2015 GSXR 600 Longterm Owner Review

Just wanted to share a long term owner review of my 2015 GSXR 600 with you guys. In my opinion its got to be one of the best all around street bikes you can get. Highly recommend it 🙂

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Oscar Landa says:

Just put a deposit down, pick mine up on Tuesday. First proper super sport after riding a 250cc to learn for a year.. Christmas time.

diego salazar says:

Jaret campisi is this a good bike for a short rider?

Nick Rodriguez says:

The GSXR is a phenomenal bike. I’m on my 4th GSXR. I prefer the 750 over the 600. Same frame, 20 more ponies at the ready. I like the all white color of yours. Stay safe.

James Caldwell says:

I been hearing alot of good stuff about the 600 I don’t know how to ride but when my money comes in iam going to buy one and learn how to ride it

heazy87 says:

@jaretcampisi you wanna sell your gsxr?

Liam Shah says:

Just picked up my 2015 white and silver GSXR600 yesterday, same as this, although the only difference is I have a Yoshi R11 can! Couldn’t be happier!

Ouss says:

@JARET CAMPISI how tall are you ?

Intercepting Fist says:

good review. Have you tried out a CBR600RR? they’re very street friendly, and forgiving if you mess up.

Yubgcharmander says:

What generation is this gsxr in terms of years. Did it start in 2015?

Eric Warncke Sr says:

another awesome bike for riding around town (or the highway) is the gsxf 600 katana . . . a little heavier and slower than the gsxr but very fun to ride and plenty of speed and power . . . and they’re also cheaper to buy . . and it will keep up with any of the bigger bikes on the highways . . . i should do a video review of mine .!!

Adrian Rubi says:

After you installed the slipon did you have to put in a fuel commander?

Ucansmd Ucansmdbia says:

This dude just said that he had it for a year, and it has 3k miles on it IN FUCKING SOCAL! IS THAT SOCAL,SRS?….. Why is his gf in every video? I could put 3k miles on it in a week’ish easily…. Even the into listing instructor/blah/blah.. What in the serious fuck dude. If you’re trying to make youtube an income source you have to be more than a newb at what you’re certain niche is. Why even put yourself out there lol. PEOPLE CAN SEE THE FAKE SHIT BRAH….

musjons says:

baffle in or out?

DMV_KS 1000 says:

I love my liter GSXR but the S1000RR is definitely the best sport bike.EBRs are a close 2nd! IMO! Stay safe!

Jaret Campisi says:

Hope this video was helpful for you guys. Be sure to check out all the other motorcycle videos on my channel 🙂

Jack Davis says:

does it have a gas gauge or just a warning light when you’re low?

Alexis Almeida says:

Funny how the girl trying look sexy but no one looking at her lol

bouchy85 says:

What kind of MPG do you typically get?

bruce wayne says:

Is there no slipper clutch on that bike?

Jared Bishop says:

Nice Review

Lt H says:

Great looking bike mate. I like your attitude to riding. You aren’t an idiot. There’s so many videos on YouTube of people riding crazily through the streets putting everyone at risk. It’s fun to watch on an Isle of Man TT video but not on public roads with other road users. I enjoy that you love riding your bike but you respect other road users at the same time. Good luck man.

J.L. Storm says:

What’s up dude! Great video! I’ve had 2 busas and a 636 but was in Arizona…..now in Orlando and stopped myself from getting a 3rd busa because of the way people drive here….. I really need to be as agile as possible! So looked at a few videos to see what’s it like to drive a Gsxr 600 and yours is the best pound for pound on the experience. I appreciate that and you’ve convinced me!! Picking it up in a week! Thanks again! Oh and used to be stationed at Vandenberg AFB and grew up in L.A. So know all about beautiful Santa Barbara!!! Awesome beaches and clubs lol!! Thanks again dude! Subscribed!

InD3inFac3 says:

how much for your girl? seems like you are selling her out.

harVentures says:

Do you have a video about your helmet setup? If not, mind telling me what helmet/mic you have?

Njoy32:Gaming says:

i dont understand why 1000cc’s became so heavy, take the k5 gixxer for example, there is only 5kg(11lb) difference between the 600cc and 1000cc…

Ben Jammin says:

Of course you haven’t spent anything on maintenance. Nothing should be ‘going wrong’ at 3,000 miles, that bike is barely broken in.

Dustin Bono says:

i personally think the A & B modes are all I need don’t get me wrong I like tech but it can break and is new technology im more into the basic bikes like this gsxr and other bikes without all the “rider aids”

Kaden s says:

You just sold me on the gsxr ! I wanna pick one up now

Bone Cruz says:

That ass doe

Dr J. Green, G. I. says:

Encourage you into proximity sensor car alarm.

X- Rated says:

Only about 3k miles in a year? That’s more like a 2 months worth…and I live in the Northeast.

Thomas Pe says:

Her ass tho

Alexander Estk says:

I’m 6’2 think I could fit nicely?

san says:

Reviewing motorcycle or girl lol

Kire91 says:

Hey Jaret, how tall are you? I am 6ft 4in. Everyone keeps saying with my height riding the gsxr is not comfortable at all. I look forward to ride one hopefully this season.

Mirokism says:

What are those headlights, are we in 2003?

spite guderian says:

bike for a year and 5xxxmiles only? how can you call yourself a bike enthusiast?

X- Rated says:

Additionally, you don’t have anywhere near 124hp. More like 105.

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