2017 Superbike Street Shootout | 4K

It’s been two years since we summoned together the superpowers of the sportbike world (our last Superbike Shootout.) In that time the Aprilia RSV4 RR, Honda CBR1000RR, Kawasaki ZX-10R, and Suzuki GSX-R1000 have either been heavily revised or completely overhauled. These changes beg a reinspection into the pecking order of world’s premier street-legal superbikes.


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Sidhant Megh9 says:

No Drag Race

Sabba says:

What camera did you use, cause the footage looks superb!

sorendk1 says:

Want cruise control? Go test Honda Goldwings/Harley Davidson.. Or get a job as a car-tester.. Jeez what a retarded wish for a sportsbike 😮 And as for the best bike.?!? Nothing comes close to the ZX10R and thats a fact, like it or not. That beast smokes all competition and has done so for several years..

Stinker doodle says:

Why are they talking into a ferret???

Kip Winger says:

I hit a telephone pole at 165 mph on the BMW s1000RR and the air bags failed to deploy, but besides that it’s a great bike.

Tony Da Rosa says:

I’m about to buy the CBR1000rr or the Aprilia rsv4 but I’m having a hard time. leaning towards the cbr because of my local dealer support. Thoughts?

Swapnil Koche says:

WTF no ducati….

kawi lifezx10r says:

look at the front tire chicken strips pretty much non existent. same with rears in all the test bikes they definitely rode these bikes hard. im a kawi guy just persobal preference.

HBY says:

Why is everyone confusing these street shootouts with a track shoot out? The R1 is uncomfortable for extended street use. Doest make it a bad bike it just doesn’t check the some of the boxes of a sport bike for street riding that is more than 20minutes. I know some of you can do it but overall the other ones can do what the r1 can with relatively more comfort.

Liam Quirk says:

The dust cleaner microphone lol

Samuel Lacroix says:

in which State are these road?

Amjad Ali says:

R1 would do just fine by me its the most reliable!

ActionHeinz says:

No 1299… 🙁

Bob England says:

see here, this is why i will never move to this electric bike bullshit, all of these bikes have character, let the good times roll….

Popular Videos says:

If you all would like someone to test these bikes or even Sport Cruisers I’m your guy. Sometimes being an ex-racer is not helpful to give a good run down of a bike. Pick me, someone that rides for pleasure on weekends, sits on his butt all day at work doing Cyber Security and can tell people if their butt, legs or arms will tire out sooner than later on certain models. I think that is what people want to hear along with performance stuff. I mean, all that is in the manual but the overall ride should come from a guy like me. Hit me up if you’d like to bring me on as a Consultant. I ride a BMW K1600GT, been riding over 13 years and I’m also a USAF Veteran proudly served in the 12th AF Southcom command and control unit.


Daniel Stevens says:

LMAO Guy Martin says the Honda rides like a pig!!! LMAO

Robert Manzano says:


L says:

Which is the biggest for tall riders?

Amjad Ali says:

new honda cbr design looks inspired from yamaha r3

V C says:

You want cruise control, buy a Cruiser. Cruise control has NO place on a Supersport motorcycle. Unbelievable. Remember guys, these bikes are sold worldwide where most do not need/want or give a xxxx about cruise control. This Vid, a waste of time as soon as I heard “cruise control” in the context of supersport bikes… FFS!!

Master Sonho says:

The ZX10R is the most beautifully designed in my opinion. That thing just looks special. Make that thing black with some red lines it would look incredible. Otherwise, they are all great bikes now! What it really will comes down to is how good of a rider you are. I could beat most of these guys here on a 2010 600 with any of these liter bikes.

Jordan Wiebe says:

came for the 4k, stayed for the 360p

KA M1st says:

What about the 600s? You seem to shy away from shootouts, comparisons and reviews of the 600cc range motorcycles. In fact the only 600cc bike you’ve reviewed this year is the R6. Why is that? I think this class of super sport bikes is just as exciting as the liter bikes and there are new bikes out for this year! I’m interested in purchasing either the 2017 GSXR600 or CBR600RR and would love to see a comparison.

Nicholas Kemp says:

As someone who doesn’t have or want any electronic riding aids on my supersport bike because I like to feel how my bike works/handles and accept that riding is a dangerous activity, I cannot help but cringe every time anyone mentions cruise control. When I think of cruise control, I imagine a car, or a Can-Am Spyder, maybe a Goldwing or a GSA1200, but not a supersport.

Angus Hogg says:

these guys do a far better job than the sleep inducing MCN guys

Old school says:

Dam Suzuki ! Better luck with the next Busa!

Thomas Smith says:

Suzuki is good, but ugly color combination

Nicholas Economus says:

SuperBike shootout, and they give points for the way the motor/exhaust sounds, they way the bike cruises and the R1 gets no love for being one of the best, being a SuperBike. Makes zero sense.

Qijia Cheng says:

The video quality is awesome, but the comments are bullshit

Mike K. says:

V4 is winning this year for sure ! Tuono and RSV4 are killing it

Chuba Temsu says:

what about the ninja h2r

James Stephens says:

When it comes to riding, it’s all about Confidence!!! Honda, with like their cars give drivers the confidence to drive faster. Owning personally several Honda/Acura vehicles that confidence has made me a better driver. Honda has done exactly the same thing with their motorcycles. That’s truly a remarkable engineering! To take that same confidence to driving cars fast to riding motorcycles fast with confidence is everything! Honda4Life!

Tommy Twowheels says:

I got my R1 because it’s more of a track bike. I have an FJR for when I want cruise control. 🙂

T0BBi94 says:

1999 called, it wants its EBR back!

Bad Example says:

Who buy a 1000cc sportbike for the frigging cruise control? What a gay add-on.

Saurabh says:

bunch of old guys testing bikes out….one of the guys is not even fit enough to sit on a super sports motorcycle 😀

Demetrius Brown says:

It’s funny how these guys switch up as soon as a new model comes out. When the R1 came out they were all about it, now all of a sudden it’s Honda. Wonder how much Honda paid them for this…

Tom Mavrakos says:

wheres the busa and electric lightning

Akshay Patil says:

why no ninja zx10rr or h2? isnt it flagship comparison? thank god you guys didn’t take ninja z1000sx cause it is a litre class superbike too but incomparable with others , cmon man! whats your problem with kawasaki? every year it comes last although its a SBK winning superbike!

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