2017 Super Nakeds Shoot Out | Road Test | Motorcyclenews.com

We took four of the latest super nakeds into Germany for a shootout on one of Europe’s best roads.

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Ross Chevalier says:

Compliments on a fine review and very balanced assessment.  My personal choice was the Aprilia 1100 RR and I have no regrets given that the only major difference between it and the Factory is Sachs instead of Ohlins, and I do not have the talent to feel the difference.  I did have a Factory for four days, and it was a joy, but the price difference was substantial and for my skill level I have lost nothing.

Sheesh says:

Too bad the tuono is fugly. I wonder whether they even hired any designers or just went straight for the “scooter of hot wheels” look

dio atha says:

Interesting how all of the bikes have different engine characteristics and layout, i know it’s obvious, but i find it interesting.

sniperfreak5 says:

16:30 is like eargasm time. thats how i survive in winter thinking about new riding season!

MountainTourer07 says:

the screaming sound of the tuono will never get old…so cool

Lingenfelter Zee Ohh Six says:

I wanted the aprilia , but went with the fz10 (mt10) in the end becaue I live in utah USA and NO Aprilia dealer within 1,000 miles here, also saved $4,000 going with the Yamaha over the factory. If they were priced identically I’d of gone factory but $4,000 is a lot and the reliability of the Yamaha and a dealer on every corner is a huge plus! my favorite sound ever in any bike is aprilias v4 1100 BUT the cross plane crank i4 998 is very very very close to the sound, my runner up for sound . I’ve got a termignoni Y-pipe added and it’s epic in sound but jsut a hair behind a v4 1100 with an Austin racing or SC. I drool for the factory, such an epic bike , maybe one day.

Supernova12034 says:

12:30 *THE MAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH* on my naked sport bike i feel the speed, and the wind, i rode a sport bike and i was doing double the limit (in mexico) and i couldnt even feel it…no point in riding sport bikes on the street when you cant even feel anything

Dohan Kuswardi says:

I cant believe that the ktm doesnt win

heykat18 says:

All great bikes, for it’s the 1290 Beast for me.

Jay B says:

Taking on the sportsbike riders in comfort and with usable grunt is the future

Tuesdaysgonewtw says:

The Italians keep showing the way!

Rob Sharp says:

Anyone want a 16 Tuono Factory with race ECU and Austin Racing can for a good price…..Gotta get the 17 now !

Darrell's Moto Diary says:

There all awesome bikes, I’ll take anyone of them

ROMEO says:

Put some clip ons on the superduke and they can have my money.

Sb Sb says:

BMW looks aged.

Davey Lad says:

Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory, the crack cocaine of motorcycling, I’ve just had a blast today on my very own in the lovely North Yorkshire countryside. Loved it. I’m so glad I listened to +MCN Neeevesy, +LambChopRides and +ZackCourts on their reviews of this bike.

nick hill says:

Great review Neevesy, and that Pril with that road…

Fernando Pascual Sedeño says:

I think the most funny biker i the KTM!! For roud is the best..

Ian P says:

Aprilia make an excellent bike, but try and find a local dealer….you can’t. Shame, lots of old Tuono’s about so they’re obviously fairly reliable (for an Italian).

The Baj says:

4:30 scared me

curvecrazy says:

Ok. So you seriously tested these bikes on different tires? And as you seemed to refer to them inferior? Why would you not put the same tires on all of them? You said because it was not a track based comparison? That’s ridiculous. How about this then… switch the great tires off the Aprilia onto the bike with the worst performing tires compare that! Stupid right? All kinds of unnecessary testing where all should’ve had the same rubber.
We deserve better. Tires make all the difference. You know it. We know it. Do it right or waste not everyone’s time.

chaoshimura89 says:

Triumph 765rs will be what number if involved in the test?

Harnoor Singh says:


manuel fraga says:

hello: No problem, for me: the ugliest, or the cheapest, I would be very happy 😉 hahaha

dry509 says:

Love the roads, countries you drive through. Beautiful!

DmaxHd says:

Ktm last? Riiiiiiiiiiight ! Mto1 2nd ? What a pile of bullshit !

EskiLdn says:

why no street/speed triple

Jay Shank says:

One day i’ll buy super duke 1290…..

manuel fraga says:

Hello in this comparison I miss the Ducati Monster R so that they are the most technological with the best suspesiones

kingcrumpet says:

I don’t think I’d ever own another inline 4. So boring!

tony kinsel says:

not to be a douche…and it’s a great video as always with mcn…but how much mascara is that dude wearing?

SmokinZen says:

Great review I recently bought an FZ10. I’m still trying to get used to the new body position coming from a Fireblade.

Barry Ho says:

Great comparo! Thanks guys!

Gotta say when price is considered, MT 10 really shines. Non SP versions here in Canada are going for near $13,000 CDN (2017 end of model year sale prices), and are absolute bargains. So cool that at that price is in the same league as these other fine Super Nakeds that cost so much more.

Gunshot Enduro says:

The Tuono’s mpg is shocking. 25-29 mpg on a tour is very inconvenient.

Goratchthemule says:

The Z1000 is not there and the Ducati Monster 1200. What would you say is the main reason for that? Lack of horsepower?

Sam Deol says:

aprilia or S1000R

sphinxsway says:

All kinds of control except selfcontrol

Chris Jones says:

Would love a tuono but worried about reliability


My pick would be the MT 10… the way it looks is awesome…

Dan Rockell says:

Who’s doing this me or you? Love it!

Tucsonan Dude says:

No MV Brutale??

Rec Pro says:

This is why I choose to stick with Aprilia. My dealership doesn’t even sell Aprilias, but I’ve been riding them for so long, this is where I want to be, on a well refined machine.

gary sargent says:

My 2018 tuono factory turns up Saturday can’t wait.
But I did love my 1290r great bikes

Headonnis says:

I hate this, been bouncing between the Tuono, S1000R and FZ10/MT10 for my next bike. It’s impossible to decide!

In Canada the Super Duke R is by far the most expensive of these bikes. It’s nearly a grand more than the Tuono Factory (MSRP). The Tuono RR, S1000R and MT10 are fairly close in price being about 3500-4000 cheaper than the KTM.

arubuto says:

monster 1200r?

sean says:

Volume of music is a bit loud in between cuts.

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