2017 Honda CBR1000RR And CBR1000RR SP Review

At long last we finally get to ride the all-new, 2017 Honda CBR1000RR and CBR1000RR SP. Not only that, but Honda chose to debut the literbike at the demanding Portimao racetrack in Portugal. Honda completely revamped the bike, shedding weight everywhere it could while upping power a modest amount.

The result? Let Motorcycle.com’s Troy Siahaan tell you. He got to pilot Honda’s new flagship sportbike, while battling a cold, where he delivers his first ride impressions – without a voice!

Read the full review here: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/honda/2017-honda-cbr1000rr-and-cbr1000rr-sp-review.html


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X Enterprises says:

Host e wong indonesia iku..?

josh r says:

on a blue and red bike while wearing a venom helmet. anyone else catch the Spiderman vibe? lol

Doug Kichman says:

What is the difference between the 1000RR and the Fireblade?

Tim says:

I saw this bike in the dealer last week, very tight package. But couldnt fit it, the seat was so high.

Rahul jain says:

That slick helmet though.

bowwave Paul says:

I got one, its sooooooo Beautiful

Joshua Spengeman says:

i have the 05 cbr 1000rr it has the same weight wet

Axell Hernandez says:

i dont trust this manlet. gave a review after an obvious hangover.

when will manlets learn?

Casual League says:

I love Honda… but its a little bit ugly :B

Okky Randika Hsb says:

siahaan, batak ya om troy.

Jesse Ayala says:

Cool bike but I don’t like its silhouette! I hope when I see one in person it’ll look better

allva91 says:

troy siahaan, are you batak people??

ShooterMedic says:

Do want!

Ricky Stewart says:

I had a CBR600 a few years ago is Honda still the best brand?

Ruano09 says:

I love Honda but. Aprilia has grown on me. RSV4 has to be my next bike.

Si Raff says:

As usual it’s the “can’t tell if it’s better than the competition”. When is a maker going to release something that changes the game again? Infact when is Honda going to do more than a face lift on this?

Glenn Hutabarat says:

Troy siahaan “Siahaan” is a bataknese family name from indonesia, He is Indonesian?

PeterDad60 says:

Weight is the enemy on the street. Year ago I purchased a brand new 1976 Triumph T140V Bonneville 750. I raced every motorcycle on the streets of Long Island in N.Y. She won every race for 10 consecutive years. She never ever allowed a street racer but a wheel in front of her, if that even started to happen it was a couple of downshifts and wide open throttle. My Bonneville came from the factory with a 4130 chrome-molly frame and weighed in at 395 lbs wet. I ended up removing the seat, and the heavy mufflers and got the weight down to around 365 lbs. The only other mod was to put on drag bars. She never lost. Stock motor, stock Dunlap K70H tires, I did removed the blinkers.
Then I took her out again in 1992 she was 16 years old and kind of c;lapped out. She still won every race. Yes there was that 1992 Kawasaki Ninja 1100 cc fuel injected bike that made me cry on a long long straight section because the Kaw was doing 179 mph as admitted by the loser later on. He was wearing full track leathers. So he was a serious dude. I never gave up and caught the Kaw as it had to slow down from 179mph for an exit turn. I caught the Kaw in mid turn and passed it. The race was on for a moving 1/4 mile and I beat that SOB to the hair pin turn and he almost T-Boned me mid chassis. We raced 100 yards to the parking lot I got there first and he still kept trying and we were on coal slag and gravel which would rip our flesh off. I obliged him and beat him to the front door. I parked, pulled out the key and dismounted just as he pulled up. The onlookers only saw the last 3 sections but they all agreed I had won.
Funny, but we were not suposed to race that night as I had just installed a torn rocker cover gasket which was now leaking oil all over the right side of my rear tire. Long Island is about 10 miles wide. We were supposed to have a night time ride from a Hamburger Joint Named Nediks in Commack located on the North shore in Suffolk County Long Island and ride to the O.B.I South a Bar located over the Robert Moses Bridge near Fire Island on the South shore of Long Island but that dick head had to pass me. My Bonneville would not let that stand. Yes on the 10 mile long straight I was actually crying (but kept ducking my head /helmet under the wind with my chin on the gas cap and then looking side way’s at the white pebbles flashing by in the road surface to see if I was going straight without actually looking at the road ahead of me. I was completely out of the wind. On that 10 mile long straight section the Kaw was so far ahead it was only a speck. My T140V had never been headed or beaten and she insisted that I keep the throttle wide open (closing it every 30 second or so so as to suck up some much needed oil to the head as per my owners manual) and told me she would catch him in the get off turn which she did, she kept her promise. The rest was of the race was all her’s. She beat that 1992 Kawasaki Ninja 1100cc Fi and we had many witnesses. Light weight and handling is the key to victory on the streets. My Triumph never blew up while beating every road race bike on the road, name it she beat it, Honda 1992 V4 1000cc Interceptor, 1975 Norton 850 Commando, a 1979 Laverda SF750C, she never lost. I still have my Triumph from 1976 and she sits’ around 20 feet from me as I tell you all this.
I like this new Honda, really I do but I am sure 430 pounds is too heavy for me. I would be better off with the 2017 Triumph 675 R which weighs only 368 pounds ready to go. Handling and light weight wins over horse power, especially on the street. I’m in Tennessee now and the roads around me are all narrow back roads. I’m pretty sure my old Bonneville could still win against anyone on anything. But I no longer race. I’m 67 years old and most of my riding is on my 2015 Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King Police and I usually go along at an average of 25 mph on the back roads and breath in the fresh air and take in the sun shine and view. I am thankful for my life.
I hope everyone has a great riding season this year and next.

firmansyah ansari says:

Tebakan gw bener hahaha asia banget mukanya…

Michael Fuchs says:

RIP Nicky

PartyPlace 15 says:

So is the SP only track? Or the beefier version?

Sir 5tu88s says:

Let’s face it, any new liter bike is good and 99% of people will ride them to 10% of the bike’s actual ability. Stop whinging and get better at riding you peasants.

pratheec kolli says:

CBR rules the litre class.just watch

Jason NOT Bourne says:

nice helmet troy

aidhi mercado says:

how much honda cbr 1000rr

Elliott Machamer says:

My only complaint is the front end reminds me of the cbr 300r

Joseph Marton says:

why did Guy Martin have to carry around a set of 4 cylinder heads at all his interviews, washroom visits and while sitting on a toilet….pre Isle of Mann ?? now he jumped off the bike during the Isle of Mann. so why the 4 cylinder heads ? McGuiness did not do well either on the Honda in the Isle of Mann. perhaps he too should have been toting around these 4 cylinder heads ?

RicViperMoto says:

bummer man .. come on honda. the new fireblade throttle stuck on John mcguiness in this year’s nw200 and could have killed him.. they have more work to do ..

I'm Loyal says:

Increase 10HP is alot R1 I’m coming for you!

flint lock says:

What a fair and honest review. 5 stars.

Fernando Arreaga says:

Yo tendré una de estas!!

77BeatsPerMinute says:

Is this the ultimate cheater bike for canyon and track day riders?

任樺 says:

2017 CBR 1000RR only 85ps in Taiwan


can’t hear a fricken thing

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