2017 Middleweight Naked Bike Shootout | 4K

Perennial middleweight naked contenders, the Suzuki SV650 and the Yamaha FZ-07, face a newcomer in the form of the Kawasaki Z650 in a battle for middleweight superiority. Because more is more, we also included the Benelli TnT600 and the Harley-Davidson Street Rod in the shenanigans to see if they could pull off an underdog win. So, watch our video to see what we think about these rollickingly fun motorcycles. Full details and results can be seen at Motorcycle.com.

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Tyrone Pantua says:

KTM 690 duke? huhu

Mafia 001 says:

Ktm 690 wasnt picked ? I feel offended

Dominik Wolf says:

maybe episode full accounting forever position.

G Man says:

Where the hell is the ride impression of the new Scout Bobber????

Quinn Fable says:

I’ve had my FZ-07 for over a year now and outside of getting a designated track bike, it has everything I need!

Gonzy1122 says:

Wait! We can get Benelli’s in America now?! Without all the import costs and fees?

1990 says:

SV650 for me. Cleanest looks, best suspension.

Glasya says:

Calling the SV650 a “poor mans monster”.. some people want japanese reliability over a italian “i hope my bike will start and not die on my in the middle of nowhere” bike.

P.s. i own the new SV650, i have a Remus exhaust on it, and my buddy with a Ducati Monster 800 drewls over the sound it makes.

lifewithlurch says:

Ah Audioblock. I’ve used that opening music in my videos.

Noor Goossens says:

Hello picture brand factory period yield truly

Joshua De Nunzio says:

You guys are missing the 2 most important nakeds, the street triple and the brutale (800cc).

brussell639 says:

Goddamn it bugs the shit out of me hearing people my age or older saying hella.

Bikers Quest says:

The Benelli looks like a mini B king

PantIessKnight says:

haha yamakakasuzuki

Joey Mantka says:

I like the Z650 but that instrument panel is just.. ugh!!!

The Velo In The Vale says:

All of them fugly …

Evoke Electric Motorcycles says:

Nice check out our electric motorcycles, the Evoke Urban S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r09N6P6NEIc

Lucas Davies says:

Immediate towards recommendation elevator academic cook trait.

ossa60 says:

just say it!!!! the harley is a piece of shit!!!

Hritik Ghatge says:

Suzuki gsx s750 ????

Panda Bear says:

Nice review

Dialysisforever says:

At 5:18 I am pretty sure I heard that music on an Indian motorcycle test video. It irritated me there too. 🙂 I have the Harley Street 750 and it has the same issue as the Harley Street Rod. The foot pegs just are not in the right postition. Which bike has the lowest seat height of the 3 winners? The only reason I got the Harley Street 750 was because I could reach the ground. I would love that Kawasaki. Thanks for the video.

Sudhir Gupta says:

u forgot KTM duke 690!!

Allen Moon says:

What about the Ducati Scrambler? Similar performance for the group, but a little pricier…

No Wi-Fi says:

SV650, all day, every day.

dujfraz says:

No Aprilia Shiver 750?

James C says:

Anyone know what’s the name of the jacket Kevin wears? It looks nice and perfect for my triumph!

Joey Lampion says:

this woman will never go back to cruisers ahah

frogman jack says:

What about triumph naked bikes

Ray_Calvo says:

Hey guys… 1st off, I really enjoy watching all your comparison shootouts. But I would really like to watch a shootout of a few bikes in the same category of the Harley Fat Bob… interesting to see what you get to compare. I think is the best Dyna from Harley, but would like to see a comparison with other brands.

lee polson says:

$70.000 did u say pmsl

SunzOffski says:

If I wanted an sv650 i’d buy an old one, they are bullet proof, same engine, forks etc why pay all that money for a new one that doesn’t have the same torque low down, seems like a confused vtwin.

M. Pinto says:

I have a Benelli TNT 899, and I feel that the TNT or BN 600 is really nothing compare. The TNT 899 it’s well made (although the company belongs to another Chinese company) and many pieces are of high quality, from sensors and coils made in germany and switzerland.
I think the bad details are a generic odometer, seals in the coils and electrical parts poor resistant to water and last, parts and accessories are difficult to find…

Apart from that… it is an excellent response bike, aggressive, durable and fun

Ivan Costa says:

Suzuki Sv6

smibru says:

Where’s Troy?!?

Keven Harvey says:

SV650 would probably be the best looking one if it wasn’t for the gaping hole between the front wheel and the engine, perhaps some sort of belly pan could improve the look by a lot, seriously it looks like there are parts missing.

Cletus Van Damme says:


Criziliscious says:

Compared to the Super Nakeds like the Tuono, BMW 1000r, KTM Super Duke and even the new Yamaha, these are so boring and safe.
These middles don’t push any boundaries. I think Japanese manufacturers take time to see if a segment will sell well.
I do think the KTM Duke 790 and the Triple rs are leaders for sure and need to be tested against this group. OR better yet, with the Duc Monster and MV!

Daniel Schlegel says:

harley deathwobble?

Hass Chapman says:

You were missing the Triumph Street Triple 765

Taijean Moodie says:

When the cb650f comes to canada and the us that’s going to be a whole new beast. And before you guys say that it only competes with the z900, gsxs750 and fz09 the cb650f is extremely cheap in the competition so It would make more sense here.

Daniel Schlegel says:

why is the honda cb650f not here, i think that would be the perfect inline4

Lizard6376 says:

Can anyone tell me what that dainese jacket John had on is? I like it

AK-47 says:

i like the kawasaki Z650 model have the modern and sporty style .

Lifted_Above says:

I feel like for normal sized American adults, the Z650, FZ-07, and SV650 should all have the frames increased about 10% in size, especially the Kawasaki. They get smaller and smaller. I love the 650-690cc twins category. Tons to love about them. Inexpensive. Good canvass to build on. Yet they could be a tad larger. I think manufacturers are catering a bit more to female riders and this is what they are doing, downsizing the chassis on existing models that used to be physically larger and scalloping the seat foam down to plank-thickness to get the shorter leg riders in the game. Well, you isolate some male riders as well.

StiffWood says:

The FZ-07 is such a good bike. It is a bike that you can use for a long time, especially if you use it for commuting in urban areas. In my opinion, Suzuki has been sleeping and is now surpassed by Yamaha in the ~600 cc range.

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