2017 Triumph Daytona 675R | First Ride

Big thanks goes to the guys over at Triumph America for letting me take the Daytona 675R out for a first ride. If you like this kind of thing let them know using #triumphamerica.

Daytona 675R blog post:

Bike provided by:
Triumph America

Title: Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep In The Night
Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/monstercatmedia/playlist/0yhoHnC8I50mRCJn5bGVBa
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Pigeon says:

What in the bloody hell was that music?? Ugh so trashy my ears are bleeding

_baKa_ says:

You sounded like you really enjoyed it

Deniel says:

I like your reactions on every little things lol, we have the same reactions the first time I saw this bike. Good lord haha

Spencer Eirich-Robinson says:

Turner’s Corner! North Georgia represent!

MasterMech77 says:

Just picked up a used 2005 650 for less then $2k… I love the color of the newer 675R in the white and black… Sort of did the same thing with my 650… If anyone wants to see what an older Daytona looks like in pearl white plastics with everything else done in black My IG: @exmachina77

aidan van gorp says:

LOL upside down forks… you mean inverted.

A West says:


17SPIKE17 says:


Bobby Burnett says:

so chase is a Snails fan!!!

Jesse Bogdan says:

Wtf is with the music

sUaVeZ.productions says:

What’s the opening song also

ur gf thinks im fly says:

that is one HOT bike

Phil D says:

This bike will auto blip by itself? Is that standard ?

Remingtin says:

but does it melt the hair off ur genitals like an r6 tho lol

zorro1rr says:

Damn this video makes me miss riding. I need to get another bike once I move outta the city.

Marco Cordero says:

What about riding modes?

sUaVeZ.productions says:

Could this be a starter bike?

Brandon Covington says:

After watching this video, I’ve decided to name my future son Linear.

tmr626 says:

If the rider’s are have trouble seeing the tach in the sunlight, somebody might want to design a custom extended cover (be it glue on billet aluminum or carbon fiber) to darken the tach for read outs.

Amanda P says:

Did triumph stop producing the Daytona ?

Kyle Kessler says:

Is going from an R3 to this bike a good choice or should I go with a gsxr or cbr 600

Vysair says:

This bike is one of my favorite bikes that come stock

Carsten Hansen says:

Did he loose subscribers?

Davide A. Madera says:

I am not a racist, I am a racer…

ChokolateSushi23 says:

the black one is pretty damn sexy too, and I am not a fan of black bikes. But it’s like a matte metallic. Really sharp.

mark hill says:

Chase how tall are you only asking as I’m 5″7 and I’m wondering if i would be to small for this bike


Can you test MV Agusta F3 for comparison??

kresimir ostojic says:

Great video,I was looking around for a 2016 Dayton I so this video and it’s great,am in market for a new bike and found great deal on 2016 675 Daytona right now riding cbr,just wondering is it 675R worth extra money or no

Rence Fabian says:

Just bought this bike yesterday. Guys, it’s legit. Brembo, Ohlins. Quickshifter. 405lbs wet. Triple. Everything about it screams out at you. I rode an R3 previously and the weight difference is so minimal yet the power difference is insane. 60mph in 6th gear and I ended up doing 135mph in no time. Breaking 100mph is stupid easy on this bike. I’m glad I picked this bike up over the zx6r and cbr600rr. It’s biggest competitor is probably the R6. Despite the zx6r 636cc.

T.J. Sheffield says:

Good vid! I’m just missing my 955i now that was a boss…a little big for me but that was a machine amoung machines.

brad Purcell says:

Who wants a liter bike when you can have a lighter bike 😉

MidWesti says:

i like japan more than thailand

Jake Yohn says:

Wow I was looking at these to see if I would want one and all be damned I find my favorite YouTuber making a video of it

Justine Gajewska says:

how much difference would you say is there between a sport 600cc and a daytona 675 in terms of torque? is it really noticeable? is the difference huge (to daytona’s disadvantage) compared to a litre bike? I can’t decide on whether 675cc is enough or not, assuming a sports 600cc is a bit slow

David Kunutsor says:

Great video Chase! LOVE the 675R to bits!

Dougie Roberts says:

Ridiculous music spoiled the video.

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