2017 Honda CBR1000RR Review of Specs | CBR Sport Bike / Motorcycle Walk-Around | CBR 1000 RR (Black)

—-》》 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Detailed Review: http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2017-honda-cbr1000rr-review-specs-cbr-1000-rr-superbike-sport-bike
Model: 2017 CBR1000RR
Model ID: CBR1000RRH
Price: $16,499
Color: Matte Black Metallic
Color Options: Matte Black Metallic, Victory Red
Model Options / Variations: CBR1000RR (standard), CBR1000RR ABS, CBR1000RR SP, CBR1000RR SP2

● 2017 CBR1000RR SP Review – http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2017-cbr1000rr-sp-fireblade-review-changes-specs-sport-bike-cbr-motorcycle-news

● 2017 CBR1000RR SP2 Review – http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2017-cbr1000rr-sp-2-review-changes-specs-sport-bike-fireblade-cbr-1000-rr-superbike-supersport-motorcycle-news

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António Monteiro says:


. nuan

Claudio 00 says:

sounds like Casey Affleck with an accent…

p7272 says:

I wish they would make another RC, but this CBR does look goooood!!!

hobbes3 says:

Do the mirrors fold in and fold out back to the exact same position?

Icansee u says:


Got Game says:

Truly a clean bike.

Paitoon Surivong says:

how much bro

vaajchang says:

can you really confirm the wet weight of this bike?

Mal Reynolds says:

One thing bugs me about these bikes. I don’t like the little cover piece they made for the hole in the frame on the sides.
It looks like an afterthought. I think it would look better if they just left the hole exposed. That cover plate bugs me for some reason.

Luciano RB says:

Have this model quick shifter?

Maurício Lima says:

Wow 16.499 dollars, in Brazil, this bike its 90.000 R$.

GEVAL S1000RR says:

Máquina inda maravilhosa só resta saber se ela ficou tão boa quanto a S1000rr

Rupesh Kumar says:

kya aalsi type bol rha hai be. kha ke aa kuch

Nino B says:

looks a little cheap with no ohlins nor brembo as standard …

cvale161 says:

I love honda, i own one currently, but 16,000+ for a honda is nuts.

Josue Perez says:

Great review. Beautiful bike. If possible it would be awesome to see the display and the LED headlights on ☺️

Julian Hippolyte says:

Looks to much like the 2017 yamaha r3

Kevin Tandri says:

As a fellow Kevin I really like this overview. This kind of overview is kinda rare these days! Most of the youtuber just compare it with other bikes which is kinda biased or just riding it and did a first ride review which is sometimes not relevant for everyone. Now I know where my money is next year. Thank You Sir

James Mills says:

it’s so light! only 10lb more than the new 636

Brayan Jose says:

whats the highest mph?

Andrew Campbell says:

I had a 98 900rr I called it a 919 but hey and I thought it was pretty quick, this is 70 more hp! Good lord!

Sonny Fales says:

It “should” be called the CBR1000RR “Stealth Bike” because it has so much sharp angles that a true stealth aircraft would employ!btw..i believe that the RedLine is 14,000RPM’s this year instead of 13,000 of last years models

Resonator says:

not really a fan of the nose on hondas. Don’t like how they are cut off instead of coming to a point. Personally i think the best yrs for the majority of the big 4 are from 2008-2010 with a couple exceptions.

Also don’t like how the front fender is completely exposed, i think it looks better when it is partially covered up by the fairings.

Nice paint job and I bet it’s a great bike to drive. I bet you’re enjoying it.

I drive a 2009 ZX-6r for reference.

HFR83 says:

One of the best looking bikes I’ve ever seen. I wonder which is more comfortable for the street, this or the GSXR 1000

Britt Rud says:

Is their any 600cc motorcycles that have the stability control? Thanks for the time and help 🙂

arik agusta says:

Cons :
1. Size of Rear Tyre “old skool” style, 190/50 – 17 (competitors already use 190(200)/55 – 17)
2. Black Frame (I like silver frame colour)
3. Exhaust too huge
4. Black colour velg

richard giaco says:

donde se puede ver un video , ver todas las funciones del tacometro?

Spartacus Tek says:

I would love to see the trunk space on it.
(Inside the back seat)

Bambang Yuliyantoro says:

What smartphone n what gimbal to make this video?

We The People says:

The blade is one sweet looking bike

Marc 76 says:

Piece of art bike. Simply *** B E A U T I F U L ***

brian williams says:

This model isn’t 189hp that’s the spirit modal


I would love to see how honda 2017 starter button works now they changed the kill switch button nobody has done a review on how it works

Sylvester Tobing says:

Nice video.. but I think it looks like CBR250RR 2017 Indonesian version

AnibalTV says:

Your voice is depressing tbh

Rupesh Kumar says:

kya aalsi type bol rha hai be. kha ke aa kuch

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