2018 Honda CB1000R First Ride Review

Here’s our first look at the neo retro Honda CB1000R
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Bryan St. Clair says:

Love mine. Garage is full, 2009 CBR1000R (track), 2014 CBR1000R (street, maybe for sale now) and my 2018 CB 1000R.

tqdzwa maramba says:

7:27 still sounds like a description of the old CB1000R. No matter, if i was in the market for a liter bike, this would be it. And 10:16 now you know why the previous model was on the market since 2008

Olli King says:

Looks too retro….

Roy Batty says:

Honda claims 143HP but the dynos are saying otherwise. 120HP and 68 torque and it is flatter than a Chinese girl in the midrange. Honda should have put a juicy V4 in it if they were serious.

Death666wish says:

To me, more isn’t always better, that’s why I want the 650 version of this bike. But, that’s the same reason I see this bike as better than the competition, they have too much power, add to it the better looks on this bike and the famous Honda quality, and how easy Honda’s are to ride, and you have a winner in my book.

matt toronto says:

I have 2002 honda 919, that to me is the perfect machine. Its fast, light, fun, easy to work on and mod. It has a very sporty yet simple look to it. The CB1000R looks more like a transformer to me and its made for beginner bikers with too much money…why do you need a sport mode and traction control? just develop the skill of riding and you wont need these features…

Stewart says:

I had the 2008 model and it was as flat as a pancake

Ayaz says:

yamaha your turn

t3chhh says:

Ugly bike.

Bruno Cruz says:

Great review! By the way, which other tires could you recommend?

Chris Noblett says:

Honda tax kills this.
I’d take the MT-10 all day over this bike.


Great review fellas

reedrobb says:

Great review! My next bike. ‘09 cbr1000rr fireblade for sale

T0BBi94 says:

Ooof, the Ducati Monster 1200 didnt even get a mention 😛

qwertyedu says:

Which is the soundtrack used during the track portion??!!

Pillokun says:

The engine is from the 2006 honda fireblade not the 2008 one. And the new Cb1000r is actually not that new compared to the old one. basically it has new styling some tweaks to the old frame and elecrtical gizmos added on… Why cant the Moto journalists these days be more honest and not that gullible?

JSLAK says:

“HONDURR”? you mean honDUH ffs

Garth Mikes says:

Love this Bike.

Tolga Tuğlu says:

what about z1000, gsr1000, what a noob

antman3251 says:

She looks good under the rider…that’s important kids!

Renz170 says:

I had mine for 6 months and the only gripe i had with it were the handlebars and the exhaust, saved a few kilos with akrapovic short exhaust and it reveals the single sided alloy wheel which is hidden by the stock exhaust a lot more, and the Rizoma bars just give it that much more confidence in the corners and you don’t feel like you are overstretched all the time, the stock riding position is fantastic if you are 6ft or above but im 511 and need more backsweep.

Google User says:

Great job Honda. Modern and classic rolled into one with reliability and power! Looks great. Solid bike.

Iscariot18 says:

Previous gen looked like something that fit in Michael Bay Transformers movie. Thank God Honda changed it. Nobody will remember naked bikes like that. They’ll go in the scrap heap like an ’82 corolla.

P3iia says:

Love these long reviews 🙂

Aaron Cody says:

I’m a reasonably cashed up 40yo who’s been riding sports bikes for 20 years and am, quite frankly, over them. Recently rode a tuned 2012 ZX10 and while it was epic, it was also completely pointless as a road bike. This CB, however, tickles me in all the right ways. I am fairly confident there will be one parked in my shed within the next few months.

DR Dan says:

To be honest 143 HP with the torque is quite a bit for the street.  You really have to be a skilled rider to take advantage of that.  I enjoy riding a bike where I can ring it out without passing my abilities.  Extended stays in hospital really suck.  Give me a Yamaha 900 triple.  I think that would work better for me and save some money.

Andrew Freeman says:

Sorry, but I own a Super Duke, and it’s not a “track focused” bike as you state. The Tuono? More so. The SDR is an excellent do-all bike

Raghunandan Reddy C says:

review smaller 650cc version

Jake Roth says:

I ride a Honda … 125cc

Jack Hannaford says:

I picked up mine as an ex demo.

Loved the looks. Feels much more robust than an XSR900 etc, shit tonne of power and torque. It’s a real split personality beast. 6th gear 35+ for cruising, or lose your license in second.

Very comfy and compliant too, while being composed and engaging. Nice balanced review 🙂

Johnathan Doe says:

I like it but the backbox and the numberplate mount are so ugly

fasthracing says:

Yamaha with MT-01 was her years ago. Techno Retro thing. Gopping exhaust.

RAL09 says:

Bike World great review!! If the S21 doesn´t fit much well in this bike to you what will you suggest??

ans says:

What a ride review. .. superbly presented.

Garry Miller says:

…there’s nothing retro about that bike. Its got 2 wheels – is that what you mean?

Matte says:

The Z900RS circlejerking in the comments here are hilarious. Are you all pensioners?

The Deans says:

Too bad Honda doesn’t offer the CB1000 with the matte blue scheme they put on a CB500F I saw at EICMA.
P.S. Please do a video on the CBR650R.

Don Kiddick says:

Rear plate hanger look shite…

Marcus Augustinus says:

This bike is definitely built for my exact tastes in style and power. I like a more classic upright style but with modern features (HID lights and electronics), and although I like the style, I do not want to ride something such as a Triumph due to it having only 98 hp, after having a 185-ish hp GSXR1000. The only problem for me is that insurance quotes for this bike (in America) are astronomical, just as if I bought a liter superbike. If only they would have left the R off of the name to fool the insurance companies (lol), just as how Suzuki does with, say, the GSX-S1000 which is literally 1/3rd of the insurance quote rate due to it not being classified as a R type sportsbike as I’ve run into with the CB1000R. If I could get a CB1000R with GSX-S1000-ish insurance rates, I’d buy one for sure. Unfortunately, the insurance is the only thing that keeps me from buying this absolutely beautiful motorcycle when I could buy something like a XSR or GSX-S for less than half of the cost to insure.

DR Dan says:

First review on last years bike?  That would indicate a complete lack on interest in the bike or a dishonest title on the vid.

Ruben Sahakian says:

Kawasaki Z900RS is stunning and exhaust done so well no need to change hence 2k savings right there.CB exhaust lets be honest is hideous probably souless sawing machine sound that you’ll end up spending more $$ to replace plus can’t take passenger but you can on Z900RS. To me Kawasaki nailed it.

T0BBi94 says:

I think this bike will sell based on reliability, the rest of the field might not be worse in that aspect but everyone know about Honda-reliability. So if someone wants a super naked and have heard Ducati, KTM and Aprilia have less than a perfect record they might gravitate towards the Honda. Just a guess.

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