2016 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review – Best Beginner Sportbike!?

Here are my first impressions/review on the 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 650!

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Symbrio says:

when are more videos comming??? i hope you haven’t killed yourself.

Robert Rodriguez says:

Thank you for making this video! You have a beautiful bike. Just like you, I took the safety course with zero biking experience and a few days later I purchased a used 2013 white Ninja 650R with ABS and it’s the perfect starter bike! I love it and I have been riding for about 3 weeks, I am still taking it easy but it was the right choice for me! Ride safe dude…..

Gareth Mcnally says:

good review..no bullshit

Jonathan Drake says:

Great review , test riding one on friday , possibly buying it ???. thanks , Jon , [ Australia ]

Angel Jimenez says:

With around 3000 miles how much would one go for?

tankasaurus rekts says:

One fkn dislike from me for using that ear raping music at the start.

DreiZ says:

Where in NYS are you? Also would a ninja 300 fit a 6’3 190lb new rider comfortably? thanks

Harjinder Kalsi says:

Nice video, like yourself, I just passed my tests (there are two you have to take in the UK) and bought this brand new (called the ER6F over here), the bike is amazing easy to ride and inspires confidence.

joni bon says:

and in a few months will launch a better and newer version of this ninja … dude .. you didnt do enough research ,now you will drool for the latest ninja 650 . oh btw i did bought er6f/ninja 650 same as yours few years back, it is a nice bike ,great bike ^^. now im drooling for the 2017 one ^^

Adam Bryant says:

great job man…I’m not on the border anymore. Sold !!

NorfolkSouthern1068 says:

What’s your average mpg with this motorcycle?

randy109 says:

465 pounds and 71 horsepower is SO much more powerful than our bikes from the 1960’s.  Now, that is considered a beginner bike and in 1970 it would have been a Super Bike.  Times have sure changed.

tranrn says:

this is such a great bike and now the 2017 has fined tuned engine, improved stock brakes reworked for feel, slipper clutch, Gear indicator, and is lighter by 19 kilos. Best of all it looks sharp and even pretty, which is an achievement for kawis. for the longest time It really bothered me that the 300’s IMO are better looking than this bike. Cant decide on the 17 ninja 650 or US version of the honda CBR250rr (350cc rumored) when it comes out.

Lola Dwyer says:

5:38 *13,000

CanisLupis138 says:

I want to buy new for my first bike but everyone says “buy used because you’re bound to drop/wreck it”. What are your thoughts? Have you ever downed it?

elliot slavic says:

get rid of your plate holder

Kyle Roberts says:

i would give the wind noise a 10/10

Symbrio says:

when are more videos comming??? i hope you haven’t killed yourself.

Gareth Mcnally says:

good choice man…great bike…stock exhaust sounds good….clip on power exhausts sound really crap and no  power increase at all …real good review…nice one

John Poole says:

All of you commentors −650cc of what? single, twin, triple, quad or are you even aware of such a definition?

tanveer alam says:


quinc g says:

how do i get my motorcycle license?

TheJokerscene says:

7000 dollars?…. a goddamn Alienware Laptop is more expensive than a NINJA MOTORCYCLE?!?!

Ben Torok says:

You think a 6’5 guy could fit this bike or no

John Poole says:

10 minutes into this rambling piece the fellow has never mentioned anything about the engine. A single, twin, triple, four?
Does he even know? 650cc doesn’t tell the story. V twin? opposed twin? Again, does he even know?

Phillip Han says:

i think the wheels are small?

Adrian Glover says:

I just bought a 2016 Ninja 650 as my first bike, and Im amazed how awesome its been. I really wish I bought it sooner, because here in Watertown, NY we shut down riding around late November due to heavy snow. Anyway, it allows me to make my mistakes and recover quickly. The more i ride the more confidence I get. I dont like how high I sit, but who cares, Id like a shift indicator but Im good.

Decorative Concrete Warehouse says:

I have a question about the windscreen. I know that one is adjustable and my question is, do you feel the wind on your chest more? Does the wind come up through the bottom gap? Also, I have only been on a Ninja 250. I realize it doesn’t lean forward like the bigger bikes, but it did lean a little…I’m curious as to how the handlebars would feel compared to the 250.

Alessio Abbas says:

hey man I’m thinking of getting the same bike. How tall are you?

Elkgrove 600cc says:

Gollum? Is that you?

Moto Moshpit says:

Great job! This is one the more HELPFUL reviews of this bike. I’m looking at this bike or an FJ/FZ 09. Quite a contrast, but $$$ considered, this might be more realistic, and more suited to my riding style and level. Again, thanks for the tour and realistic down to earth review.

Miss Kitty says:

In my opinion, (20+ years of riding all kinds of bikes) It’s not a good recommendation for beginners and it’s not a sportbike. The best beginner bike from Kawasaki’s line would be the Z300.

TITO2687 says:

That handle is such a off thing but others awesome good review

shuumai says:

I started on a Ninja 300 and just got a 2012 Ninja 650. The 650 doesn’t turn as quick (for me yet) and the power makes gearing less critical. In other words, at lower speeds the 300 might actually be more fun and help you to learn more. The 650 is definitely better for acceleration and highway speeds. A Ninja 500 might have been a good alternative and cheaper. But then, the 300 has ABS brakes which I activated a couple times and the lower power saved me from a ticket or two, no doubt. Yeah, I don’t think a 650 would have been a good starter for me personally. Although I did want to replace the 300 within the first year. The second year I learned to ride it different/better, so I’m glad I stayed with it. I’m also glad to have the 650 now!

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