2015 Energica Ego Electric Sportbike Quick Ride – MotoUSA

Motorsport and aerospace engineering group, Cevolini Rapid Prototyping (CRP) joins the electric motorcycle race with its Energica Ego Superbike. How does this european electric sportbike handle? Find out in our Quick Ride review: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/932/18927/Motorcycle-Article/2015-Energica-Ego-First-Ride.aspx

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666karamba says:

say like one more time. I dare you m…er. Seriously it seems that Adams 2nd and 3rd family name letters are there just as disguise.

Mediarahan says:

It sounds like a supercharger without the engine. I freaking love the sound.

Asskicker41582 says:

Looks like the Santa Cruz mountains

Vijay Anand says:

 Though the sound “might” not induce to certain group, personally it’s just beautiful. The whine, and the rev feel just by hearing it when opening the throttle, pretty much like a Star Wars speeder bike! But all in excellent looking bike, loved it.

Baird Liu says:

No gear, no fun :/

Ducati Rider says:

Greate bike, crappy selfie video!

verdbirdinary says:

What helmet is Adam wearing in this vid? Some kind of Shoei? It’s sweet..

Not Avail says:

Needs gears! Brammo has a 6 speed on there bike and Formula E along with many others have gears on their EV’s!

JD L says:

Didn’t get to ride it for a whole lot of miles say’s it all.

venkat sivaprasannakumar says:

My nerves pumped up with the kind of sound it generates…;-)

Endless Pain says:

Sound – awesome!

TRS says:

WOW this bike is beautiful & the sound it makes is awesome I think some people might not like it  but its the future and its amazing.

Nob the Knave says:

Love. That. Sound. Sooo much better than a rumbling ass earbuster.

boarder989 says:

These electric “bikes” need to stop being made!

Gió Lạnh says:

e asked how much money to buy this car where

TalibanSlayer says:

the real question is the darn thing wheelie ?

Brian Damegd says:

range? price? power? top speed? u get the point

Andres says:

Quitate ese pirucho de bananazo.. La moto esta pichudisima.

CoolCrazyChaos says:

This sounds soo futuristic 

Hamish Kilpatrick says:

excited about the future. All we need is a new generation of batteries that can hold way more charge and soon these things WILL be faster than inline 4s. No replacement for displacement will be a saying of the past. 

josh786manchester says:

Sounds annoying

jeffv2074 says:

and its overpriced I’ll stick with combustion engines!

Fizzer_Garage says:


curtis Jackson says:

Deep Space 9 Obi-Wan Kenobi what are you dark Luke I’m your father. Star Wars is back baby let’s get this motorcycle Star Wars nerds!!!!!!

Sam John 96 says:

its sounds like mtt y2k starting up

MrSlowestD16 says:

Better than the brammo?

Prasun Sarkar says:

love the motion sound…..

FIGHTER singh raj says:

I need to buy this bike. Iam india

Rick Sanchez says:

Sounds like the future

Rainyboy says:

sound cool…

Alden Beckovic says:

I dont know, I try to like it because I like Tesla but come on, that whine sounds……. annoying!

Bob England says:

This isnt a motorcycle – its a glorified milk float. i will never buy anything that doesnt have a mechanical motor – alternate fuel can be used instead of petroleum.

crownvic03 says:

Does Motorcycleusa.com not pay you enough to get a haircut?

JujuARod says:

This guy is actually an 8 year old haha, his language and mannerisms are childish but I guess that’s what motorcycles are all about.

Sale_Shark says:

Sounds like Kirk’s Bike in the Star Trek Re-Boot or those Flying Bikes in Return Of The Jedi !!!

worlddxb says:

how do you take off? does it have gears?

Charlie Hernandez says:

I think the bike is great. It would be even greater to see this kind of effort put into a economically (affordable) car.

Treizez34 says:

If they could manufacture some type of synthetic engine noise that’d be awesome. I want more sound! 🙁

gangstalishis says:

sounds like shit

Sam John 96 says:

a motor cycle sound is priceless

bluemotion1905 says:

i do prefer inline4 or v4 for my superbike

ProgPalace says:

Why do Americans use “like” “like” “like” in a sentence like a million times?
I was like giggling like.. the ride on the bike like.. the acceleration like.. like that bike really .. like that thing like.. sorry, but when you talk like that, you sound stupider than stupid people.

Demetrick Louis says:

I guess the guy never heard of Mission Motorcycles.

Death666wish says:

The sound is already annoying

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