2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R takes on superbike rivals| Group Tests | Motorcyclenews.com

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Ee Sixtythree says:

P.s….sorry bout the grammar it’s 5am in melbourne Australia right now and I’m falling asleep on the toilet also was meant to say the rsv4 has a stonking motor ..,not stinking..btw the kwaka is no slouch….sometimes I would beat h or visa versus….just comes down to throttle/clutch control and who could jump outta the hole the quickest!!!

Motorsport News says:

Sub to me guys!!!!

brian david says:

BS report.

Nofry S says:

Kawasaki is the Best 😉

loxos100 says:

Why on most superbike tests there are no GSXR?

bart goukens says:

The Panigale is known for its unconfortabillaty on the road,this guy is on the Ducati payroll !!

Renny 73 says:

Mr Neeves, why is it that every time you step of a 1000cc sports bike having just ridden it on the road, the first thing you say is that “all these machines have way more power than you could possibly need on the road…” just look back at the many group tests or individual bike reviews you have done whilst at MCN. You say the same thing each time. The danger with this is that in this ever increasing nanny state world we live in, someone, somewhere, in a position of influence will take what you have said quite literally and interpret it as being a negative and dangerous observation. This could happen because you are a very well respected motorcycle journalist within the industry, who is paid to review new machinery as it becomes available to the general public and therefore who’s opinion counts. I implore you to move away from stating what, to most motorcycle riders accept to be a given and focus more on the fact that the amazing performance available by these machines on track, is cleverly controlled and metered out in a way to be perfectly safe and enjoyable on the road. This after all is where the vast majority of these machines will spend their life. You rightly point out that on the road they will not be used anywhere near their full potential, but that does not stop us wanting to buy 190bhp sports bikes. I would hate to have that choice taken away from me through some draconian law on capped power outputs on motorcycles intended for road use. Nor would I be happy watching you do reviews on the latest crop of 120bhp hybrid sports bikes, lamenting over the latest energy saving technology, having to gloss over the fact that they all have the same power, same torque, top speed, acceleration ect….

Abdullah Zahid says:

How can you fucking say that kawasaki zx10r is on the fourth place its Faster than any of the bikes compared to it included the s1000rr and ducati and suzuki gsxr 1000 but i dont know yet about the R1

Finding Neutral says:

I do laugh at some of these comments! Christ!!
Anyway, they’re all great and more than likely far more capable than anyone that buys them. Buy what you can afford, or which one you like the look of.
I’m on my second panigale now, went from a 899 to a 1299 and loved them both. The 899 got lots of miles and many of them track miles and never missed a beat. I’m also 6ft3 and find it comfortable for a sportbike. I went Ducati because I personally find the European and jap bikes boring. But because I’m a level headed human being I won’t slap you all round the face with MY opinion .. because it is MY opinion. We are all different.

Yugioh UnboxingBR says:

What is place?


People say Ducati’s cheating cause of the bigger CCs but forget that it only has 2 cylinders

Serge Go says:

1299S “superb” on the road? 🙂 Burns thighs and butt as soon as one has to slow down and not good, to say the least, at slow speed riding either. Extremely loud to boot. I guess the roads must have been empty, fast and it was not that hot either, ey?
Interesting about RSV4. I so much want this bike, but as soon as I start reading user forums…engine issues, electronics issues, hot start issues, paint issues, clutch issues (you are not the first one)…pity.

Zikri Hafiz says:

yamaha gets 199 hp on the dyno ? while the kawi and bmw 191 and 196 respectively. is it correct ??

sparkle sprite says:

Ducati? Are u fucking kidding me? This guy id full of shit. Maybe ducati stuffed some money down his throat. Fucking lying sOB. I own that bike and its the biggest POS i have ever ridden. Most comfortable street bike? What a joke.

TheDecentKING says:

Raise your hands R1’s

Khoa Nguyen says:

where’s the gsxr 😀

trido1986 says:

if we have triumph here,,it gonna win,,,always at least to this mcn,,,,

pietro ramiti says:


Michael Z says:

To be honest, the editing is not the greatest you can offer. The opening 30 seconds turned me off. I didn’t keep watching. Sorry. Didn’t like it.

Jackson Neylan says:

Whats the euro 4?

Daniel Sandoval says:

I still like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. It’s just like you guys said that all of these bikes offer more power than an individual would ever need on the street, so it does not really matter which is the best in all of these categories but, rather, which one satisfies the consumer’s personal preferences. I do not see a reason to argue in the comment section because of this. In retrospect, this whole test with these men opinions and reports mean absolutely nothing. The real, honest reason anyone watches these tests, first rides, and reviews is to see his/her favorite bike in motion and to see how it stacks up to the competition (mainly for showing off/ego fullfiling points).

tyson1ize says:

Kawasaki won the 2016 wsbk championship.. that’ll do me..

Kostas Chaldoupis says:

R1 and panigale rumored as two of the most uncomfortable bikes for road use (or every day routine) both for different reasons, but MCN classified them as the two most suitable one… what’s going wrong in these decisions making guys …

9enius says:

These mcn dyno numbers should come with an asterisk the size of england

Sage Mode says:

Which one has the best sound?

Alen4805 says:

What is the difference between the 2016 model KRT and the 2017 model KRT? Why is the 2016 model cheaper than the 2017, if are the same? Many Thanks

Drco89ol says:

F4 is off screen.

Quinn Dang says:

Is tall gearing good for the bike on the road though? Wouldn’t you just be lugging the engine every time you rode it?

goreman1976 says:

this fella looks like get paid for put kawasaki down

Austin Jones says:

kawasaki vs everyone else!

shahjan731 says:

so sad…where is gixxer?

Soham Makwana says:

Every bike is fucking powerful…just buy what pleases your eyes and is reliable…for me its zx10r !

Jacques Loots says:

R1 rated above ZX & BM….. fuckoff you don`t know what you talking about

Georgio Wild says:

you can shave the head on a ZX-10R that’s a big plus to its competition

Ee Sixtythree says:

Ducati and comfortable don’t go in the same sentence…I’ve ridden a pinagle on long distance rides…my mate has one and my other mate has an rsv4..i owned a zx10r 14…the kwaka by far the best handler and brakes to go with it… The rsv4 by far has the stinking motor and the Ducati is gorgeous to look at but it stops there….basically the Ducati is a lump of shit like the ducat is past….always flat battery’s and electrical problems…can’t hon past the kwaka you get alot of bang for ur buck!!!! Obviously these journos are on the Ducati pay roll….have no idea….also since wen was comfort an issue for hard core race bikes…you think ton Sykes going 330ks down Gardner straight be thinking god wish I was on a gold wing right now!!!!….these bikes are built for lap times not sipping on lattes..if you want comfort go buy a recliner put yr feet up and watch an episode of married with children_’what a load of shit!!!! .basically what I’m saying is…yr buying the wrong bike if comfort is a factor for you….personally I’ve always has hard core super bikes and I’ve always put. Comfort to the side…you have to sacrifice something’s to gain something’s in life….you walk in a bike shop and say I’m after something comfortable and I guarantee you won’t be lead to the sport bike section !!! #Ridesafe

francisco rios says:

Ducati cheats with 1300cc

pengasus says:

Your test results are as useful as a fork to drink a bowl of soup.
I feel like whoever gives you the most money, you side with them.


kawasaki ninja zx 10r is the best!

11bikerboy11 says:

after the road portion the clutch on the RSV was slipping? that doesn’t sound very durable

pengasus says:

Ducati Panigale, the most comfortable bike? Gotta be shitting bricks and high on meth to come to that conclusion

Dyn Tonio says:

no fireblade, no respect

gavin deloree says:

Where’s the GSXR 1000

Piecrustyumyum says:

Why does the BMW just look like the rich IGOR version of super sports.

Lion Heart says:

U motherfucker ducati is the worst bike on street..zx10rr is the best…u ass hole

sparkle sprite says:

Every year manufacturers take turns in bribing these faggot ass bitches to suck their dicks and swallow their cum. Is there any honest reviewers left?

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