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2016 Suzuki GSX-R600 Sportbike Review: http://bit.ly/suzuki-gsx-r-600-review

For over 20 years, Suzuki’s GSX-R600 has been a staple motorcycle in the Japanese manufacturer’s line-up. And although 600cc motorcycles have fallen out of popularity, if you’re a new rider, or an experienced one, and you’re looking for thrills this Suzuki GSX-R600 ($11,199) delivers… Find out more in our written review (link above).

For this sportbike test, we wore:

Arai Signet-X Helmet: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4688/69504/Arai-Signet-X-Helmet

Alpinetars GP Pro Airflow Leather Jacket: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4752/62580/Alpinestars-GP-Pro-Airflow-Leather-Jacket

Alpinestars Crank Jeans: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4785/58169/Alpinestars-Crank-Motorcycle-Jeans

Alpinestars SP Air Gloves: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4723/62555/Alpinestars-SP-Air-Leather-Gloves

Alpinestars Faster Shoes: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4713/49824/Alpinestars-Faster-Motorcycle-Riding-Shoes


Supernova12034 says:

Good reviews, but these super sports are becoming dinosaurs, with everyone going naked 😉

Gonna get an Fz 09 soon 😀

Jesse Rueda says:

Adam!!! I was wondering where you went since Motorcycle USA

bouchy85 says:

This bike good for long road trips? 6-8hr riding days.

The RedHead Rides says:

Great review, and bike! I can’t wait for the update!!

giff74 says:

Great video Adam! I’d love to see more practical bike reviews just like this one.

KoPan says:

No aftermarket exhaust upgrade among the 3 mod things 😀

arne brouwer says:

waheed! long time no see! shame motousa stopped. keep up the good work. greetings from holland

eRBe says:

Perfect video! Thanks mate!
Ride Safe!

johndsnt says:

The best! review on the Suzuki GSXR-600. I have a 2016 GSXR-600 and love it. Your videos are awesome and would love if you made a beginners video. I’m still a newer rider and you showing us how to ride and shift would be great.

bouchy85 says:

Need more slow moving shots. People always have fast paced action shots but you can’t see what the bike looks like while riding

Kaha K says:

Adam, love the channel dude! Hey I’m stuck between this bike and the ZX6R… which one would u give with. I primarily ride in the city and short highway trips in NY.


David C says:

Great review and yes they are a fantastic machine!

HFR83 says:

Excellent review Adam. I hope they revamp the 750 and put some electronics on it. I have no practical use for a liter bike but they sure are good looking.

Dman117z z says:

What are you talking about? All the other Japanese manufacturer’s have a 600 i4 in their lineups

STR Rider says:

That was my first bike and probably the only one I would have ever owned, but unfortunately a few months after moving to CALIFORNIA the welcome wagon came by on Veterans Day and stole it from my drive way.

evnickols says:

My bike, and I am literally in love with it.

bogdan135 says:

Really cool location, is that a mountain in North CA I’m seeing?

brandon castillo says:

dude let’s be real, it hasn’t changed SINCE 2006

Lifted_Above says:

All the reasons stated in this video that make this bike a hoot to ride make the GSX-R750 just that much better “sweet spot.” You get very little gyroscopic interference from the bigger engine, just a few pounds of weight, but a lot more grunt overall. No need to step up to a 999.

Audfile says:

why are 600 sales down? I thought 600s were bread and butter.

Simon Filshtinsky says:

Adam you are the best bike review my man. The Chris Harris of motorcycles. Wtf happened to your shoulder tho lol

Todd m says:

really good vid, I really like how you point out the 3 first thing anyone should do to pretty much any new bike on the market of any brand, new tires, steel brake lines, and rear fender eliminator, and these should def occur before you even think about that stupid pointless slip on. you can get all of these for the price of one slip on that will do nothing at the end of the day.

Douglas Almanzar says:

Adam you rock! been a big fan since back from motorcycle use video/articles! You enthusiasm for motorcycles in general always comes through! Review combines keen insight into what its really like to have this bike (track,street) and a reminder that the latest and greatest isn’t always the only option for someone in market for a new bike! Keep it up !

Hypersonik says:

You’re dead right about the OEM BT016s – replace them BEFORE they wear out as they are hopeless, especially in the wet.

Brake lines are actually good, it’s the OEM pads and OEM master cylinder that should be replaced for optimum performance.

Juan Jeronimo Gonzalez Cardenas says:

Una moto muy hermosa con un diseño único y un sonido que atrae mucho, además de su potencia y exelente respuesta al acelerador, es una moto que hace mucha diferencia con las demás.

Miika Venäläinen says:

would you please get the audio levels sorted!

650ib says:

You ROCK Adam! It was an honor riding with you!

catfish says:

i do love this bike

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