has nothing extra,and it is ugly as fuck

McWIlly7h33rd says:

Looks like a ninja 400

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