In this episode of On Two Wheels we evaluate Honda’s CBR300R, Kawasaki’s Ninja 300, KTM’s new RC390, and Yamaha’s new YZF-R3. Which bike is the best? Watch the full episode to find out!

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dejan gregorič says:

1 ninja 300
2 r3
3 rc390
4 cbr300r

C C says:

can we do another of this series?

gaurav sahu says:

here in india ktm is the cheapest and that too with a good margin …

Travis Donald Stanley says:

This was so much better than motorcycle.com

Well done One Two Wheels Production Team.

little wanker says:

I love my ninja 300 on the street.

MUSIQ J says:

shit, search for PowerDrift and watch there review , they tell the truth, not like bla bla bla

jdmikeg4 says:

I have a ninja 300 for 4 years and 56,000 miles, just upgraded to the 2017 zx-10R and i’ll be the first to tell you, i had more fun during the first month on the 300 than i did on the 10R. If u own one of these small bikes take advantage of it and learn proper body positioning, how to race on the corners, etc. so when its time to upgrade to a liter bike, you know what the hell you’re doing. Ride safe all.

Esat'ın Maceraları says:

Thats right, CBR is CBR

Alex Hunter says:

I think you guys should make more about this level sport bike. Like there is All New CBR250R, and for 2018 Yamaha maybe would make something new for the YZF R-25, and Kawasaki will do it too.

Jonathan Bauer says:

Any word on if they are going to bring a upsized version of the new cbr250rr, and if they are, can you guys do an updated comparison?

Amogh S says:

Useless fact : in my country you can get two RC390s for the price of one ninja 300.

I help anytime says:

Get cbr600rr… you won’t regret it.

OneShortGamer says:

Motorcycle.com. They did far better shootout of these bikes than you,
and ninja is probably best bike here and you completely bashed it.

Jenson says:

im so torn. i WANT a SLOW bike so i dont lose my license again. i want a sporty 300 but now im worried ill get annoyed and bored in short time because of the little single cylinder.

Katie Bradfield says:

thank you I’ve been trying to find this video!

Music Beats With NEEL says:

i think ninja 300 is the best in the looks department

Chicago Skater says:

R3, or CBR. Rest are inferior

Jacob smith says:

I’ve made my decision, now it’s time break out my best persuasive techniques…

Abraham Dalgado says:

the more reviews I watched the less I know what I want …

lurikeenrock says:

where are you guys riding? It looks like san gabriel mountains to me

Sohan Dhande says:

Good review, Informative, entertaining.

Frustrated User says:

“It has a sort of poise about it that you really only get with a European bike”

Well, the RC390 is made in India. With the global state of brands these days, most of these comments don’t make any sense.
P.S. I like the video, just thought that this was funny.

dixienormus93 says:

have you folks got your hands on the new suzuki gsx 250r yet?

Lukas Staudinger says:

Which one of this bikes is the best one for kneedraging an fast curves

Music Beats With NEEL says:

i hate the looks of yamaha r3

DistelxD says:

i ride a cbr500r, because of the 48 hp laws in germany, and i feel like my bike falls in no category at all xD

Ruff Ryder says:

in dis comparison ktm is most cheapest in india…

Anshumaan Bag says:

For me, If you want a higher revving twin it’s NINJA
If you want pure performance it’s NINJA
If you want easy beginner life it’s NINJA
Kawasaki Ninja is always the Best.

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